The best audio settings for hearing the footsteps of Warzone 2.0 and Modern Warfare 2

Warzone 2.0 and Modern Warfare 2 ship with Many improvements to their sound mix. There was a focus on creating a more authentic and realistic sound, as the team at Infinity Ward took to the field to record real-world weapons, cannon fire, and even helicopters.

At the same time, the game features a new frequency engine to better simulate the sense of space, improved 3D directionality for better enemy positioning, and a new audio occlusion engine.

While all of this makes for a rich auditory tapestry, it can sometimes mean that footsteps – arguably the most important sound cue in a game – can get lost in the cacophony.

Fortunately, there is something you can do about it. Here’s a look at the best audio settings for hearing the footsteps of Warzone 2.0 and Modern Warfare 2.

Warzone 2.0 vs Modern Warfare 2: Best audio settings for clearer footsteps

Screenshot by Koh Wanzi / ONE Esports

The game provides six different audio mix presets for various audio settings. Here’s a look at what they all do.

  • computer – Narrowest dynamic range and EQ for use with computer speakers.
  • headphones – Tighter dynamic range and EQ for use with headphones.
  • Bass boost for headphone Narrower dynamic range and EQ with low-end frequencies optimized for use with headphones.
  • sound bar – Narrower dynamic range equalizer for use with amplifiers.
  • home theatre High dynamic range setting for use with home theater systems.
  • Cinema – Highest dynamic range setting for use with movie theater systems.

Although the obvious choice might be Headphone Bass Boost in order to make the low frequencies more important and, therefore, have the effect of muddying your audio mix even more.

This is because there are a lot of other competing low-frequency sounds in Call of Duty. This can be anything from explosives detonating near you to a killing spree raining rage from the sky above.

This means that enemy footsteps may be drowned out, so you won’t hear them coming until they are in your face.

Instead, the home theater is shaping up to be our best pick yet. It makes the footsteps stand out more in the audio mix, while the ambient noise comes in a bit softer. However, one of the downsides is its clear focus on 3D frequencies, so shooting can sometimes sound a bit noisy.

Adjust Selection
audio mix home theatre
master volume 50
Layer of music 0
dialog size 20
Effects size 100
The size of the multiplication sign 20
Speakers/headphones for game audio device System default device
mono sound About

When it comes to tinkering with volume numbers, a lot of it depends on personal preference. However, the one thing you’ll want to make sure is set to maximum is the effects volume. This setting is directly related to how loud footsteps are, as well as other sounds such as gunshots.

It can also help cut down on unnecessary sounds, such as music, dialogue, and click marks.

Master volume will vary depending on your setup or headphones. Warzone 2.0 and Modern Warfare 2 can both get pretty loud, so you’ll want to find a level that lets you hear clearly without blowing your eardrums.

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