Call Of Duty DMZ: Let’s get you some Keycards for the mysterious new Building 21

All you have to do is follow the damn train…and you know, don’t shoot.
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The game is still technically in beta. Call of dutyThe Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) sure was an interesting experience. The DMZ’s latest twist concerns a new playable area that can be selected upon loading into the DMZ – but you’ll need a key card to enter. You can find key cards for this new area all over the farm. So, do you want one? Don’t worry: this guide will cover some of the common ways you can find Building 21 keys as well as how to survive long enough to successfully escape with a single key.

DMZ is a new PvPvE extraction-based game mode Warzone 2.0. Here, multiple teams of three are posted in codBattle royale map, farm, compete for loot resources, and engage in intense gunfights with intense difficulty (Sometimes unfairlyBots and other players who may or may not be your friends. Get in, do whatever you need to do, survive, extract, rinse and repeat. Until now, the farm was the only map available in the DMZ. This kind of started Change with season 01 reloaded, which introduced a new (and apparently more difficult) area. Many players have already found key cards for the new location. You can too.

A screenshot shows the office-like interior of the new Call of Duty location DMZ: Building 21.

no not like that controls. See the DMZ’s mysterious new location: Building 21.
picture: Activision

Where to look for Build 21 Keycards

Like other equipment in the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ), Building 21 keycards are distributed randomly. But you can prioritize certain sites to increase your chances of finding a site.

Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 DMZ Gameplay

For now, much of what follows is based on hearsay and examples documented on the Internet. p/dmz It’s a great place to keep track of discoveries in this mode (and it’s likely one of the first places players will start reporting that they’ve discovered an entry point to Building 21). As a note: you can only store 20 key cards in your stash at any one time. So if you’re storing other keys for random locations, you may need to use them before you aim to find a Building 21 keycard. There seem to be three types of Buildings 21 keycards, a “blue access card” and a “red access card” and one called ” Arrive at Terminal 21 of the DRC. It appears to come in “used” and “worn” varieties, though what that means is not known at this time. Based on how the other keys in the DMZ work, it’s safe to assume that this indicates how many uses you’ll get from the key.

The players as well Discover notes with hyper-cryptic hints about the location of Building 21. No one has been able to make heads or tails out of these yet.

Red and orange loot stashes, while rare, seem to be a good source for key cards. However, the chance of a card containing one key card is entirely up to the RNG. You can find these caches, usually, in strongholds, forts, and on the train moving around the map. These are dangerous sites, so be on your guard. If you get lucky and find one on the first try and without much of a gunfight, it’s time to get the hell out of Dodge for hiding this key in your inventory.

Random Supply Drops can contain key cards as well. These spawn randomly (you’ll hear an announcement of a supply drop – as will every other player you compete with). But you can also trigger one by grabbing a SAM site.

Speaking of which, if you have a faction mission that requires you to take over a SAM outpost and loot their cache of fire supplies, you can Kill two pigs with one stone here. A Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) is often about finding opportunities to achieve multiple objectives simultaneously.

Supply caches dropped by SAM bombers can contain up to 21 keycards.. Unlike loot caches and other supply drops, taking over a SAM outpost and causing a supply cache to fall off the plane is something you have more than agency with. It’s not bad to set an agenda when loading into the DMZ.

It appears that the commander’s helicopter contains key cards from Building 21. As all DMZ players know, at random times and locations a deadly and very aggressive helicopter will appear, announcing loudly that you need to leave the area and that it will shoot anyone it spots (God help you if you do). If it is within range of a captured SAM launcher, or if you have the appropriate equipment, you can remove it and loot the remains. The RAPP H is a great LMG for this – and you can load it with anti-armor ammo if you have that on hand (you can select it as part of a domain upgrade when loading). The robots usually carry RPGs around, especially the robots that patrol small villages.

DMZ: How To Stay Alive While Hunting Build 21 Keycards

The Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) is unpredictable. Having a specific agenda in mind is smart, but you can never know what the random combination of loot, bots, and players will bring. Here are some general tips if you’re heading out looking for key cards for Terminal 21.

When loading into the DMZ, choose whatever weapons work best for you but make sure you or your team have a combination of the following:

Tactical equipment: Spotter range or heart rate sensor

Killer equipment: Proximity mine or Claymore

domain promotion: Recon Drone, ammo box, mobile radar, or anti-armor ammo box (if you plan to shoot down the commander’s helicopter)

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My personal loadout always has a Spotter Scope, Recon Drone, and Claymore, but any combination of the above will work for you. And if you’re going with two friends, you can cover all of these bases or get room to experiment.

Since the DMZ is so deadly, you need to prioritize your ability to get to the extraction point if you want to exit with your Building 21 keycard. To that end, here are a few things to avoid:

Do: Approach each site with absolute caution. This is where Spotter scopes and Heartbeat sensors come in handy: keep your distance from every possible remote location and use your Spotter Scope to check an area for opposition. You should never go to a designated blind spot in the DMZ.

Do: Get the hell out of there the second you find the keycard. Sure, this Intel contract looks very tempting. Or maybe you found a safe place to break. forget that. The keycard for Terminal 21 is what you are here for, and once you have it, your priority is to extract it safely. Getting out of the DMZ is a task in itself. Bots may patrol the area. Exfil campers (re: other players) may be policing the area. Approach with caution. Send one person to call the helicopter; Retreat to safety and race aboard second at a climbable distance. Never let your guard down to be safe in the air.

Do: Search every medical group you see. Since the last update, the DMZ has more self-revive and revive handgun combos. You can find them in different places, but they are most often in the square medicine boxes that you find pinned to different walls. Having a self-revive kit can mean the difference between walking out with a keycard and losing all of your stuff.

Do: Get an armored vehicle if you can. Sometimes you’ll need to race across the map to reach an extraction point (which gives you 25 minutes from the DMZ to get all your tasks done before you know it). Armored vehicles are invincible and you can take damage from within, but it is much better than other rounds of the game.

Don’t: Make contracts, hack drone towers, or try to finish goals other than hunting for keycards. You are here to find a key card for Building 21. This means that you have two goals: to find a card, and to infiltrate. Although a completed contract is necessary to obtain an exfil line and franchise, it may not be worth the risk if you’re just looking for a keycard.

DON’T: Shoot anyone (players or bots) unless they are being shot. Ammo and shields can quickly run out if you’re not careful, and firefights with any opposition in the DMZ can turn into a resonant waterfall show of constant combat that will end in your death and the loss of all the loot you have collected.

Don’t: stay on the train for too long. Yes, this train has plenty of loot (maybe even key cards) but you’re spending borrowed time for every second you’re on board. It’s a giant beacon for other players to find cool gear, and bots will open fire on it with wall-busting rounds the second they suspect you’re there.

No one is quite sure what awaits him in Building 21, but having a mystery like this to haunt in a remarkably unpredictable setting like the DMZ is pretty exciting. Good luck registering those keys.

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