‘Black Adam’ crosses $350 million at the global box office

While Marvel’s Black Panther: Wakanda Forever He debuted at the global box office, DC’s The Contender black Adam Make a personal achievement. Anti-hero movie starring Dwayne Johnson It topped $352 million at the global box office after a month in theaters. black Adam It added $9.7 million from 76 international territories in its fourth weekend, pushing its overseas total to more than $200 million.

black Adam It made $151 million domestically, after adding another $8.6 million to the U.S. tally this weekend. As expected, the film faces stiff competition from leading characters Wakanda foreverwhich has received remarkably excellent reviews, and arrived with a stock of goodwill not only from the Marvel Cinematic Universe in general, but also from its beloved predecessor. black AdamOn the other hand, few reviews were received, although – as Johnson pointed out – fan reception was much better.

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in black AdamJohnson plays Teth Adam, a former slave of the fictional Kandak Nation. He awoke from sleep after thousands of years, and went on a vengeful rampage against his enemies. Johnson spent more than a decade fighting to play the role, despite stepping back from the studio, offering to play other, more famous superheroes instead.

Dwayne Johnson as Teth Adam aka Black Adam in Black Adam 2022
Image via Warner Bros.

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Directed by Jaume Colette Serrawho previously worked with Johnson on Disney’s adventure movie jungle tripAnd the black Adam It can now be categorized as underperforming for the turbulent DC Extended Universe. The series has been facing an upsurge since its inception and is currently in the midst of a creative overhaul under the leadership of newly appointed co-CEOs. James Jenn And the Peter Safran. black Adam He is expected to play a major role in the future of the series, which will also return Henry CavillSuperman.

black AdamA global output of $350 million would have been good, if it hadn’t cost a massive production of $195 million. This budget is the best, and is usually reserved for characters with built-in fan followings. But unlike Superman or Batman, the real star here is Johnson himself. Perhaps among the last remaining stars who could open a movie, Johnson put all his marketing power behind it black Adamand promised that the film would change the “hierarchy of power” within the DCEU. While black Adam It made Johnson’s best personal debut ($67 million), but in the end it would fall far short of the star’s biggest (and even moderate) success.

As far as the DCEU is concerned, black Adam you will excel Shazam! (363 million dollars globally) in the next few days, but it will not reach Justice Squad$655 million in disappointing global revenue. DCEU film remains the top Aquamanwhich generated $1.1 billion globally. followed by Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice ($872 million worldwide), amazing woman (817 million worldwide), and suicide squad ($745 million worldwide). Includes upcoming movies in the franchise Shazam! wrath of the godsAnd the SparkleAnd the blue ladybugAnd the Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom.

black Adam also the stars Pierce BrosnanAnd the Noah CentineoAnd the Aldis HodgeAnd the Quintessa SwindellAnd the Sarah Shahi. You can watch our interview with Johnson here, and stay tuned for more updates in Collider.

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