Star Trek 4 could have been a cosmic family adventure Kirk

Chris Pine as James T. Kirk in Star Trek (2009).

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since then Star Trek Beyond In 2016, Paramount had some trouble getting a fourth entry into the reboot film series On Earth. Before and after the movie was announced to everyone’s surprise (including The actors!), creative teams for Star Trek 4 Attached and dropped from the movie plentiful numbers. The last of these to leave was the manager Matt Shukman Back in August after it was pulled to direct The Fantastic Four for Marvel.

Before Shackman, it all started with SJ Clarkson It was clicked to direct the film, from a script by JD Payne and Patrick McKay, who currently directs The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power in amazon. Talking to RespectedMcKay touched on what the duo’s movie would have been like if it had seen the light of day. The most open secret about the movie that wasn’t made is that it would have seen a comeback Chris Hemsworth George Kirk, father of James Kirk (Chris Pine) who died in the opening minutes of the 2009 film, and McKay confirmed that the two men could have been reunited.

“This vanity was by a cosmic whim in star trek world, they were the same age. It would have been a father-son space adventure – think Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade Mackay said. “We were thrilled about it.” He and Payne worked on this script for nearly three years with Clarkson and rings Lindsey Webber, but things just fell apart, which he called “heartbreaking.”

Regarding how the two men met Kirk, Payne cited Star Trek: The Next Generation Episode “Antiquities” as justification for her in the world. “[The TNG crew] Find Scotty, who has been trapped in the transport company for two decades and are able to have a wonderful adventure with him,” explained Pine. “Our egos were, ‘What if before Kelvin was affected by that huge mining ship, George Kirk tried to transport himself to his wife’s shuttle where Was his son, Jim Kirk born?” […] It’s as if the carrier has absorbed its pattern into the pattern buffer, but hasn’t spit it out on the other side. It was actually a saved copy of it that was on the computer.”

From there, the movie would have seen the Enterprise crew pull George’s style out of the wreck, and they’d have no idea what time had passed. The film’s villain, which the couple called “original” rather than someone from the original series, served as reason to go look for George’s ship in the first place.

It was Paramount teasing their movie that prompted Payne and McKay to redirect toward television, and the rest is history. It seems like an interesting idea to the two of them, but in some ways, it also seems like a step backwards. One of the reasons for that behind It was so good that it looked like a real team movie rather than one that focused specifically on Kirk, which had been an issue in the previous two films. Father issues and unresolved family issues are all of the rage in the fantasy genre, but they don’t need to fuel a story every time.

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