Helena Bonham Carter stands up to JK Rowling, says backlash has been ‘taken to extremes’

Harry Potter star Helena Bonham Carter feels the online vitriol leveled at JK Rowling is unwarranted.

Her controversial comments about the transgender community led to criticism against her Harry Potter originator JK Rowlingbut for Helena Bonham CarterThe backlash was an exaggeration. At this point, it’s no secret at this point that Rowling has been criticized for her views on transgender rights, like many other stars. Harry Potter Franchise continues to weigh in on this issue in various interviews. Daniel Radcliffe was among those who said he disagreed with Rowling, while Ralph Fiennes recently described the online “verbal abuse” the author suffered as “disgusting”.

As for Carter, she’s not passing judgment on Rowling. The actress feels the controversy against Rowling was “extreme,” arguing that the author had her reasons for giving her opinion. Rowling has previously described trauma from sexual assault which has influenced the way she feels about hot-button issues involving transgender rights, such as allowing trans women into women’s restrooms and changing rooms. Carter wants people to keep this in mind before passing harsh judgments on Rowling. As Carter recently told The Times:

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“It’s awful, a load of monsters. I think [Rowling] been chased. It’s been taken to extremes, people rule. I let her have her say, especially if she experienced abuse… Everyone carries their own history of trauma and forms their opinions from that trauma and you have to respect where people are coming from and their pain. You don’t all have to agree on everything – that would be crazy and boring. She doesn’t mean it forcefully, she’s just saying something from her own experience.”

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Helena Bonham Carter joins Warner Bros. alongside JK Rowling

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JK Rowling wasn’t present at HBO Max’s 20th anniversary event Harry Potter Movie series. This led to rumors that Warner Bros. would eventually cut ties with Rowling due to the constant criticism following the author on social media. However, a statement released by the studio directly quashed these rumors, indicating that they were looking forward to collaborating on more projects with Rowling for years to come. Rowling also said that sitting in on the HBO Max special was her own idea, not the result of the backlash.

“I was not [excluded from the special]“Indeed,” Rowling told Graham Norton in August. I was asked to participate in that. And I decided I didn’t want to do that. I thought it had more to do with the movies than the books, you know? Right. I mean, that’s what the anniversary was about. So yeah. Nobody said don’t come. He asked me to do it, and I decided not to.”

Even with the change with the Warner Bros. merger. Discovery, the plan still continues the working relationship with Rowling at the company. New director David Zaslav recently revealed the goal of producing more films in the Harry Potter franchise with the help of Rowling. However, there are no plans at present to develop another batch of Fantastic Beasts concession or something else Harry Potter Movie.

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