The Panthers rejected a massive NFL trade offer that included two first-round picks for the star player, per report

The Panthers have already made one massive trade in the past 48 hours and it looks like they could have made a second trade, but that didn’t happen because the team decided to turn down a massive offer for defensive end Brian Burns.

According to, one team offered two first-round picks for Burns, but the Panthers rejected the deal. After Christian McCaffrey traded away from the 49ers on Thursday, there was some speculation that the Panthers might have a quick sell-off on the November 1 trading deadline, but that’s clearly not the case, because if that were to happen, they’d have a jump all over Presentation to Burns.

leopards I got a huge amount of recruiting options vs. McCaffrey With the Carolinas sending 49 players three picks in 2023 (second driver, third round, and fourth all-rounder) along with one pick in 2024 (fifth round).

McCaffrey’s deal came just three days after the Panthers pulled another deal with Carolina that sent disgruntled wide receiver Robbie Anderson to Arizona in Exchange for two more draft picks (Selection for the sixth round in 2024 and the seventh round in 2025).

Of course, these choices pale in comparison to what the Panthers would have had for Burns. Clearly the Panthers were in the process of rebuilding and having two first-round picks would have certainly helped, but the team was not willing to let go of Burns, who is seen as the cornerstone of the defence. Burns, the 16th overall pick in the 2019 draft, has had 9 sacks in each of the past two seasons after earning a 7.5 as a rookie. CBS Sports named him the Pro Bowler last year One of the top 25 players under the age of 25 This is offseason.

After McCaffrey’s trade, general manager Scott Fetterer said the team would always listen to trade offers, but they wouldn’t be willing to take on someone like Burns unless he got an “astronomical” bid.

“Philosophically, we’re always listening. We got calls. We said no to all of them,” Fetterer said Friday via the Panthers’ official website. “I think there are certain players in this team; we really like the essence of our young team. We are building. This is not a situation where we are trying to sell. We are trying to add players to this really really good youth mix.”

Fitterer made it seem like players like Burns and defensive line Derrick Brown definitely wouldn’t be traded.

“I want these guys here,” Wetterer said. “These are the guys we’ve won moving on.”

Despite Wetterer’s words, trading away from Burns before the deadline would have made sense. The fourth-year player, who was named with the 16th overall selection in 2019, is likely to receive a massive contract extension beyond the 2022 season that will make him one of the highest paid defenders in the NFL. Even if that extension doesn’t happen, Burns’ salary will still rise from $2.3 million in 2022 to $16 million in 2023, which is his average salary option for the fifth year in his contract. Instead of getting a big hit, the Panthers could have picked two first-round picks, which would have saved them some money because two draft picks would definitely be cheaper than whatever Burns ends up signing.

The Panthers had clearly thought about this, and clearly felt that Burns was worth two more rounds than the first.

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