Valorant Patch 5.10 will be delivered by Cypher and Nerf Fade | early game

Cypher has long been known to be one of the first in the lineup for hobbyists, and Fade is a first for nerfs. So, this is exactly something that will happen in the upcoming patch 5.10 which will drop around November 15th.

These faded bumps are very tough. | © Riot Games

Turns out the current PBE update has been surprisingly cool for the Valorant communityRiot has decided to test some of the most anticipated changes to the game. despite Leave the room untouched It will probably continue to dominate in terms of being the best guard agent to pick , Cypher finally got some love (Though he’s still probably going to die in the next cinema anyway.) Without further ado, let’s take a peek at what Riot has prepared in Patch 5.10 at PBE . server.

Valorant Patch 5.10 PBE: Quick Summary

For those who don’t want to read all the patch notes, we have prepared a small “TLDR”:

  • Cypher received some very cute Trapwire buffs and nervous robbery, as well as some changes in quality of life. We think the most important change for Cypher is that from now on, Agent abilities will not be able to destroy his traps. Although he wouldn’t be the best agent in the metagame, his choice wouldn’t be as tragic as before.
  • Fade’s Prowler’s ability on Earth has been weakened. Although it is still playable initiator Pick up, the fading likely won’t be as “unstoppable” as it once was. Although we know how strong it is, these swings seem pretty harsh.
  • Besides, we only got a couple of bug fixes and a minor change in the menu. Nothing really big.

Valorant Patch 5.10 PBE Notes: All Changes


Having heard the pain of removing one-click access to most of our menus, we’ve brought that functionality back in the form of icon buttons in the general navigation at the top of the screen. Now you’ll be able to hop from Home, Battlepass, Agents, Job, Collect and Store with just a tap from anywhere. Not sure what the code is what? Give them a hover – we’ve added tool tips to help you familiarize yourself with.

Cypher changes

Cypher Changes Patch 5.10.1 Update
The words “Cypher” and “Buff” sound strange next to each other…. | © Riot Games


  • Maximum trap wire length has been increased 1000 >>> 1500

neurotic theft

  • Neuro Theft now exposes enemies twice. There is a four-second delay between detections
  • Time restrictions on throwing enemy corpses have been removed
  • Maximum cast distance has been increased 1200 >>> 1800

quality of life

  • Updated yellow silhouette used for Cypher detection in Spycam and Neural Theft
  • The yellow silhouette now disappears if the detected enemy becomes visible to you to help reduce confusion when seeing two enemy representations in different places
  • The yellow silhouette now starts fading and fades faster to make it more distinct from the actual enemy
  • The utility set for Cypher is no longer destroyed due to Allied AOE area damage

Changes fade away

Fade Changes Patch 5.10.0 Update
By contrast, “Fade” and “Prowler nerf” right next to each other look so good, it wouldn’t lie. | © Riot Games


  • Duration reduced from 3 >>> 2.5 seconds. (The time the rambler remains alive without a trace)
  • Sting delay after hitting the target increased by 0.4 >>> .6 seconds
  • Hitbox improvements
  • Hit time reduced by 3.5 >>> 2.75 seconds
  • Intruders now fade and stop backtracking instead of revealing their target if they move too far before it finishes the animation


Bug fixes


  • Fixed a bug where Harbor’s Cascade would sometimes appear at the bottom of the map
  • Fixed a bug where the Harbor’s Cascade target on the mini-map would shorten when aiming up or down even though the Cascade would travel the same distance
  • Fixed a bug where the Harbor’s Cascade target on the mini-map was a bit shorter than the actual distance it would travel


  • Fixed a bug where Astra could cast a fake nebula right at the beginning of the round before its star could be charged

known problems

  • Inconsistent state of highlighting/coloring of buttons on new global navigation buttons for Home, Battlepass, Agents, Job, Collect, and Store
  • Selected global navigation icons do not go to the selected menu when used from any submenu

And that’s it for all the changes we can currently test on Valorant’s PBE server. Note that this is just a PBE and Some changes may end up looking a little different in the global version of the game. If you have some ideas about all these changes, check it out Join our Discord server And share it with us!


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