First Ryzen 7000 laptop leaks but updated Asus Zenbook 14 lacks Zen 4 and RDNA 3 punch

The updated Asus Zenbook 14 will feature a Ryzen 7000 Barcelo-R processor. (Image source: AMD / Asus – Editor)

One of the first Ryzen 7000 laptops was accidentally leaked by Asus. Its Turkish site revealed the specifications of the updated Zenbook 14 that includes one of AMD’s new Ryzen 7000 mobile chips. However, those hoping for a powerful Zen 4 / RDNA 3 combo will have to wait.

Ryzen 7000 laptops are supposed to hit the market soon, providing consumers with a viable alternative to the Intel 12th Gen Alder Lake laptop and the expected 13th Gen Raptor Lake hardware. One of the laptops has already been detected by the data operator torn_us It comes thanks to the accidental leak of Asus Turkey. The page showing specifications for the upcoming Ryzen 7000 Zenbook 14 laptop appears to be based on the current Ryzen 5000 model but there are multiple references to the AMD Ryzen 7 7730U processor.

However, this Asus Zenbook 14 might not be the Ryzen 7000 laptop that AMD fans have been eagerly awaiting. Zenbook 14 is aimed at buyers who want a thin and lightweight laptop rather than something with a powerful CPU and GPU processing solution. Therefore, items like weight and battery life become more important here and the notebook comes with a “U”-branded chip, with the U rated as a 15- to 28-watt portion suitable for “ultra-thin” devices. The Ryzen 7 model number 7730U also indicates the Zen 3 microarchitecture is used here.

The specs list for the Asus Zenbook 14, which includes a 2.5K NanoEdge display, Wi-Fi 6E support, and 16GB of RAM, says it has AMD Radeon graphics. Some cuts from VideoCardz leave the Ryzen 7 7730U as a potential eight-core Zen 3 chip with a Vega GPU architecture, which according to AMD’s naming scheme makes the Barcelo-R mobile processor (“7030” chips). The Zen 4 / RDNA 3 Ryzen 7000 (Phoenix / Dragon Range) laptop might not be what many enthusiasts are likely to see, but the Asus Zenbook 14 should be a great choice for those who want decent performance on-the-go.

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Ryzen 7 7730U / Asus Zenbook 14. (Image Source: Asus Turkey)
Ryzen 7 7730U / Asus Zenbook 14
Ryzen 7000 specifications Asus Zenbook 14. (Image source: momomo_us)
Ryzen 7000 Specifications Asus Zenbook 14

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