TJ Miller says Ryan Reynolds emailed him to fix things after Deadpool’s comments

Actor TJ Miller said that he and his dead list Actor Ryan Reynolds has broken things up after the media circulated a story about how Miller claimed their friendship had broken up after filming the 2016 Marvel movie.

On October 5, Miller said Adam Carolla Show Podcast, “I Think It’s Odd He Hates Me”, referring to Reynolds after a “really weird” moment on set where he is allegedly “horribly mean” to Miller as if he was still dead list Weasel character.

In response, social media users have been quick to point out Miller’s reckless actions in the past – including reports of allegations of sexual assault and transgender hate – to prove he wasn’t as likable as he portrayed himself in the media.

Now, Miller claims that the actors “shaved things very quickly.”

Wednesday SiriusXM In an interview titled “TJ Miller Makes Up With Ryan Reynolds,” Miller said he received an email from Reynolds explaining that Miller remembered the “weird” moment on the set.

“It was really cool, he emailed me the next day and said it was kind of a misunderstanding,” Miller said.

“So I emailed him again and now it looks good.”

When asked if Miller thought his former representative would return to him, he replied:

“The ironic thing is that I was telling a story from one location that I thought was weird. That was the case.”

“But I didn’t think about the repercussions of saying ‘what is this’ or ‘that’.”

Miller said Reynolds told him he heard how upset he was with the awkward interaction in question, which Miller told him, “I’m not, and then we put it together pretty quickly.”

You can view files SiriusXM interview here.

TJ Miller says he and Ryan Reynolds corrected ‘Deadpool’ issue: ‘It was a misunderstanding’Youtube

Miller went on to suggest he wasn’t trying to be negative, and said of Reynolds:

“He’s so funny, which I always keep, and he’s so amazing in those movies.”

“It’s so funny, I said all these complementary things and none of it showed up,” he said, referring to her latest media coverage.

“Because that’s the taste of clicks,” he said, adding:

“That’s really a bummer.”

“But he was really cool about it and he’s a good guy.”

In response to Miller’s surprising pivot from last week’s comments, social media users weren’t buying.

In the interview on Adam Carolla ShowMiller said he would never work with Reynolds again after the “strange” incident during filming dead list.

Miller – who played Wade Wilson/Deadpool’s weird friend, Weasel – recalls at the time:

“We just had a really weird moment dead list Where he said, “Let’s take another one”…but then as a character, he was horribly mean to me—but to me, as if I were a weasel. “

Follow the comedian:

So he was like, ‘You know what’s great about you, weasel? You’re not the star, but you just do enough of the show that it’s funny, and then we can leave and go back to the real movie. “

earlier this week, from the inside mentioned:

Although Miller did not confirm, the Silicon Valley actor hinted that he was not asked to return for the next movie in the Deadpool franchise.

Hey ho! entertainment Note that this isn’t the first time the comedian hasn’t been asked to return to work in a franchise.

according to How to train your dragon The director, Dead DeBlois, was recast as Miller mid-production in 2019 after reports of sexual misconduct allegations and his arrest over a false bomb incident.

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