Skull session: Ohio State won and that’s all that matters, CJ Stroud can run it and JT Tuimoloau was a good follow-up to his performance at Penn State

Welcome to Indiana Week. It’s time for the Buckeyes to defeat the Hoosiers (again).

How would you like to start your day with the very beautiful sounds of some players from the Ohio State football team?

Give them my love now.

Let’s have a good Monday, shall we?

Wild weekend. Look, I’m not going to dress up for Ohio State’s performance against Northwestern on Saturday. The team did not play well, no matter how much the weather affected the match. And it has happened, as winds over 30 mph and heavy rainfall on the grass surface tend to do so.

But at the end of the day, the Buckeyes won a football game, and more importantly, they racked up a victory mid-weekend where many of the most talented teams in college football didn’t. We’re looking at you, Tennessee, Clemson and Alabama.

So, while I think it’s fair to be upset by the overall effort Ohio State put in over the weekend, Buckeye Nation should also understand how the fan bases of the three teams mentioned above feel. I’m sure they’d rather be where the Ohio Believers are today, cheering an unbeaten team ranked second in the AP and Coaches polls rather than dealing with the fallout from a loss late in the season.

This week, it is essential to maintain the perspective that it is always better to correct, improve and move forward after winning rather than losing.

Yes, the Buckeyes have issues, especially in the stiffness department and short-range offense efficiency. But they have two more weeks to find out before the game (or game) that really matters: a potential top-three showdown with Michigan at Horseshoe on November 26.

“More of a runner than a thrower.” While watching CJ Stroud run for 79 yards against Northwestern on Saturday, I laughed as I thought of Stephen A. Smith of ESPN’s First Take claiming that the Ohio State quarterback is “more of a runner than a pitcher” at some point in the future.

I mean, this wouldn’t be the first time.

But in all seriousness, who was Stroud running football on the Northwestern Game Bingo card? How about calling Ryan Day for a few reading options for the quarterback? Both were a surprise to everyone on Saturday, including Day, who admitted in his post-match press conference that he’d prefer Stroud not run unless absolutely necessary.

But here’s the thing: Stroud runs football was necessary against the Wildcats. And for someone not traditionally known for his running ability, Stroud shined when he was allowed to use his legs and collected 79 yards in six gigs at 44 yards.

Stroud’s 79 yards for a dash was the most by an Ohio State quarterback in a road game since JT Barrett totaled 105 against Michigan State in 2016. Not even a run by Dwayne Haskins or Justin Fields, who broke the NFL record in a single game in yards by the midfielder. On Sunday, they rushed for yards on the road as Stroud did on Saturday against Northwestern.

Maybe Stroud is more than just a forward-moving runner, or maybe he just won’t. At the very least, the threat to him running through opposing defenses should be accounted for when he wasn’t before, so perhaps this new wrinkle could open up some new opportunities to attack Buckeye.

Our first chance to see potential changes will come Saturday when Ohio State hosts Indiana at Horseshoe.

It’s still good. Many wondered how JT Tuimoloau would follow up his other world performance against Penn State last week with an easier game against Northwestern who line up on Saturday.

And yes, the baby is too Still good. I’ll use this passage as my guide:

Tuimoloau scored four tackles, one for a loss and a pass-break that nearly blocked him in the Northwestern game.

While Tuimoloau’s stats may seem disappointing, it’s only because of what he put on paper against the Nittany Lions the previous week. In any other circumstance, this is an excellent game for Tuimoloau, especially when considering the Wildcats only threw the ball 17 times.

Look for Tuimoloau to continue his hot streak against Indiana, who ranks 113th in the state with 3.11 bags allowed per contest. In other words, it’s time for Timolow and Rushmen to feast on the Hoosiers as the Block O student section chants, “Who’s your father!” * clap * clap * * clap * clap * clap *

This and that. Before I wrap up my Skull session with Banger Song of the Day and Them Links, there are a few things I’m going to bring to your attention.

First, the Ohio State University men’s basketball team starts their regular season tonight against Robert Morris at 7 p.m.

Second, Ohio State ice hockey forward Emma Maltis broke the program’s record for career points over the weekend in the Buckeyes’ 4-0 win over St. Thomas. Maltais scored 56 goals and contributed 115 passes to the collector for 171 points in her career. The record was previously held by Laura Macintosh, who scored 170 points during her career from 2009-12.

Third, Ohio State men’s football won its Big Ten Tournament quarterfinal match against Michigan State, 1-0, on Friday with a goal from Devyn Etling in the 90th minute. Etling’s championships propelled the Buckeyes to face Rutgers in Piscataway, New Jersey, on Wednesday in the semi-finals.

Fourth and finally, could an NHL hockey game come in at Ohio Stadium? Some pro league executives told Aaron Portzline of The Athletic that they’re looking at ways to make it work.

From the Portzline article:

The NHL and the Blue Jackets have met with Ohio State officials for several years in an effort to organize an outdoor game at Ohio Stadium. But it may be the expansion of the college football system that is finally making that happen.

All parties agreed that the biggest hurdle was that Ohio Stadium was not equipped for winter. It wasn’t, because the last game played each year is usually in mid or late November before the deep winter freeze settles in central Ohio.

But the College of Football’s decision to expand the format from four teams to 12 will include the option of top-ranked teams to host first-round matches, likely during the second or third week of December.

“Imagine if Ohio State was hosting a game and they couldn’t play a game at their home there,” said NHL executive vice president Steve Meyer, who coordinates events for the league. “Just imagine that.”

The College Football Playoffs Board has said the new system will start no later than 2026, but has pushed its commissioners to come up with a plan as soon as 2024 or 2025.

Meyer told The Athletic that the National Hockey League’s clubs and locations for next season (2023-24) have already been determined, with public announcements coming later in the season. He said Blue Jackets and Ohio Stadium are not on next year’s list.
But then?

“I totally think it’s going to be sorted out, I’m really doing it,” Mayer said of the stadium being overhauled. “I think this will happen.”

Mayer said the primary focus will be on winterizing Ohio horseshoes. However, the process would cost “millions of dollars, not hundreds of thousands”, so the NHL proposal would really need to come home to potential ROI from ticket sales and other revenue streams from fans who attend the stadium that can accommodate more than 100, 000 likes.

According to Meyer, talks between the NHL and the Ohio State Department of Athletic Operations have been “very productive” in recent years. Although he doesn’t expect to play an outdoor game at Ohio Stadium soon, he wants fans to stay on his radar.

“We were looking for solutions, trying to work it out,” Meyer said. “It’s been three or four years. Now, the pandemic has delayed things. But every conversation we’ve had has been positive. The people in the room…we get the impression they’d like to do it.”

It appears that the expansion of the college football playoff system could be the new dynamic that negotiations need to move forward productively. And nothing gets done in Ohio faster than when the football program needs it.

Well guys. I think that’s it for me. Enjoy the song of the day and their links. see you tomorrow.

Today’s song. “Gimme Shelter” by Rolling Stones.

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