Mom compares how her son and daughter act on the playground in hilarious TikTok

This TikTok mom compared how her son and daughter act on the playground and the differences are hilarious!

Lucy (@isla_and_lucy) is a mom and TikToker who loves to share videos of her adorable kids Isla and Harrison. While Isla and Harrison are only a few years apart, their personalities couldn’t be different. Harrison, the youngest Lucy, is a calm and thoughtful baby boy, while his older sister, Isla, is an absolute energy ball. Lucy showed off her kids’ different personalities in a fun show in a recent video that shows how they act differently on the playground!

The video begins with a shot of an island swinging on monkey bars in the playground. The little girl wears a bright pink tie in her hair, a gray headdress and a pink skirt. She sticks her tongue in focus as she confidently swings her arm from one monkey bar to another. Lucy wrote in a comment: “My daughter is in the garden.”

Next, Lucy shows Isla on a spring horse racer. Isla throws herself back and forth at the spring rider, shaking her head as if it will help give her more momentum. The little girl’s hair is flying everywhere as she plays, and one of her friends is standing a few feet away, watching her in awe.

Next, Isla is shown bravely jumping from one platform on one device in the stadium to another. Without hesitation, she jumped into the air and landed on her hands and knees.

But while Isla is a ball of energy, Harrison has a more patient approach to the field. The following shot shows the little boy in a red and black plaid jacket, standing quite still in the center of the field. The toddler takes a few hesitant steps forward, then stops, and then walks forward again. “Meanwhile, my son is on the field,” Lucy wrote.

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Back in Isla’s adventures, Lucy shows her daughter falling off the playground equipment, rocking on the spring rider again, and riding a zipline.

Next, Harrison is shown moving a little faster this time. He turns to look over his shoulder, and sees the lawn mower in the distance. The little boy seems to have picked up his pace because he is afraid of the lawn mower. The video ends with the little boy slowly walking towards his mother.

Viewers could not be satisfied with the actions of the siblings stadium!

One viewer wrote: “I really like her energy.”

“Your daughter screams chaos,” another viewer joked.

“He is very attentive and tries to understand the world around him!” Another TikToker commented.

Isla and Harrison may have completely different approaches to the court, but the siblings definitely make a great duo!

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