Best Gun: Maverick plot point changed after producers saw the chemistry of Monica Barbaro and Louis Pullman

In a legacy like 2022 New movie release Top Gun: MaverickThere are bound to be some differences between these pilots who are known to be the best of all time. Had the Tom Cruise original script stayed the same, a plot point between Monica Barbaro’s Phoenix and Lewis Pullman’s Bob would have led to those all-too-familiar skies of squabbling. However, the pair’s chemistry rewrote that angle, turning a pair of antagonists into good friends.

I could see why this story was being rewritten when speaking with both Barbaro and Pullman on behalf of Basic and its home entertainment version of Top Gun: Maverick. Just like their characters, the two actors were willing to support each other’s call and provide more detail to better tell the stories that emerged as we spoke. However, this story begins with Monica Barbaro telling CinemaBlend about how this pair of pilots was supposed to last, and how everything changed:

Interestingly enough, our character, Phoenix was originally written to not like Bob. Like she doesn’t trust Bob much or doesn’t like him. They immediately changed it. We saw Leo’s adorable and charming presence the way he portrayed Bob at the bar, and you just can’t love him. Fortunately, that changed, and it wasn’t something we had to build. Our characters instantly liked each other, and we got that link on our first Cessna flight, which was fun.

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