Sony wanted Angelina Jolie to play the main role of Spider-Man 4 in the Tobey Maguire sequel

According to some newly revealed information, it appears that Sony was previously looking to hire Angelina Jolie at Sam Raimi’s spider man 4The fateful sequel that never happened.

As most fans know, Jolie recently joined the MCU with the Phase 4 movie eternity, where Thena was brought back to life. The actress even got lucky and wasn’t kidnapped by Celestial at the end of the movie like half of her friends were, making her gear up for more Marvel stories down the line.

While it hasn’t been officially confirmed that she’ll be back on a future project, fans know it’s a matter of time, not whether.

What if Sony Pictures acquired the actress first and dumped her into Tobey Maguire’s Spidey universe over a decade ago? Such a move could have caused a completely different career path in Jolie’s life, even outside of the comic book genre.

But in this hypothetical timeline, who would Jolie have played?

Angelina Jolie could play a villain in Spider-Man 4


The Direct got early access to Sean O’Connell’s new book on Spider-Man, with great power. Inside, O’Connell revealed some great new information about a fourth Sam Raimi Spider Man The movie could have looked like – which included Vulture being the big bad and Angelina Jolie likely on board, too.

However, the eagle’s death would not have ended the film. The spider man 4 The filmmakers were planning for Adrian Toomes’ daughter to take up the mantle next, becoming the fearsome Vultress – an original character not in the comics. As for who the studio had in mind during the development of the canceled 2009 sequel, it was none other than Angelina Jolie, as her name was said to have been “Tied to this pivotal role for a short period of time” during spider man 4 development.

Jolie’s character wasn’t wearing a superhero villain suit. In the movie’s proposed B plot, it would have been A brilliant executive representing a venture capital firm that was trying to buy the Daily Bogle. “

As for Adrian Toomes himself, Sam Raimi aimed to update him from the way he is usually portrayed in comics. Some of this was reflected in the villain’s outfit, like how the feathers were on his wings “Designed to core like sharp blades.”

The director also wanted a scene for the character that lived up to the horror of Doc Ock’s big hospital scene. Here, it would have been in the form of a fight scene in a library, where goons were sent to take down the eagle – needless to say, things didn’t go so well.

Storyboard artist Jeffrey Henderson noted that the villain was going to have his brand name Because when he finished, he left nothing but bones:

“He was basically a guy who did a lot of ugly things for the government, he did a lot of ugly things as a private contractor… I thought the smart thing to do was to say that part of why it was called The Vulture was because when he finished, he left nothing but bones.”

So who might have played the antagonist? It looks like the studio wants John Malkovich to be their eagle – add that to all the details above, and fans will have a much different attitude about him compared to portraying Michael Keaton in Spider-Man: Homecoming.

One of Vulture’s big sights happened atop the T-shaped Citicorp Center on Lexington Avenue in midtown Manhattan.

Spider-Man 4 Storyboard Vulture
spider man 4 Storyboard

Henderson explained how “Eagle [would have] almost kill[ed] Spider Man,” But one last move by Peter would have sent the great evil to his death:

“They had a big brawl for everything, with the vulture nearly killing Spider-Man. And then, at the last moment, Spider-Man is really wounded, bleeding so badly, he’s in real trouble—finally, in reaction, Peter forces The Vulture out. When he does that, he cuts some stuff off the wings, and ends up getting stuck in the ether, off the top of the Citicorp Building. That’s what he’s doing in it.”

Before his death, the action scene had been set in the New York City subway tunnels. That underground battle will eventually come out of the tunnels and shoot into the sky.

Vulture vs. Spider-Man 4 Storyboard
spider man 4 Storyboard

Another character who would have featured in Tobey Maguire’s fourth round is Felicia Hardy, aka Black Cat. If everything had gone according to plan, Anne Hathaway could have been the actress to resurrect the notorious thief.

The movie would also have had fun opening up the story by featuring a montage of Maguire’s Spider-Man at the top of his game, removing bad guys like “Shocking” And the “The Stilt-Man:”

“We were opening the movie with this montage of all the baddies we knew Sam would never be able to use in the Spider-Man movies…because Peter, now MJ’s [Mary Jane] He’s gone, he’s finally made peace, and he loves being Spider-Man. He really enjoys it. So we were trying to do The Shocker, Mysterio, The Stilt Man, that kind of thing.”

While the movie never came, if it’s a fourth Spider Man The movie Happened, Henderson revealed that the director wanted to return to the tone and texture of 1960s and early 1970s comedy.

Then it was revealed that Al-Rimi “I wanted to [Spider-Man 4] In his own way… [without] flexibility:”

“if [Sam Raimi] He was going to make the “last” Spider-Man, he wanted to come out on a high note. He wanted to do it his way. without agreement. There is no last moment [orders to] “Other than this, otherwise,”…that was the studio’s offer to bring it back, and unfortunately, I don’t think it worked out that way. “

Direct has been provided with a revised copy of with great power to cover. The book, which covers everything fans should know about Spider-Man on the big screen, is now available for purchase online.

What does the alternate timeline for Marvel Jolie look like?

Angelina Jolie, Marvel Studios

In an alternate timeline, Vultress Angelina Jolie would have been among the returning villains in Spider-Man: There is no room for home. But what would the effect of the dominoes be if she played this role?

If the movie itself was any good, it could have resulted in Maguire’s Spider-Man returning for more movies. This can avoid her Amazing The restart, which severely reduces the chances of Garfield getting a chance under suit.

Worst case scenario? a spider man 4 Success could have resulted in Tom Holland’s web header never being created; The best things may be as I did.

As for when Jolie’s character will appear in the MCU next, that remains a big question mark. It looks like a sequel to her 2021 movie will happen at some point, but in the meantime, everyone is left waiting to drop the ad.

At the latest, Jolie will definitely play some kind of role in Avengers: Kang Dynasty—That group, in general, is too big to be ignored simply because of substandard reception.

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