Drama in Death – A ball-by-ball novel to end Cracked in MCG

She was swaying violently, in one direction now, and in the other a moment later. Until it came down to 31 of 12. Rauf guard. Only three balls out of the first four balls. This made it 28 out of eight. Pakistan advantage. Virat Kohli said wait. Bang, bang, and it was sixteen o’clock, to be tossed by Muhammad Nawaz, the weak link in Pakistan’s attack that day…and drama! Here’s how Karthik Krishnaswamy Scored the last two incredible matches of India vs Pakistan at MCG on ESPNcricinfo’s ball commentary.

18.1: Rauf’s guard to Hardik, 1 round
The length of the ball is angled into the aisle, sits deep in its folds and hits it along the ground until halfway deep

18.2: Rauf guard to Kohli, 1 round
Ball length out, slapped on rebound to a point of deep coverage

18.3: Rauf guard to Hardik, no running
Extra bounce. Short outside, the ball beats Hardik’s big bid

18.4: Rauf guard to Hardik, 1 round
Difficult length, angular in body. This can’t be pulled, just manage to send a dribble towards the racket poster for a long time

18.5: Rauf guard to Kohli, SIX runs
Well, great. Did Kohli ever play the best shot in T20 cricket? Ball length, high bail ends, and Kohli punches it with an almost straight racket, straight back over the bowler’s head. Swivels through the hip a bit as he does, Joss Butler-style, and carries it easily over the rope

18.6: Rauf guard to Kohli, SIX runs
Stocky, angular to the stem, the Kohli blasted the MCG into pure noise. Click from the wrists, and the ball flies over the limit on the left of the minute leg. Fabulous!

Fifteen of that is over. Twelve of these last two balls. And it went down to 16 of this final, with Muhammad Nawaz. What an incredible game this was. What roles has Virat Kohli played.

Muhammad Radwan stands back to the roundabout! Extra deep, long, long cap, angled cow, deep square leg back.

19.1: Nawaz to Hardik, out
Got it, what a blow to Pakistan! Flat, spear covered in pads, Hardik completely lost his shape trying to push this on the side of the leg. Its edges, balloons to a fielder at the point of casing

Hardik Pandya c Babar Azam b Mohammad Nawaz 40 (37b 1×4 2×6) SR: 108.1

And with the new T20I rules in place, Dinesh Karthik will be on strike and not Kohli, though the hitters cross. DK isn’t the greatest beginner against spin, usually…

19.2: Nawaz to Karthik, one round
Down the track, he gets a full toss up to his chest when he meets him. Could he have been taller if he was standing in his normal position? Mostly not. Swads for a long time

Kohli is on strike. Fifteen to win four balls. Fourteen for a tie. Nawaz is basically left-arm middle bowling.

19.3: Nawaz to Kohli, 2 runs
They need a limit for almost every ball, but they only get two here. very stocky, almost wide york, Kohli pulled him down into the long run, along the ground

19.4: Nawaz to Kohli, (no ball) SIX runs
Full toss, full toss, and go for six!!!! He only went for six, but he went for six nonetheless! on the stem, and it’s a fairly high full throw too – he called it a no-ball!!! – and Kohli hits her far on the side of the leg. A deep square leg jumps to his right, and he reaches out to the ball to try to push it back into play, but it still falls behind the rope

Babar is having a heated discussion with the referees. Was that above waist height? A tight call, I think.

Suddenly, India needs 6 out of 3. Such a huge difference of 13 over 3.

19.4: Nawaz Kohli, one show
Now it is a wide bowl! All the pressure is on the poor player, and he looks to get him out of Kohli’s reach, but ends up throwing the wide york behind the unside tram line

19.4: Nawaz Kohli, 3 Bye
Throw it, but it’s a free kick! And they’re running three while the shot comes from the third man’s area!!! Full, angled off the torso, Kohli misses his sweep attempt. But he knows it’s a free kick, and he goes full speed, as DK does. The ball rolls between the goalkeeper and the short third, and they catch three times

Phew. It’s down to two from two now, with DK on strike. Absolutely unbelievable scenes in G. Will Pakistan bring in its players to assemble the ring? Nope, only four are inside the circle. Keeper returns to the logs.

19.5: Nawaz Kartik, out
I got it, bewildered by the pads!!! It moves flat, tilting down the leg, following the DK motion to make room. He seems to be sweeping, and the ball is dripping off the cushion behind the wicket. Ridwan is vigilant about the fact that DK has stumbled outside his fold. What a moment. Ridwan is well positioned on the man’s side as he collects the ball and falls to his right to complete the turn.

Dinesh Kartik Street † Muhammad Radwan b Muhammad Nawaz 1 (2b 0x4 0x6) 50 SAR

Hoodathonket. R Ashwin to face the last ball, with two rounds needed. one for a tie. There are still only four inside the circle.

19.6: Nawaz Lashwin, Show 1
And Nawaz wide dishes!!!! He expects Ashwin to try to make room, perhaps, and send a quick flat on the side of the leg. Ashwin just watches it go through, and the MCG explodes again!

Seven players are in the circle now.

19.6: Nawaz Lashwin, 1 round
Washwin exonerates one of these intruders!!! What a gorgeous, collected and elegant finish!!! Fully, bending at an angle into the logs, Ashwin makes a little room and scoops the ball halfway. What an end! What a great game!!!

Virat Kohli. A few weeks ago, there were people (myself included) asking if he should remain a part of India’s T20I lineup. There’s a reason I’m not a coach or a pick. Let’s go back to the seventh part of these roles. India was 31 for 4, and it’s not going anywhere at all. What followed was a partnership of ages between Kohli and Hardik Pandya, and by the time I got to the finish, when I slipped to 28 to win eight balls, it was Kohli who found the way to the frontier. Consecutive sixes from Raouf’s excellent goalkeeper, and this put all the pressure on Muhammad Nawaz, whose last end has been postponed.

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