Split Cell Reformation can be completed without killing anyone

Ubisoft developer is working on the next release splinter cell The remake explained that the game would support a fully peaceful game with no killing objectives necessary, should the player decide to pursue this line of progression. The long-awaited remake of the original splinter cell It aims to take inspiration from the franchise’s roots, but the developers don’t seem afraid to make necessary changes in some cases.

Almost a decade has passed since the release of Black list the last splinter cell game, fans of the franchise were excited about a new entry that would lean more towards stealth, rather than combat. until convictionAnd the sc The games featured somewhat punishing combat systems that effectively forced players into stealth gameplay, which forms the core of the franchise.

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So far, everything points to Ubisoft making the right choices for splinter cell remake. According to a recent anniversary interview with chief game designer Andy Schmoll, killing enemies will be completely optional, and “[the developers] You want to give the player a few more opportunities to mitigate some of these situations. Schmoll also explained that the studio is looking to improve on the instantaneous stealth action that was so special in the original. Chris Auty, the creative director working on the game also participated in the interview, explaining that the improved flexibility in the remake will be achieved by offering a greater variety of tools and movement abilities than was present in the original version.

historically, splinter cell It has always been a highly regarded stealth game franchise. Focusing primarily on stealth rather than combat, players needed to figure out alternatives to shooting people, making each new encounter essentially a puzzle to be solved in real time. Sometimes, encounters called for advanced agility options, like hero Sam Fisher’s iconic split jump. Other times, however, players needed to rely on shadows, which could be created by destroying lights, using electromagnetic-based tools, and other similar tools.

The fact that developers aim to double down on these features indicates that splinter cell Could be a better remake Prince Fares remake, which appears to have been badly abused during its production. Enabling a complete peaceful game sounds good in line with what splinter cell The game should be about this game and it might alleviate some of the concerns that franchise veterans might have about this new installment.

Now this splinter cell At twenty, though, fans were hoping some things could be done with the franchise, and a rehash of the original title might provide the perfect jumping off point for a new series of core stealth games in the future. The details, of course, are still hazy early on, but information from Ubisoft certainly looks promising at this time.

The splinter cell A new edition is currently under development.

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