Skull Hearing: Ryan Day thinks Maryland is a threat, Marvin Harrison Jr.’s emergence is no surprise and OSU subtly improved its running game on Saturday

Welcome to the Wednesday session of the Skull.

Today’s article begins with a clip of Jack Sawyer taking down Indiana quarterback Dexter Williams, including audio clips from Joss Johnson and Paul Kells. Can it get any better than that?

Let’s have a good Wednesday, shall we?

TERPS TIME. Earlier this week, our poll question was, “Is Ohio State a threat to Ohio State on Saturday?”

Out of 6,002 responses, 61% answered “no,” and 39% answered “yes.” How do you think Ryan Day would answer that question, assuming he doesn’t read Eleven WarriorsArticles (which everyone should do) and vote in the daily poll?

Well, there’s no need to think about that question, as Day told the media on Tuesday exactly what he thinks of the Terrapins. The fourth-year head coach of Ohio State expects a big challenge from Maryland on Saturday and cited the 52-51 overtime win in 2018 as evidence of just how tough this team has been.

So, to the 2,325 people who answered “yes” to the survey question on Monday, I say congratulations because Coach Day agrees with you. For the 3,677 of you who said no, it’s time to get in shape! (I didn’t answer quite the same… Exactly.)

As the press conference continued, Day said Maryland is “always dangerous,” especially when it plays at home in College Park. He reiterated that Ohio State was one game away from losing the 2018 game to the Terrapins and that suffering defeat in that game would have changed the season as drastically as if the Buckeyes had lost to Maryland in 2022.

With that said, Ohio State is on high alert for the Maryland game this weekend and isn’t taking any chances looking beyond the Terrapins toward the game with Michigan. Expect the Buckeyes to come out with intentions to dethrone them early, because a resurgent revival of the game from four years ago is not something Day wants to happen on Saturday.

And I will speak for everyone here, neither do we.

You should see it coming. From the moment Marvin Harrison Jr. took to Ohio Stadium on Saturday in an all-red suit—reminiscent of D’Angelo Russell’s outfit in the 2015 NBA Draft—I should have known he was committed to another world’s worth of performance.

There are many things I should have seen coming about Harrison’s career, which in his second season seems destined for several American awards and maybe one or two Biletnikoff Awards. How did I not see it sooner?

Well, maybe because a lot of people didn’t see it sooner, either.

Harrison was a highly regarded recruit from St. Louis. According to Compound 247Sports, he was just a four-star recruit and the 14th receiver in the class of 2021. And who are the other receivers ahead of him?

2021 wide receiver recruit






1 Emeka Agbuka 5 0.9945 Ohio State


Jacory Brooks





Troy Franklin





Mario Williams





He’s going to the hall





Jojo Earl





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Xavier worth





Deon Smith





Christian Lyari





Chris Hilton





Beaux Collins





Brian Thomas Jr.




14 Marvin Harrison Jr. 4 0.9583 Ohio State

Looking at that list today makes me upset. How did recruiters not own that Marvin Harrison Jr. — son of NFL Hall of Famer Marvin Harrison — would be the best of the bunch? No disrespect for other players, especially Emeka Egbuka, but that’s the reality after two years.

Not only is Harrison the best in the category, he’s also the best receiver in America, regardless of age. Ask Jim Knowles, and he’ll say Harrison is the best wide receiver he’s ever seen in his 35 years of coaching college football.

Stealing from Perry Eliano, Tim Walton, Ohio State cornerbacks and room safeties, Harrison is the best in America. BIA. That’s what he is after just 10 games into the 2022 season and a start in the Rose Bowl, where he caught three touchdowns, in case you forgot.

It’s all just ridiculous – I should have known! But now that I know, I enjoy watching it. I say we all are. And the best part? We have a few more games this season and another year in 2023 to see how great it can be.

Run the ball. Ohio State ran the ball 43 times for 351 yards against Indiana on Saturday. this Very well really good. But what made a running game so effective when it was mediocre to below average at best against Iowa, Penn State, and Indiana?

Joel Klatt weighed in on his podcast this week:

Now, before you tell me, “Chase! It was against Indiana. They’re no good! You told me last week the Hoosiers were no good!” yes. That’s right – they are not good. But if they also hold their defense in the running game against some of the Big Ten’s best this season, here’s proof:

  • Sept. 2 vs. Illinois: 216 yards, 4.0 YPC

  • Oct. 8 vs. Michigan: 165 yards, 41. YPC

  • November 5 vs. Penn State: 179 yards, 3.7 YPC

And then…

  • November 12 vs. Ohio State: 340 yards, 7.8 YPC

Of course, failures in the short-distance running game still make Ryan Day want to bang his head against a wall, but there was an overall improvement in that department on Saturday.

Baby steps, people. baby steps Let’s see how Ohio State’s offensive line does against Maryland on Saturday before they put it all on the line against Michigan in two weeks. Then we’ll see if the improvements really paid off. I, for one, can’t wait to find out.

Olympic Village. Ohio State women’s volleyball is in full swing, as the Buckeyes have won 14 straight games and are ranked No. 5 in the most recent AVCA Coaches Poll at 19-5 and 15-1 in Big Ten competition.

One of the biggest reasons for the Buckeyes’ success this season has been opposite junior Emily Londo, who was named Big Ten Player of the Week on Monday and National Player of the Week by the AVCA on Tuesday.

Londo had its best performance of the season against no. 4 Nebraska On Sunday, she compiled 23 kills (one shy of her career high), 21 digs and four blocks. In the first set alone, Lundot had 12 kills, including back-to-back kills as Ohio State trailed 29-28 to set up a set point. It was her tenth double of the season, which leads the team.

The Utica, Ohio, player is the ninth player in program history to win National Player of the Week honors and the first since Taylor Sandboth won the award on October 4, 2016, according to a team spokesperson.

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