Black Panther’s Letitia Wright explains her controversial anti-purge tweet

Shuri actress Letitia Wright addressed a controversial anti-vaccine, anti-transphobic, and homophobic social media post she shared not long ago. Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Filming started.

production medium Black Panther: Wakanda ForeverAnd even the months leading up to it, Wright was reported to be causing Marvel Studios a lot of trouble. Not only did she, unfortunately, suffer a major injury while filming, but she also became known as anti-vaccination in the pandemic.

At the end of 2020, long before the sequel hit cameras in June 2021, Wright ran into a swarm of controversy after sharing a video of a divisive pastor that was filled with anti-extremist, transphobic, and homophobic remarks, prompting a viral backlash.

This led to Black Panther star deleted her Twitter account just a day later, after it was shared “If you don’t conform to popular opinions but ask questions and think for yourself…you are eliminated.” Reports later emerged that the actress was spreading these anti-extremist sentiments on the set Wakanda forever Because she herself refused to take the vaccine.

The controversy has reached a point where some insiders have been reporting on Marvel Studios “changed the ending” From black panther 2 Because of the issues surrounding Bright. Although weeks later the latest news was that those problems had been resolved, and it’s clearly all paid off, with the sequel now showing in theaters, Wright’s Shuri is the new Black Panther.

But, of course, many are still wondering what exactly happened to the actress and the reasons behind her famously controversial tweet. Well, I’ve now touched that through Wakanda forever Press tour.

Black Panther Stars addresses their Twitter feud


speaking to the Guardian, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Actress Letitia Wright was asked if she felt she was in danger of being canceled at the time, and she revealed, “in a healthy way,” She feels she has “he moved,” We take “I apologize for any hurt.” caused And after she deleted her account on the platform:

“I feel like it’s something I went through a couple of years ago and it’s moved on in a healthy way. And in a healthy way I’ve apologized and deleted Twitter. I just apologized for hurting anyone.”

The actress added that her apology meant to say “That’s not me, and I apologise.” Where she felt the video did not represent her values. Commenting on how some of her followers have assumed her to be transphobic, homophobic or anti-tax based on the video, Wright said “These are the things [she is] Not:”

“These are things I didn’t do and I’ve apologized and moved on.

When asked directly if she had been vaccinated, the Shuri representative reiterated how she had apologized and called for the vaccination Next question:

“I’ve apologized and moved on. Next question. Thanks.”

Leticia Wright tips his toes on contention questions

Shrui, Wakanda

Wright has previously been careful to avoid discussing her anti-extremism controversy, as her publicity prompted a Variety interview to steer clear of the question during Wakanda forever Press tour. “Schedule changes” later prevented the actress from answering email questions about it, despite her promise to do so.

This latest interview only represents a further evasion of this topic as she continues to restate her earlier apology and insist that those controversial beliefs are not the ones she supports. But that just leaves the question of why the actress shared the hateful video in the first place.

Unfortunately, this will likely never be explained as Wright is clearly pushing the audience to get on with the subject, even though she never properly addresses the issue. She has a history of strange social media activity, having once liked tweet calls “Cancellation black panther 2 Immediately.”

Since Disney chose not to meet Wright at the time to let things blow loose instead, the actress may now be anxious to prevent a resurgence. After all, if controversy returns to the forefront of the public eye, Disney may have to act in some form, which they clearly want to avoid.

After becoming a face Black Panther It’s clear that the actress has a bright future in the House of Mouse. That can’t include a long stint at Marvel Studios in Wakandan and The Avengers franchise, but also any of the other Disney-owned brands.

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever It is now playing in theaters all over the world.

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