Yankees 14, Pirates 2: Cabrera, Torres run rough in a sweep

Well, if you missed the match, Aaron Judge didn’t hit his home number 61. Instead, the would-be AL MVP only went 2-4 with a pair of doubles rings, walked eighth, and scored twice as well. He is now leading the AL . batting title race 0.004 points. Yes, I was disappointed too, but we still have a Yankee win to recap!

It looks as if the Yankees won the Jameson-Tillon deal. Roasny Contreras and Miguel Yajure conceded ten combined 14-goal runs for New York tonight, while Taillon gave up absolutely nothing and the Yankees swept this fast two-game streak 14-2 in the Bronx.

The game started as it should. Aaron Judge ranked a duo to lead the bottom of the first, Gleiber Torres and Giancarlo Stanton had great conservation areas to work with, and that sparked Oswaldo Cabrera:

I don’t know if Cabrera will be every day young in the majors. Even with salami, he was a slightly below average hitter, but you see there is some upside in the stick and he can play really well in five or six points on the diamond. All of this adds up, if he can detect a slightly better power-kick, at least to a great utility trigger and maybe more.

He added his fifth RBI of the game on a double streak to the left of center, and it’s a really nice bit of batting from a novice:

But if we’re going to talk about good bits of batting, well, may I introduce you to Gleyber Torres:

Those were the first two long balls Gleber would hit that inning, replaying four runs on his own. He also added the RBI single in fifth to bring Judge, as he and Cabrera had five nights of RBI—a steak was on sale at the Bronx tonight.

Luis Severino is back to make his first appearance since July 13. He would have capped about 60 throws, but the boy made it count — throwing five runs, allowing one run, hitting six while walking one. His stuff was as good as ever, but what caught my eye the most was his quick command:

There are two or three errors here, but throwing a 98 with a high spin gives you some margin of error. More importantly, the way he was able to locate this so tightly along the vertical edges of the area is very encouraging to me.

We’ve seen hitters start to adapt to the fast, high balls, raise their swing trajectory and catch up with the heat, but getting inside is that hard, as long as you position yourself there’s nothing the hitter can do. He will take it, be summoned, or sniff it, or even if he calls, the bat will shoot at the handle.

Being able to lead this stadium multiple times tonight is a fantastic building block for the rest of the season. The fact that he was able to go a full five points, throw 64, including the final frame from six pitches, should have been really encouraging. I expect the Yankees might be careful at their start, maybe hack a sixth start in the rotation to give him an extra day, but tonight made me sure Severino could start a playoff without much of an emergency.

Well, the next chance for history comes tomorrow, as the Yankees start a four-game streak with the Red Sox. The weather can be a challenge, but if we have a baseball game, Jameson Tellon takes on Michael Washa, with the first pitch set at 7:15 p.m. EST.

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