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Roob’s Obs: Too Close for Comfort, But Hurts Again Shows He’s a Winner – NBCSP
1. Jalen Hurts didn’t have any fancy stats this time around. He did not throw any touchdowns. Struggle early. But he did what the greats do, shrugged it all off and made a whole bunch of plays to help his team win. I don’t know if he’ll get an MVP, but Hurts is the winner and he made it clear why again on Sunday. got hit. He threw two bad interceptions early on. Struggle at times. He completed less than 60 percent of his passes. However, you look at the scoreboard and find it Eagle 25, Bears 20 and another win. The pains have overcome mistakes, poor starts and cold and windy conditions and, quite simply, the Eagles have outpaced the Bears. These are the games where you really appreciate Hurts. The last couple’s victory came easily. This Eagles need every drop of Hurts magic. Whether it was his 3 rushing touchdowns, 164 passing yards after halftime, his massive 3-and-out conversions late in the game, his 2-point conversion, or his big throws to AJ Brown and DeVonta Smith, Hurts picked the team up and carried them to Their fifth consecutive win under very difficult conditions. The stats were ugly. The performance was beautiful.

NFC Playoff Photo: Eagles get help from Doug Pederson in win over Cowboys – BGN
The Eagles-Cowboys game coming up on Christmas Eve had previously emerged as having bigger stakes. Had Dallas not lost to the Jacksonville Jaguars in Week 15, the Eagles could still have clinched the top seed with a win over their NFC East rival. A loss for the Birds at AT&T, however, would have forced them to win both of their final two games to secure a home advantage. But due to Doug Pederson’s ability to pull off upsets (DOUGH!!!!), the Eagles can now afford to lose in Dallas as long as they beat the Saints or the Giants.

BGN Instant Reaction Show: Eagles beat Bears, 25-20 – BGN Radio
Shane Hauff, Jessica Taylor and Johnny Page dissect the good and bad of the Eagles’ ugly win over the Bears, 25-20. The Eagles pass rush was insane. Galen Hurts was hit hard. The running game was a bit average.

10 Eagles-Bears Game Awards Presented – PhillyVoice
The cold seemed to affect Hurts early, as he threw two uncharacteristically bad interceptions. He finally found a groove and continued to throw for 315 yards on the day, while also scoring three touchdowns on the ground. Hurts said in his post-match press conference that his hands were going numb early on, and he was having trouble seeing the field well. Anyway, this was probably Hurts’ worst game in a season where he hasn’t had a bad game yet. However, he caught his share of big plays and big throws in key moments, most notably his deep ball on third down to AJ Brown for the score that put the Eagles ahead two out. Hurts took a lot of shots in this game, but never looked shaky. When asked after the game how he was feeling physically, Hurts said he would listen to some Anita Baker and have some candy on the plane to fly home. As for those three rushing touchdowns mentioned above, Hurts now has 13 on the season. He is one shy of the NFL record for quarterbacks, set by Cam Newton (14) in 2011.

Eagle Bears win 25-20 – Eagle Blitz
The Eagles didn’t deliver the blowout we expected, but they found a way to win on a cold Chicago day. Every time it looked like the Eagles might put the game away, the Bears came up with an answer. The Eagles didn’t play their best. They run the ball three times. They missed FG. They failed to recover the confusion that was there to take it. They blew a key coverage lead that led to a TD. Gameplay left a bit to be desired. More than a few champions have stepped up and helped the Eagles weather this slump. We’ll start with Galen Hurtz. He wasn’t his usual self, but he still hauled for 315 yards and ran for a pair of TDs. This is very good for a day off. Hurts made some huge throws in the fourth quarter that helped the team chip away at the game. As always, he helped set the right tone for his team.

NFL Week 15 Takeaways: Important Lessons and Questions for Every Game – ESPN
What is the level of anxiety about the passing game? Few. Jalen Hurts threw multiple interceptions in a game for the first time this season and was below his natural aptitude as a passer. There was some wind and hail to contend with as well as some positive trap game vibes in this game, seeing it sandwiched between two first-class games: last week against the Giants and their biggest game of the season coming Saturday against the Cowboys. The offense was heavy for long periods. However, Hurts hit three times on the ground — he now has 13 rushers on the year, one shy of Cam Newton’s record — and made plays in the air when it mattered. This group will be fine

NFL Week 15 game recap: Philadelphia Eagles 25, Chicago Bears 20 – PFF
Defensive Spotlight: Hasson Riddick was a nightmare for Chicago’s offense all game long. He has two sacks and a pressured average of 33.3% overall, constantly irritating himself as a passer.

Spadaro: The Eagles find a way against the gritty Bears – PE.com
Brown was a beast this game, catching 9 passes for 181 yards on 16 targets. “It was cold, it was hard to breathe, but we got the win and that’s great,” Brown said. “Tough game.” The Eagles struggled, turning the ball over three times and working hard to keep Bears quarterback Justin Fields under the covers on a day when the temperature in Chicago was in the teens and the lake effect winds were hovering. But the Eagles never wavered. Don’t panic. They just stuck to their game plan and won behind Hurts production (376 total yards of offense that included 61 rushing yards and 3 touchdowns on the ground). Brown combined with Devonta Smith (5 catches, 126 yards) for 14 receptions and 307 yards as Hurts threw repeatedly and out for one coverage. “When you see that, your job is to win and that’s what we did today,” said Smith.

The Eagles narrowly avoid a bear trap while Chicago stacks another L – Windy City Gridiron
Future Bear Javon Hargreaves with a sack. Eagles DT Javon Hargraves is having a phenomenal season and is an imminent free agent for some time and will have to make some tough choices. I hope Javon will be kind to the quarterback in the future after knocking him out for a third stop. Update: Future Bear managed to knock out Fields twice.

Jaguars’ Pick-6 pick to beat Cowboys is one of the NFL’s most unlikely wins of the year – SB Nation
The Jacksonville Jaguars and Dallas Cowboys played one of the best NFL games of the season on Sunday, with a 40-34 Jaguars victory that saw Jacksonville come back from losing 21-7 and 27-10 to win the game in overtime. Jaguars safety Rayshawn Jenkins ended the game for the Jaguars on pick six off Dak Prescott. On third down, Prescott threw the ball over the middle to WR Noah Brown, who dropped the pass that hit him in the chest. Jenkins caught it off the rebound, and the rest is history.

Patriots lose everything in Las Vegas – Football Strangers
What that means: Those of us who strive to be analytical and semi-objective note that these Cowboys seem to be more reliable and less self-destructive than other models that have come off their assembly line over the past 25 years or so. And the Cowboys kept jumping up and down yelling “Not right! We can’t wait to go higher in the playoffs! We tried to do it against Texas! Imagine what we’d get if we took on the 49ers!”

Dallas Cowboys Playoff Photo: Dallas Needs to Start Paying Very Close Attention to the NFC South Run – The Boys Blogging
Living on this for a moment, if the Cowboys defeat the Eagles on Saturday and the Giants lose to the Minnesota Vikings, the NFC East will still be untied. While that would be true, all Philadelphia would have to do is win either of their last two games (both at home) against the New Orleans Saints or the Giants to do so. Additionally, any loss to the Cowboys would lock out the division for the Birds. But if those things happen, the non-division winner between the Cowboys and Eagles will be tied for the fifth seed in the NFC playoff picture and that team is guaranteed to visit the NFC South winner as of Week 15 results (Tampa Bay leads the division with six wins and trails the nearest division leader by four with three matches remaining).

NFC Playoff Photo: The Giants put themselves in a great position to reach the playoffs – Big Blue View
The New York Giants took a massive step toward reaching the NFL playoffs with a 20-12 victory Sunday night over the Washington Chiefs. On FiveThirtyEight, the odds of an 8-5-1 team making it to the playoffs have increased from 52 percent to 87 percent with their thrilling win. ESPN Analytics put the Giants’ chance of reaching the playoffs for the first time since 2016 at 90 percent.

Ron Rivera Presser after the game: “We missed chances, we just can’t do that” – Hogs Haven
Ron Rivera was clearly upset after the match. He was obliquely critical of the officials, and complained that Terry McLaurin had investigated the official on the play as he had been penalized. He stopped short of blaming the officials for the loss, saying: “We had our chances; we put ourselves out there. We missed chances, we just can’t do that. We talked about it when we were off last week – that the red zone was something we had to be better at.” in it, and we haven’t. If we had, this last series wouldn’t have mattered.”

Saints would come close with a 21-18 win over the Atlanta Falcons and survive the NFC South – Canal Street Chronicles
The New Orleans Saints entered the week at 4-9, facing the rival Atlanta Falcons who sat 5-8. If the Saints lost and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers or Carolina Panthers won, the Saints were out of the playoffs, and the Falcons, on the other hand, were looking to advance further to the top of the division. At the end of the day, it was a close game, but the Saints pulled it off by the widest of margins in a 21-18 victory that came down to the last play. That leaves the Saints at 5-9, tied with Atlanta and Carolina for second, and more or less in control of their own destiny now.

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