Eagles vs. Cowboys: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

The Eagles remained the only unbeaten team in the NFL by finding a way to win again, taking the Dallas Cowboys, 26-17, after a nearly 20-point lead for the lead Sunday night at Lincoln Financial Stadium.

This is the third time in franchise history that the Eagles have started season 6-0 (1981 and 2004 were the other two times).

Use the blasting eagles in the second quarter of 20 points to win. So far this season, they have scored 112 points in the second quarter, 14 in the first, 17 in the third and 18 in the fourth.

Galen Hurts He finished completing a modest 15 of 25 passes for 155 yards and two touchdowns, while AJ Brown had five passes for the team’s 67-yard high and his second touchdown of the season, and Miles Sanders rushed for 71 yards on 18 carts and touchdowns.

The Eagles’ defense threw some heat on Cowboys quarterback Cooper Rush, who completed 18 of 38 for 181 yards and touchdowns, while throwing three interceptions, two through safety CJ Gardner-Johnson and one by cornerback Darius Sly.

Entering the game, Dallas has only converted the ball twice in his first five games.

The Eagles won without the Pro Bowl right, and Lyn Johnson was knocked out in the second half under concussion protocol, after Johnson did a good job containing Dallas out linebacker Micah Parsons.

There was a lot of good, some bad and some bad in the Eagles’ 26-17 win over Dallas.

The good

in second and ninth in Dallas 29, Hurts Finding brouwn For a 22-yard win and first in the Dallas Sevens with 7:32 to play. Hitting the next play hurts Defonta Smith With a touchdown pass, a thin shot is placed in the 26-17 cushion with 7:2 to play.

3rd and 4th Dallas 45 with just over 10:00 to play, ran back Kenneth Jenwell Go five yards for the first descent. The Eagles’ command extended and protected the 20-17 skinny bullets.

3rd and 9th at Dallas 26, back corner slay Darius I went up in front of a dedicated Michael Gallup rush lane with a 5:14 left in the second quarter, which ultimately led to that Jake ElliottThe second field goal. Sly hit another pass in second and 10th at Eagles 41 with 1:17 to play.

Hurts Finding brouwn He finished third and third in the Dallas 15 with his second TD reception of the season and the Eagles advanced 14-0 with 4:07 left in the half.

back corner James Bradbury Custom pass deflection for Gallup. safety CJ Gardner Johnson The swerve intercepted with 14:47 left in the first inning over Dallas 44. Bradbury He returned to deflect another Rush pass with 9:24 left in the inning, on fourth and one at Dallas 34. The defending pass led to Elliot A field goal on an area of ​​51 yards and the Eagles lead 17-0.

Gardner Johnson He later made a second intercept to keep the game with a diving catch with 5:03 left to play. defensive end Brandon Graham The objection was forced by pressing Rush.

In the first score for the Eagles, the left guard Landon Dickerson Dallas tackled Chauncey Goulston, creating a running track for Sanders to score the Eagles’ first touchdown. Dickerson twisted and buried Goldstone.

Eagles coach Nick Syriani Going fourth and fourth in the Dallas 10 with: Leaving 08 in the first quarter. A Dallas neutral-zone offense set up a five-yard TD run for Sanders in the first play of the second quarter.

In the Eagles’ second drive, he’s fourth and third over a Dallas 38 with 3:38 left in the first quarter. It was the most important play in shaping the thrust of the game. It was a nicely designed game, causing Parsons to hesitate momentarily in the wrong direction, and allowing Hertz to make a short pass to the brouwn To gain 11 yards. Johnson, who did a good job against Parsons, didn’t stop him at all. Parsons advanced and not knowing what to do, Hurts rushed or picked up Brown, who ran next to him. Determine the fourth transformation down the first score of the Eagles in the game.

It hurts to complete 21 yards to the spare tight end Jack Stoll In the Eagles’ second round, which brought the ball to the No. 43 Eagles in second and eighth place. In the grand scheme of things, it might not seem like a big deal, but it triggered the Eagles’ attack.

safety Marcus Epps Flip-dive third and fourth at Dallas 41 in the Cowboys’ second series.

Defensive handling Jordan Davis Fighting off Dallas center Tyler Biadas to stop Tony Pollard for a two-yard gain in first and tenth at the Dallas 35 on the Cowboys’ second drive.

defensive end Josh Sweet Closing in on Ezekiel Elliott on the Cowboys’ first ride, he finished third and second at Dallas 24.

back Keizer White He hit Rush’s first pass in the game, which was intended for CeeDee Lamb.


Hurts Missing brouwn Third and eighth in the Eagles 44 in their first drive. Hurts opened it up and overthrew him.

brouwn Drop Jalen Hurts’ first pass of the game at Eagles 35.

back Hasson Riddick Not being able to get off a block enters the Cowboys’ right, Terrence Steele, in the first play of the game, when Lamb finished about eight yards. 2nd and 14th at Eagles 24 with: 15 left in the third quarter, Riddick He failed to defeat Elliott, who reached 12 for the Eagles in the last game of the third quarter.


In a very rare mistake by the center Jason Kelseymisunderstanding between Kelce and Hurts He caused confusion when Kelsey cut the ball while Hurts was still calling for signals. The Eagles regained their stumble at Dallas 42 with 2:46 to play.

Gardner Johnson And the a B C Both swing into a tight Dallas end of Jake Ferguson in the Cowboys’ seven-yard and fourth-quarter reception with 14:39 to play, putting Dallas within 20-17.

With 14:54 left to play, slaughter Getting a call to illegal call in third and second in the Eagles 12. Flag gave Dallas down first and made Ferguson’s score.

back TJ Edwards Ferguson lost first and 10th in the 47th Eagles to gain 22 yards. The play dropped Ezekiel Elliott for 14 yards with an 8:19 left in the third quarter.

Defensive handling Fletcher Cox He was completely knocked out by Steele, who put in a great game, on Elliott’s third-quarter round of relegation. Then Cox watched Elliott on the rear end go straight past.

back kiron johnson And the I’m a dean Containing the loss abroad contained KaVontea Turpin’s 63-yard kick-back that led to the Cowboys’ lone points in the first half.

The only other impurities in the perfect half came with 2:21 remaining in the second quarter on intervention Jordan Mailata Reported for a false start. The Eagles left with third and 18th at Dallas 28, forcing them to settle for Elliott’s goal at 34 yards and go 20-0.

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