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Jacksonville Jaguars LB Devin Lloyd: The first player finished his role as the PFF’s top rookie player in the second week after a performance during which he was playing all over the field.

First round WRs Reign Supreme: Garrett Wilson, Trillon Burks and Drake London cracked the top five for the best rookies in Week Two.

Tyler Smith Fill In Admirably: Player one went into a left tackle with Tyron Smith and Jason Peters out, and he’s more than holding himself out.

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After a slow start to many freshmen in the NFL in Week 1, we saw a number of professional reps in Week 2. This is especially true in the linebacker group. Let’s take a look at the 15 novices who got the highest scores from Week Two.

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15. THE Kurt Hinish, Houston TX (69.6)

Texans can use all the reasons for hope they can get. Hinish Getting shots as an uncut free agent was impressive at first, but it didn’t stop there for a novice. He hit two wheels and made 26 running stops.

14. RB Dameon Pierce, Houston TX (69.8)

Pierce was taking every opportunity he got against the Broncos. There weren’t many rushing holes, but he still picked up 69 yards in 15 attempts to match up with six broken tackles. From 4.6 yards per carry, 3.7 came after call.

13. T. E. Isaiah Likely, Baltimore Ravens (70.9)

After the lights went out, it was probably a rough first week performance that included a dip. He’s bounced big against the dolphins. The rookie netted in four of his five goals for 43 yards.

12. CB Care Elam, Buffalo Bills (71.3)

Elam continues to be value-added as a starter for the Bills defense. He allowed two on three goals for just 17 yards against the Titans. Through two games, Elam has now surrendered for a total of 40 yards in his coverage.

11. LT Tyler Smith, Dallas Cowboys (73.2).

Smith wasn’t supposed to be so good early on. He was far from perfect and had some serious gaps on the tape, but when he put his technique together, it was impressive. He’s already constantly taking defensive line guys out of the line of melee. Smith finished with only one press allowed on 36 rounds to block a pass.

10- CB Martin Emerson, Cleveland Browns (72.8).

Emerson may have been placed on a distinct reel for a particular Jets receiver ahead of him on this list, but that was no indication of his day in general. The third-round pick eventually allowed for only 27 yards on seven goals. That’s less than four yards per target for the novice.

9. CB Samuel Womack, San Francisco 49ers (73.0)

Womack was impressed to get out of the hatch on a clean-up job over the weekend. He picked up where he left off in pre-season by not allowing alone first on any of his five goals. He has now only given up 29 yards in 36 cover shots this season.

8- LB Malcolm Rodriguez, Detroit Lions (74.2)

Rodriguez is not just a beginner. He stands out among all the starting line-up players. In two weeks, his overall score of 76.7 ranked him tenth among the starting line-ups. Rodriguez made four more defensive stops against the leaders in the second week.

7- EDGE Boye Mafe, Seattle Seahawks (75.4)

Maffei was one of the few in the Seahawks’ defense who featured against 49 players at the weekend. He stopped three times in a running game and added a sack. The second player’s athleticism was all-round as he ran up and down the line over wide distances with ease.

6. LB Quay Walker, Green Bay Packers (76.2)

Walker’s Elite Sports Toolbox was on full display Sunday night. He made several plays in coverage, allowing him to catch twice on three targets for just 21 yards a day. In the season, Walker missed only one interference in 16 attempts.

5- CB Damari Mathis, Denver Broncos (77.9)

Mattis was pushed into the first act of his NFL career once Patrick Serten II fell with an injury, and the rookie responded. Mattis finished with four defensive stops and allowed three catches on six goals from 37 yards a day.

4- W.R. Garrett Wilson, New York Jets (78.9)

Wilson quickly became the Jets’ #1 receiver. He saw 14 goals against Brown, pulling eight of them for 102 yards and a hit. The scary thing is that his stats would have been better if Joe Flacco hadn’t missed him so badly in a few throws. You can clearly see that Wilson has “that”.

3. WR Treylon Burks, Tennessee Titans (80.3)

Still only a part-time player, Burks have been on the field for just 25 of the Titans’ 56 offensive shots. However, he made the most of his chances. He was targeted six times and taken away on four of them for 47 yards, including three first touchdowns.

2- WR Drake London, Atlanta Falcons (82.0)

London does look like an adult on an NFL pitch. He finished with eight catches on 11 goals for 86 yards and the first result of his career. He also had the only contested capture chance and broke two paces after catching. Perhaps most telling is that he has already usurped Kyle Bates as the right man in attack, with 18 goals in two weeks.

1 – LP Devin Lloyd, Jacksonville Jaguars (87.1)

From backcourts to flats to pitch, Lloyd was everywhere for Sunday’s Jaguar defense. It fueled the kind of defensive performance we haven’t seen from Jacksonville in a while. Lloyd only allowed three hits on five goals for 18 yards with a pick and two passes.

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