It was reported that Dwayne Johnson leaked Adam’s misleading black earnings to the press

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson allegedly leaked inaccurate financial information on… Black AdamPress profitability.

DC’s latest theatrical release, following Teth Adam’s Journey and the Justice Society of America, wasn’t a smash hit at the box office.

but, Black Adam It also wasn’t quite a flop like the comic book movie Mate 2022 was Morbius. This inconspicuous collection of money-making left news outlets debating whether the film would be profitable for Warner Bros., though.

A report earlier this month said the film would lose the studio $50-100 million, causing a tectonic roar around the industry over how Black Adam It was another failure in the capital.

In response, another report was issued up to the deadline, which Johnson It was quickly backed in an effort to reassure people that the film would turn a profit

New information has been published in conflicting reports.

Black Adam reportedly leaked financial numbers to Deadline


Puck’s Matt Belloni revealed in a newsletter that Dwayne Johnson’s team leaked the story to Deadline, according to “Many Warner executives”.

The report called by Belloni “Full of false assumptions,” Shown Black Adam Earnings from 52 to 72 million dollars. All revenue factors (VOD, Blu-Ray, etc.) were taken into account.

Belloni went on to call this “One of the smartest trading stories of all time” He doubts the film will reach the home entertainment numbers Johnson expects. The industry insider also shared his belief that the $100 million global marketing figure provided was misleading.

complete his file Black Adam Discuss with the fact that Almost all films of this size will do finally pencil “ But this does not mean “It’s an interesting movie.”

The truth about Black Adam

As Belloni wrote sarcastically: “That kind of thing doesn’t happen at Marvel.” it’s the truth. This isn’t going to happen at Marvel Studios, the Warner Bros. studio has seen. He turned to a Hollywood powerhouse as he plans another potential DC reboot.

Black Adam It won’t be a hit among fans like a typical MCU movie, despite The Rock’s direct comparison to Captain America: The First Avenger.

To be clear, the fact that skinny margins are in Black Adam Profitable or not, it will be enough to show how Warner Bros. will pitch. The project. It wasn’t an abject failure, but also not enough success to cause a sequel.

idea a Black Adam 2 It seems unlikely, although the producers share their confidence that Antihero will return soon.

Johnson clearly has an enormous amount of passion for this project and in many ways has led the marketing of the film with his 352 million Instagram followers. There was a lot riding on this for The Rock, but general audiences didn’t flock to theaters for his solo superhero story.

Combine the fact that Black Adam It wasn’t quite the hit Warner Bros. was hoping for, and the fact that co-CEOs of DC Studios James Gunn and Peter Safran may be pressing the reset button on the entire universe, Johnson’s future in the DCU looks bleak.

Black Adam It grossed $388.9 million worldwide, is available to purchase via VOD, and will be available to stream on HBO Max on Friday, December 16th.

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