Avatar 2 director has shut down Sigourney Weaver’s “insecure” behavior on set

Avatar 2 Director James Cameron has reunited with longtime partner and friend Sigourney Weaver, and his reunion with the actress appears to have been highlighted by a crucial interaction on the set.

Avatar: Waterway It is set to expand the story of Jake Sully and Neytiri as the sequel introduces the husband’s family. Along with the first film’s two protagonists, Weaver will also return in surprising fashion by portraying Jake and Neytiri’s 14-year-old daughter, Kerry, after playing anthropologist Dr. The first movie.

It’s unknown how exactly the new Weaver character will fit into the plot of the sequel, but early footage indicates that Kiri will play an important role in the proceedings.

Ahead of the hugely expensive sequel’s release next month, new details have surfaced online about Sigourney Weaver’s return and reunion with director James Cameron.

How James Cameron advised Sigourney Weaver in Avatar 2

The latest issue of D23 magazine provided noteworthy quotes on the behind-the-scenes development of the Avatar: Waterway.

Sigourney Weaver, who met with symbol pictureJames Cameron, for the sequel, praised the director, describing it as “One of the most extraordinary, original and daring filmmakers ever.”

The Aliens The star followed up by sharing a funny exchange between her and Cameron (who is never afraid to speak his mind) on set, noting that the director told her she could portray a 14-year-old in the sequel because she is “Immature:”

“It was such a privilege to be able to play such a wonderful character who bridges these different worlds. It’s also so nice to reunite with an old friend. He said, ‘I know you can do that, because you’re really immature;’ You are 14 years old. -Year.’ I would say the same about him, he’s probably 16, he bothers me a lot, but I also trust him. He always knew what he needed and took the time to get us there, listening to his representatives. He really wants us to weave ourselves into our characters.”

Weaver then indicated that she was there “Agony About Kerry” Most of the time, saying she had no idea “What was really happening.”

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The 72-year-old actress then revealed a remarkable exchange between her and Cameron on set that prompted the director to tell her. “Stop being insecure” About not getting any feedback while filming:

“I had Keri most of the time,” Weaver continues. “I had no idea what was really going on. I couldn’t keep track of it. I didn’t want to think about it, and Jim never said anything. One day I let out some whiny complaining about not getting any feedback, and Jim just turned around and said in a serious voice , “You have to stop being so insecure. It’s really inappropriate for who you are, how old you are, and what you’ve done in your career. So, that shuts me up. I heard it loud and clear.”

Zoe Saldana, who portrays Nyeteri in the film, shared her excitement at the prospect of working with Weaver “closer” In the sequel:

“Working so closely with Sigourney was one of the things I was most looking forward to. I love her work. She’s one of my top three idols. Jim gave her this amazing transformation that she can really sink her teeth into, to play around with and explore. Watching her deal with her character has been a treat.” A master class every day.”

The MCU actress also made it clear “getting complicated” and whenever she filmed scenes with Weaver, noting that the veteran starlet had it “method approach” During production:

“It just kept getting more complicated. We didn’t clash, but we were definitely into character. She has a methodical approach to how she goes into character and stays into character, and there were times when I really felt like a mother to a teenage daughter. Jim would look at me and give me that look that says, ‘I have teenage girls. Believe me. You are exactly in the zone. “

Returning to Kiri, Weaver teased how the teenage Na’vi are portrayed in the sequel, noting that she is very different from Neytiri and Jake:

“She’s not a warrior. She doesn’t take up arms. So, in that sense, she’s neither Neytiri nor Jake. Neytiri is beautiful, regal, composed. I think Kyrie feels very awkward, clumsy, incompetent, and I think Kyrie wishes she could be more like Neytiri.” Life would be easier. If she could be like anyone, she would like to be like a spider.”

The Spider that Weaver mentions in her commentary refers to the character of Jack Champion, a human orphan with a deep emotional connection to Na’vi culture.

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Weaver also revealed that Kerry “I feel more comfortable.” with Jake and actually talks to him more than Neytiri because of his relationship with Grace (the character portrayed by Weaver in the first film).

The symbol picture The actress then teased the dynamic of the Sulli siblings in the sequel and Kerry’s relationship with them:

“Kari loves her siblings, but they are with each other a lot. The scenes are inspired by Jim’s children. Kairi tries to take care of Tuck, who everyone loves. She’s an adorable little sister but always wants to be with her. Kairi is a little jealous of Luwak, because he’s so close to the spider. She She wants a Spider for herself.”

Trinity Place, who plays Toktiri in the sequel, spoke about Luak’s role in the film, stating that he is “Cooler Big Brother” Who is protective of her character while also talking about Neteyam as the oldest of the group:

“[Lo’ak] Tuk is not often present when he ventures into the world, as he is protective of her. Tuk has a lot of respect for Neteyam as he is the older brother who sometimes feels like a father. Neteyam and all the other siblings protect her and don’t throw her under the bus like Lo’ak does. Tuk is very fond of her older sister, Kairi, and really looks up to her, all Kairi says and does is amazing to her.”

Why James Cameron’s honest notes help elevate the sequel

James Cameron and Sigourney Weaver have a long-term working relationship dating back to the first Aliens 1986 film. While the couple frankly exchanged insecurities on the set Avatar 2 Surprising to some, it also establishes the mutual respect that Weaver and Cameron have for each other.

Weaver feels insecure on the set Avatar: Waterway Understandable, considering she’s filming a 14-year-old teenage child. However, Cameron’s heartfelt comment seemed to be all Weaver needed to hear to notice the fact that the director trusted her with her portrayal of Kiri.

Exact plot details are still being worked out, however Avatar 2The trailer for Jake featured yet another tragic story, spelling bad news for Jake and Neytiri’s family. It would be shocking if Cameron decided to kill off Kerry in the sequel, especially after bringing back Weaver as the adopted daughter of the Sully family.

However, the possibilities are endless for Kiri in water way. Promotional stills indicate that teenage Na’vi appears to be one of the main characters in the sequel, which means it’s possible that her role will be reincarnated prior to her potential death.

Avatar: Waterway It is scheduled to premiere in theaters on Friday, December 16th.

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