24 Movies People Think Are Totally Flawless

Shortly after, redditor u/NoHoldingMeBack asked movie buffs on AskReddit, “What movie would you consider ‘perfect’?” There have been so many submissions of what people think are absolutely great movies that it’s impossible to improve on; Here are 24 of them.

Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.


Pan . maze (2006). Combined with groundbreaking practical and computational effects, it’s a masterpiece of storytelling that legitimately makes you question the distinction between reality and fantasy escape reality. The visual language of the film is great and the symbolism is uninterrupted, while never shifting the focus from the characters and their stories. It is truly a masterpiece, and despite the critical preference of water shapeI think it’s Guillermo del Toro’s most unique and creative movie.”


Spider-Man inside the spider world (2018). Seriously, it’s perfect. There is not a single frame, or a single line of dialogue, or a single note of the outcome that I would like to change.”


Mrs. Doubtfire (1993). Am I biased because this was such a comforting movie of me as a divorce kid? yes. But is this movie practically perfect in terms of acting, speed, plot, humor, and meaningful moments? (“The whole time?!”) Yes too. “


When Harry Met Sally… (1989). Perfect story don’t get stuck in the background view. Perfect location (New York in the fall is the dream). Two people are perfect for each other because they are imperfect personalities. Cited the dialogue. It’s not trying to be something it isn’t. It’s a masterpiece.”


“I suspect Raiders of the Lost Astronomy (1981) A perfect action-adventure movie.”


Jurassic Park (1993). Practical and CGI effects are superior to things made today. The characters have flaws and feel like real people, and we see those characters grow and change over the course of the movie. In my opinion, it is a masterpiece not only in film but in storytelling.”


“Any Studio Ghibli movie, honestly. When I watch one, there’s never a moment I’m bored. Plus, the music and characters are amazing and the artwork is great.”


network (1976). It turns out to be satire devoid of institutional media and excitement, and every spoken word brilliantly colors each character’s personality, flaws, and intentions. The shows are tight, and five members of the cast were nominated for Academy Awards that year, with Faye Dunaway, Peter Finch and Beatrice Street emerging as winners in their respective categories. Straight remains the record holder for the shortest Academy Award-winning performance in Academy history, at five minutes and 40 seconds of screen time.”


spirit (2020) by Pixar. Realistic dialogue and a wild philosophical plot, along with dependable characters and great score. who – which comprehension The scene is just… 10/10. It even made my 70-year-old dad cry.”


True to its title, Everything everywhere at once (2022) He does it all: sci-fi, action, drama, comedy… and he does everything very well. It only took one re-watch to establish it as one of my all-time favorite movies.”


“My definition of a perfect movie is that nothing is wasted. All scenes are important, and there is not an iota of fat in it. Sure, The Incredibles (2004) fits that. What a silly movie.”


The godfather part two (1974). First, let me say I have a personal preference for The Godfather Part One. I just like the story and the themes better, and I really like the scenes with old man Vito. but, The second part It is the technically superior movie. I love how Vito’s rise from an orphan in Sicily to benevolent crime boss and family man in America is coupled with Michael’s arrogance in believing he can maintain his power and take steps to become legitimate, tearing his family apart and on the verge of destroying his empire. The acting is top notch, the story is superb, and the cinematography is absolutely perfect, especially in the Sicilian countryside.”


“I’m going out here on a limb and saying higher (2009) by Pixar. I can’t think of anything that beats the opening sequence. It makes me think about it well.”


“I don’t like it and won’t watch it again, but Uncut Gemstones (2019). Every second of the movie explodes with the intent of doing two things: telling you the story of an absolute monster who’s ruining his life until there’s nothing left, and making you nervous, anxious, and shivering all the time. Even the fun moments of his life, you get this overwhelming feeling that he’s about to screw it up, and if you try to feel hopeful, it quickly fades away. Again, I didn’t like it and won’t watch it again, but very few films feel as great as they perfectly capture the intent of the story in every minute detail in every frame.”


Back to the future (1985). A perfect blend of comedy, action and science fiction. It set the standard for time travel stories. Great offers. narrow text. Interesting and original characters.


“The How to train your dragon series. The music was beautiful and the plot was good. Maybe simple, but good. The characters were fun. There are a few scenes that are pointless. The series was amazing.”


jaws (1975). You can sit there with a notebook and write down every shot or word that doesn’t redirect the story or character development and be left with a blank notebook when the credits run out. I adore it and I think the problems that came with it made it so ingenious that CGI has been removed from modern films because it’s always so easy to fix things in post-production.”


Amadeus (1984). It is an all-encompassing art, from acting to musical notation to cinematography. It really is among the best movies ever made.”


Monty Python and the Holy Grail (1975). Humor is spot on, and they have made the journey that takes place. Also, there are a lot of lines adapted from the movie – mockery of the French, a murderous rabbit, a black knight who does not give up, a ridiculous place, for example.”


die hard (1988). It’s a note of the elaborately designed action movie. I’m not saying it’s Oscarworthy. I’m saying that for what he is and what he’s trying to be, he’s perfect.”


hot fluff (2007). True, it’s not my favorite movie, but it’s perfect in its own way. Not a single scene or word of dialogue is lost in this movie. Each line is either a foreshadowing, a plea, or a reference to another action movie. “


stand by me (1986). A classic 80s adventure movie with a great story and characters that feel like real people. If you want to watch something other than an action movie, sci-fi or fantasy, and want to watch a movie that looks more realistic in reality, I highly recommend stand by me. “


“I actually think Empire strikes (1980) comes very close, but has the luxury of being the middle piece of a trilogy. It can tell a tight and exciting story with good character development, and it doesn’t need to feel good, an overall decision at the end, which can feel fulfilling or presumptuous. There’s no need to fill the story with flashbacks or an additional show to fill in the backstory, and the ending can be left dark unresolved but still satisfying. this is the reason star Wars It starts slowly and then gets really good, why the first part of Return of my grandfather Exciting, but the last part isn’t good.”


And finally:princess bride (1987). I can’t think of anything that would make it better – absolutely nothing.”

What movies (or TV shows) do you think are so amazing that they can’t be improved upon? Tell us about them in the comments!

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