Ghoul Tactics: Reborn – How to Recruit a Katiwa in Chapter 4

Katowa. It’s hard to talk about this with first diving into the critical main story spoilers. But sometimes, that’s exactly what happens Ghoul Tactics: Reborn Likes to roll. We’ll do our best to keep things relatively ambiguous, but we’re talking about the closest thing that should be in the plot to a main heroine, and newcomers may blink once realizing that her full recruitment is purely optional.

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Successfully adding Denam’s surrogate sister to the list is not difficult precise. There are not many steps, but stumble on any one of them, and you will miss an excellent warrior – and more.

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How to recruit Catiua

Trust your ogre sister's tactics

The first thing you need to do is get to the fourth chapter. This is the correct place in the title of our article, as we know, but the main point is, It will be a long time. Really, the fourth and final chapter of Tactics Ogre: Reborn is, in some ways, when the game begins. Almost all of its optional content is loaded, and many character recruits too.

Our quest begins in earnest as early as Chapter 4, shortly after Fifth battle. When the character Mreuva from Denam inquires if our strong hero has the will to fight it, you can go with either answer, although it will change the mechanics of the upcoming battle, as well as partially changing the story dynamic in general.

Carry on with ghoul tactics: reborn naturally for now, until Parencia Castle. If Dynam Mirova told this yesHe will do what he must, Katewa is a fighter here along with Lancelot and a large number of Templars. if he said numberHe can’t fight his sister, she won’t be.

We’ll link you directly to our Chapter 4 guide for details on the fight once it’s over. The important, albeit predictable, part is that You shouldn’t kill Katiewa. Your goal is to bring down the Lancelot, so the battle will be over when you do that. If you find Catiua causing any problems, try to prevent her from using Knight’s (or White Knight’s) Rampart Ora or similar fare.

point of difference

The remainder of your efforts to bring the Katowa back to the side of Dynam comes into conversation. However, the context of that conversation and its answers will completely change depending on whether you have to fight it.

Was Katiwa present in the fight with Lancelot? If so, here’s what you want to say:

  • “I just did what I had to do.”
  • “You are my sister and I love you.”

if catewa has not been An active fighter in the Battle of Lancelot, here are the alternate responses:

  • “I never gave up on you.”
  • “I did not enjoy our parting.”

You are about to finish. Catiua will not join automatically. However, you will have saved her from a grim fate that locks the game into a dark end (albeit with the benefit of receiving a dynamite). Allah Class, so it’s useful to explore this path later). At Vidush Castle, Katyua finally joined in. Be sure to enjoy the splendor of her exclusive Princess Class; It is one of the best games ever.

Wait, did we call her Katiewa again? Sure, it has a more proprietary label…

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