Halo Infinite Bot Bootcamp removal is likely related to AI issues

Halo Infinite’s winter update has made waves since its launch earlier this week, and players have discovered a possible reason why the Bot Bootcamp PvE playlist has been removed — bots and Forge maps don’t seem to mix well.

Amidst all the chatter about Halo Infinite removing the Bot Bootcamp in this week’s Winter Update, we’ve discovered several suggestions that might be part of why the bots are truly It doesn’t seem to navigate the Forge-made multiplayer maps very well. Intrigued by this, we tested ourselves some custom matches on the two new 343 Forge maps, and the bots definitely had no idea what they were doing.

Halo Infinite bots not working properly on Forge multiplayer maps

Argyle has the best out of the two maps, although it is currently removed from matchmaking due to other issues that cause crashes. While it’s not disastrous, the bots here didn’t feel as spatially aware as in the original maps, often getting shocked by the obvious ways while lounging near the spawn and not really doing much. Many were ending matches with one kill, sitting back and watching the ally’s bots melee with opponents demonstrates how ineffective they are in general. They’re also prone to weird pathfinding problems – several times, I’ve seen a bot miss a jump, then act confused for a few seconds as if it’s trying to figure out where it is, or might just keep taking the same actions if it’s stuck in a landing. no terribleoverall, but not very well, to say the least.

In the meantime, detachment proved a complete disaster. Each individual bot managed to commit suicide multiple times in each game by throwing itself into the valley on the map, and most of them picked up one or maybe two kills in the eight-player, 50-point Team Slayer that went in time, and only one of the They finished a match with K/D that was not negative. Even when they’re not acting like rodents, they don’t really seem to be acting Absolutely. Often they would stand around waiting to be shot, seemingly bewildered by geometry and unable to identify some obvious escape routes that might help them avoid collapse. It did lead to some fun moments, but in a tragic way – Bot Bootcamp opponents were tough, but at least the AI ​​made it look like they understood the game they were playing. Getting out of the back of a simple but simple Bootcamp match on an existing map and then landing a mummering like this would be pretty annoying, and frankly not a lot of fun, so obviously there’s still work to be done if the bots are really viable. Use in Forge maps.

Are you okay there my friend?

Things get even worse when you get involved in complexities like goals. The bots are capable of somewhat goal-based modes, but the frequent hiccups make them not really good at that. I knew things weren’t going to go smoothly when in my first match of Capture the Flag, I removed a couple of defenders and watched a robot run, grab the unprotected flag, take a few steps, put it on the ground and run away. Good job my friend. In another game, I waited for a runner who took a really scenic route, then threw himself in the middle of the map and sat down for a bit of a rest. That’s bad enough on its own, but keep in mind that PvP matchmaking also introduces bots when one player breaks up and it’s too late to populate another player. Combine that with the fact that the separation is currently spinning and you’ll start seeing things like this wonderful moment where the robot turns science far From the pick up and throw match point, along with other amusing reports of robots throwing flags off cliffs and such nonsense. It’s funny until it happens to you, at which point it’s totally annoying to take L’s thinking into an ignorant bot.

Of course, even if this a The reason why Bot Bootcamp goes to meet, is unlikely to be the only one. One popular theory is that dropping it was an attempt to steer players into a PvP group rather than letting them walk away from challenges against bots, but several responses from more casual players claimed that they likely wouldn’t play at all rather than sweat it out. Online. However, it seems that whether it’s because of fan feedback or part of the 343 plan, Bot Bootcamp will Will be back, at some point. a Tweet from Community Manager Brian Garrard It states that “it will take some time; the team wants to look at some potential modifications,” and says more details will follow. We’ll keep you posted when we hear more.

Halo: The Master Chief Collection is currently on our list of the best Game Pass games before Infinite – we’ll see if that changes as 343 continues to try to correct course after a very bumpy launch.

Have you seen any crazy robot behavior in Halo Infinite yourself? Let us know below!

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