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Galen Hurts’ Big Monday Night Got A Lot Of Attention – Including Jerry Jones – Yahoo! Sports
Jerry Jones was watching. The Dallas Cowboys owner said he captured “every shot” of Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Galen Hurts’ dominant performance on Monday night, and was aware of the NFC East’s end-of-the-night reality. “We’re playing Philadelphia with a quarterback threat,” Jones said Tuesday morning on Dallas radio station 105.3 The Fan. “It doesn’t surprise me or surprise me… [but] They will be all we can handle.”

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves…but the Eagles are about to start 10-0 – BGN
Again, on paper, there are a lot of winable games here. The Eagles should be able to make a real push to the No. 1 seed in the NFC playoff picture. It might be some time before they lose the match.

On the podium: Galen Hurts, Darius Sly and Devonta Smith after the Eagles Week win over the Vikings – BGN Radio
After the Eagles Week 2 beat the Vikings (24-70), Jalen Hurts, Darius Slay and DeVonta Smith spoke with Philly media.

The Eagles play on Jalen Hurts’ strengths, and thrive on it – SB Nation
With the 2022 NFL season approaching, the biggest question the national media had for the Eagles was whether Galen Hurts was the right quarterback to lead this team. With the best offensive streak in football, a bountiful reception of weapons led by newly acquired AJ Brown, and a renewed defence, Hurts will be under the greatest microscope. So far, the Eagles have shined and climbed to an early record 2-0 after their 24-7 win over the Vikings. Hurts threw for 333 yards, ran for 52 and scored three total touchdowns in the win. Reviewing the tape, it was easy to see how the signal caller fully controls the offense, and how Eagles attack coordinator Shane Steichen empowered Hurts and built it around his developing strengths. We know one thing for sure: Jalen Hurts has the oomph in attacking Eagles. When QB is a dynamic running threat like Hurts, defenses must calculate it by adding more defenders to its account, leaving free chances for other players. On Mondays against the Vikings, Hurts’ dangerousness was featured on three separate occasions, all looking like the same play as for defense.

The Day After – Good Answers – Egles Blitz
The harm came out of smoking. He completed his first 11 passes and helped the Eagles take a 24-7 lead in the first half. Hurts threw one TD and ran for the other two. play after play. But it never hurts to do crazy things that will be remembered for years. There was no 88-yard pass to DeSean. Hurts didn’t bounce off Carl Banks and then throw a TD. There was no stampede for 14 seconds before the bomb for Freddie Mitchell. The beauty of Hurts’ performance is that he’s done things he can do next week, next month, or next year. Show a good presence in the pocket. He made smart readings. He made accurate throws. The wide range receivers were hurting 232 yards last night. The WRs didn’t come close to that much in a single game last year. Hurts have good weapons this year and are taking advantage of them.

Colleagues Galen Hurts reflects on his big night: ‘He did it – like a gangster’ – the athlete
Sean Bradley: He won the final! …I will not lie, he was throwing arrows there, brother. I didn’t know if I was watching Tom Brady or Galen Hurts. […] Zack Pascal: What is my favorite play? landing run. “Cuz, he did it—like a gangster. He turned around and then lowered his shoulder and broke an interference and they felt like he was running backwards. That was hard. That was smooth.

Unprecedented achievement hurts in Robb’s Eagles statistics – NBCSP
1. There have been a lot of talented double-threat quarterbacks in recent years, but no one has done what Galen Hurts did on Monday night. In the Eagles’ victory over the Vikings, Hurts became the first quarterback in NFL history to complete 84 percent of his passes and race to touch down twice. The midfielder’s previous most accurate performance in a game he scrambled for two TDs was Jake Plummer’s 82 percent play for the Broncos against the Colts in 2003. Hurts also became the only 16th QB in history to complete 84 percent of his passes and throws in his favour. 330 yards in a game. Others who have done so include Peyton Manning, Kurt Warner, Drew Bryce, Tom Brady, and Johnny Unita. Finally this: Hurts has 5,842 passing yards and combined speed in 21 starts. This is the 12th most in NFL history by a quarterback until a 21 start.

NFL Week 3 Power Rankings 2022: 1-32 Big Poll and Edit Every Team Should Take – ESPN
8. Philadelphia Eagles (2-0). Week two standings: 9. Biggest early mod: Be more aggressive in defense. The Eagles had 35 points in their season opener against Detroit, in part because defensive coordinator Jonathan Gannon had a poor defensive back in coverage at times and didn’t make Jared Goff uncomfortable in the pocket. Monday night against the Vikings, overturned the script. The angles gave the Minnesota receivers little room to work, making life difficult for quarterback Kirk Cousins, who threw multiple interceptions and faced a number of creative blitzkriegs. Gannon must keep his foot on the gas.

Spadaro: How many tight ends could do what Dallas Guedert did on Monday? – PE.com
In the magnificence of Monday night’s 24-7 win over the Minnesota Vikings, Dallas Goodert – perhaps a little under the radar – showed the value of having a tight finish who can do it all. Like, literally, do it all. “I’m proud of myself, knowing that coaches trust me no matter what the job is,” Godert said after the game in the locker room at Lincoln Financial Field. “We’re here to win football games, so whatever they want me to do, I’m all for it.” The coaches wanted Goedert to do a lot more on Monday, as usual, so it’s important to dig deeper into the details. It wasn’t just about getting Goedert, though, as he had a game-high 82 yards in five receptions (he was targeted six times). Goedert really did it all.

Arryn Siposs surprised Eagles teammates, coaches, and himself with a TD rescue intervention | Bowen – NJ.com
Tojiayi, too, was surprised by the gambler/bearer’s closing speed and ability to step in. “You can’t really see him running [in practice],” said Togiai. “I was really touched. I didn’t know it was him at first, until I watched the replay.” Siposs had his head down, as car carriers generally do, when Peterson flew in, but said he quickly realized something bad had happened. If you hear a quick bang, Siposs said.. A jingle, then, you know something didn’t go well.” “I kind of saw one of their guys running in front of me, so I [figured] Obviously the ball is behind the line of scrimmage, he will try to catch it and score. I kind of followed it, and then I was able to kind of see where the ball was.”

2022 NFL season: Ranking all 32 juniors in round one after Week 2 – PFF
Jordan Davis only played 21 shots against the Vikings, 17 of them were fast shots. Minnesota was able to constrain Davis’ workload with personnel and formations that the Eagles would not normally use as a novice, and it generated no pressure from his quick shots.

Skol Charts, Week 2: Defense Eagles No-Fly Zone – Daily Norsman
To achieve man-to-man coverage of the trifecta, the Eagles brought maximum pressure. Sending six rushers to five attacking linemen forces the player to speed up the tackle and can impose foul throws. Below is the Eagles running back-to-back six pressures against Vikings Empty formations in the red. The Eagles deserve to be commended for their Week 2 victory. Their use of a different strategy than the packs deployed in Week 1 helped propel them to a convincing victory. The Vikings put Jefferson in the hole on several looks and made it open, but they will look to the bar to clean up their offensive execution before another big game against the rookie Detroit Lions.

FMR. Eagles Retreat, Team Chaplain Herb Lask dies at 69 – 6 ABC
The Philadelphia Eagles are mourning the loss of former running captain and chaplain Herb Lask. Lusk was diagnosed with cancer and died Monday at the age of 69 surrounded by his family. The former linebacker was recruited by the Eagles in 1976, but left the team after only three seasons to become a chaplain. Lusk was the old pastor of the Great Exodus Church on Broad Street. He was also a chaplain for the Eagles during their run to the Super Bowl.

Washington List Moves: Veteran CC Signed Nick Martin; Chase Rollier goes to IR with knee injury – Hogs Haven
Washington’s leaders are dealing with multiple casualties on both lines. They took a step yesterday for the defensive line, demanding DT John Ridgeway for concessions from the Cowboys. The offensive line missed RG Wes Schweitzer with a hamstring injury, then lost to C Chase Roullier in the final round of the Lions game on Sunday. Rollier is expected to waste a lot of time. He is seeking a second opinion and may need surgery. Not many details were released about the injury, but it was in his left leg (he broke his right fibula last year), and they are said to be looking at his knee and MCL. He’s been on crutches after the game, and will practice, at least, in the short term for every head coach Ron Rivera.

3 Notes from the Cowboys’ Surprise Victory: The Committee’s Defensive Line Approach Works – Blogging The Boys
Cooper Rush Puzzle. While few would argue he is an excellent quarterback, he now boasts a 2-0 record as a QB1. However, there seems to be a growing sense that Rush seemed to improve significantly during his recent debut compared to last season. Although he has not receded, there is little room to make an argument that he has improved. In fact, let’s take a quick look at his final baselines through the two starts.

Kenny Goladay’s ‘weird’ situation keeps coming up against the giants – Big Blue View
The New York Giants’ Kenny Goladay TV series appears to be just getting started, with questions and speculation still emerging. Golladay, in the second year of a $72 million four-year contract, played only twice on Sunday against the Carolina Panthers. The Pro Football Network reported Tuesday that he “don’t think he can help them right now” and that head coach Brian Dabol has been dealing with free receivers at the agent level.

New coach, same as Kirk Cousins ​​- PFT
My opinion has not changed. Although the Week One game between the Packers and the Vikings has led some to believe that new Vikings coach Kevin O’Connell has tapped into a stronger, better, faster (okay, not faster) version of Kirk Cousins, Monday night’s game in Philadelphia featured the same old one. Kirk. Kirk’s prime time. 8-8 Kirk. It is now 2-10 on Monday Night Football. This is sufficient for the sample size to come to the conclusion that the size of the peak stage is too large for the cousins ​​to bear. At some point, we all become what we will be. In his eleventh season, Cousins ​​suddenly won’t have access to some of the football talents that have eluded him for a decade. There, or not. For cousins, this is not the case. It is 60-60-2 for a start. The final quarterback is halfway through, and the middle of the pack. Win some, lose some. But he won’t win enough to be among the best.

Jaguars Surprise is No. 2 in the latest DVOA rankings – Football Outsiders
No, surprise is the second team in DVOA now: the Jacksonville Jaguars! This is part of a small scale theater of course. The Jaguars are second this early in the season because they took a really big win, crushing the Colts 24-0 last weekend. But what a big win. You may not realize how badly Jaguars stomped all over the ponies. In the end, the Jaguars had a 110.0% DVOA for this game (still without opponent’s adjustments because it’s early in the season) and the Colts at -110.4%.

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