Star Wars: The Clone Wars: The Movie: The Retro Review

Anakin gives Obi-Wan a sideways look as if Obi-Wan has farted.

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A lot has happened to star Wars franchise the last 14 years. It can be hard to remember that the new canon really began with Dave Filoni Clone Wars cartoon. It has been retroactively added to the new Disney movie star Wars Stories by virtue of being a very well run show run by the man who will ultimately be the driving force behind it star WarsLive TV series. It can be hard to remember Clone Wars It started with a movie – a theatrically released movie – that was absolutely terrible.

The movie, which was released in 2018, came together pretty literally when Lucasfilm president George Lucas saw footage from the CG animation set between Attack of the Clones And the Revenge of the Sith And he became completely smitten with her. Suggest a little older Clone Wars episodes together and released in theaters. If you’re wondering, “Wouldn’t this just look like four episodes of After School star Wars A cartoon smashed together instead of an actual movie? “I found my first fatal flaw.

While Episodes II, III, and IV tell one continuous story of the abduction of Jabba the Hutt’s son, Episode I is a standalone story about clones of the Republic fighting an army of robots, which entails Anakin and his new apprentice Ahsoka hiding in a box and crawling. on the street as if they were in a Looney Tunes cartoon (or Lime solid mineral Game). It’s needlessly goofy, but the “main” story is just as goofy and feels smaller in scope.

Jabba’s infant son has been kidnapped by Count Doku Rota in an unnecessarily elaborate plan to frame the Jedi and make the crime lord allow the Separatist forces to use the interstellar trade routes in his territory. The Republic also wants access to the trade routes, so they send Obi-Wan to talk to Jabba, while Anakin and Ahsoka track down the terrible little skinny with arms Rota, nicknamed “Nintinky”. What might have worked as three episodes of a cartoon becomes a mess when watched back-to-back, as “plots” quickly emerge and resolve themselves. Obi-Wan leaves Tatooine to help Anakin, but Anakin has already left when he gets there. Rota is sick, but there is medicine on the random ship of the Jedi Commander’s ship. A group of Grievous Magnaguards attack Ahsoka on Tatooine, but she kills them with ease.

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Speaking of, Ahsoka has since become one of the most likable characters to never make her live-action movie debut, but I’m not exaggerating when I say she’s terrible in Clone Wars Movie. It’s not the fault of voice actor Ashley Eckstein, who does the best he can with what she’s presented. But what I did offer was dialogue written by 40-year-old guys who are pretty sure they know how a 14-year-old girl talks. It’s terrible. She calls Anakin “Skyguy” and R2-D2 – who already has a very recognizable nickname – “Artooie”. She is overconfident, arrogant, precocious, and smarter than everyone sometimes and dumb as a rock at others.

There is also Zero, Jabba’s uncle, who turns out to be partly responsible for Rota’s kidnapping. He came across as a stereotypical, Galactic Basic speaking (as opposed to Huttese) with a high-pitched Southern slur, based directly on openly gay author Truman Capote. Zero is covered in glow-in-the-dark makeup, wears feathers on his head like a 1920s flapper headband, and smokes from a tall cigarette holder. Now, whether you’re upset about this or simply… Pleased with the fact That year 2008 star Wars He had any semblance of an acting freak up to you, but there’s still the fact that George Lucas specifically requested that his children’s movie include a caricature of a writer who died over 20 years ago.

But this is hardly clone wars Just stick to the things her young audience doesn’t know or might even care about. If you were a fan of the TV series – as it certainly got better in that regard as it went on – you might not remember that animation and look Clone Wars Inspired by British puppet shows of the 1960s eg Thunderbirds And the Space Patrol. These puppets were distinctly wooden and moved in strange and awkward ways, which were lovingly and inexplicably recreated in the 2008 cartoon. Sometimes, you swear you can see the wood grain in the solid pieces that make up the characters.

Again, thank God, Clone Wars Improved in both the animation and storytelling departments. Now she’s remembered for how she went about developing Ahsoka Tano into one of the most likable characters in the series, how she humanized Clone Troopers, evolved her Mandalorians, and so on, so much more.. well, at least until Dave Filoni makes The Boba Fett Book: Chapter Twoin which Stinky the Hutt returns to claim his father’s throne.

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