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Diego Luna’s idea wasn’t like that in a long time Rogue One Letter Cassian Andor Getting a solo series felt weird. But over the past two months and change, Andor It proved to be a very impressive show. Not just ‘awesome’ star Wars,” but legitimately great In a way that could easily make you forget that you’re watching a prologue about a man who is destined to die at the end as part of greater effort to save the galaxy.

Andor He got a two-season order from the jump, and showrunner Tony Gilroy has been up front in the past about what his sophomore season in particular would be like. lead directly inside Rogue One. But the final first season, it was unbelievable “Rix Road” uses its final moments to really make it clear what lies ahead for Cassian and the rest of the show’s main cast.

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Committed to joining Luthen’s rebellious cause, Cassian rises Post-credits scene For “Rix Road” the Death Star is shown to be in active production. Furthermore, they are manufactured using the assembled machines that Cassian and his fellow prisoners were forced to work on during the “Narkina 5Arc, this means that Cassian was basically creating a way to destroy himself.

In a recent interview with Hollywood ReporterIn Exclaim!, Gilroy explained how continued aggregation would be a “looming threat” and lead the show moving forward. Next season, he said, “is all about who picks up the last bread crumbs that lead to a start Rogue One. […] Kasyan knows some nonsense, but he is looking for answers.

Gilroy added that one thing he never knew was that he had an unwilling hand in creating the device. Similarly, the director has said that the show will not create new scenes within the film’s time frame, and will progress “linearly” in the film. “[The show’s end will] But he goes out to get on the ship and go there. So we will not get into Rogue One. Cassian and his team fully figuring out what the Death Star is will not be modified by the show’s existence, and similarly, his premise in this film will remain intact.

Before the first season of Andor Even if it does air, it’s been reported that the second season will be spread out over four years, with three episodes each covering a year in the life of the titular hero. When asked, Gilroy described the timeline of those arcs as “very intense. […] They won’t spread.” While there will be some focus on what happened between those time skips, he noted the second season as being more focused compared to the first.

Gilroy said regarding what that means for Cassian as a character Entertainment Weekly That we’ll see him grow in his leadership role that eventually sees him bring a crew together to steal the plans for the Death Star. “He has to negotiate his way through Luthen’s experience and the benefits and disasters it means and that relationship,” Gilroy said. “Our show will end in Yavin and he will come out and be there to be the man who lays down his life.”

Much of Season 2 will also see these disparate rebel factions come together for something greater. This is something Season 1 touched on briefly in the Luthen scenes Gerrera saw, who doesn’t like some of the other rebel cells hitting the Empire. Season 2 aims to further expand on that tension between those groups, and it will fall to Cass to help make everyone see eye to eye.

“How do you function when your work is paranoid?” Gilroy asked. “How do you cooperate when paranoia and secrecy are your product? … And how does the Empire exploit these differences?” Amid all of this, the season will feature “all the relationships, all the love, and all the betrayal” that defined some of the season’s quieter, stronger moments. But one thing that will never be called into question is Cassian’s loyalty to the cause. “It’s in, it’s committed. So now what do you do with it?”

Andor The entire first season is now available on Disney+.

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