“Meet me in the bathroom” is a milestone in Utopia; “Banshees” Expansion – Specialty Box Office

Documentary about rock music Meet me in the bathroom Earnings totaled $85,683 across four locations averaging $21,421 per screen in the first week, a major milestone for an indie distributor. Two of the four shows were one night only, sold-out events at The Fonda in Los Angeles and Webster Hall in New York (live shows from The Moldy Peaches, Adam Green and Wah Together)

Utopia initially expected fewer, but said that the fan base of the indie rock scene in New York in the early 2000s flocked to IFC Center and Los Feliz 3 by American Cinematheque (with only three shows) for theatrical productions that sold out throughout the weekend. the week. It plans to expand its 150+ national screen on 11/8, with additional sales and shows expected in Austin, Akron, Brooklyn, Cincinnati, Denver, Detroit, El Paso, San Antonio, Seattle and other markets.

Specialized movie slots are hardly ever compared to apples, with Q&A routinely attracting the selling and live music crowds even more. That said, whatever works. By all accounts, a handful of recent music documents and concert movies were a highlight of the year.

Ali Abbas’s utopia also expanded Holy spider to four screens in Los Angeles and Brooklyn, for a total of $2,0385 for the PSA of $5,096 and $41,206. The film, shot by Utopia amid a major competition outside Cannes, opened at the IFC last week.

Fox Searchlight’s Inisherin from Inisherin It expanded across North America to 45 new markets in its third week for a total of $2 million – making it worthless. 7 at the US box office – an average of $2,235 per screen. The Martin McDonagh film, written and directed by him, has exceeded $3 million in cumulative gross earnings.

Distributor Searchlight Pictures cited the momentum in Canada as well as Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Chicago and Austin. Strong new markets include Salt Lake City, Nashville (Belcourt), Dallas, Raleigh, Washington, DC, and Sacramento.

The film, which won Best Screenplay by McDonagh and Best Actor for Colin Farrell in Venice, opened October 21 in Los Angeles and New York with one of the highest screen averages for fall at $45,250. It’s still 97% new on Rotten Tomatoes and plans to add more theaters next weekend. It could drop screens on November 18, when Searchlight opens a wide-ranging Ralph Fiennes-Ania Taylor-Joy and Nicholas Hoult starring in the horror movie. food menu.

Other expansions: Focus Features’ Armageddon Time It moved to 1,006 theaters nationwide for an estimated weekend total of $810,000, PSA $802, and a current domestic payout of $902,000. Written and directed by James Gray last week, the James Gray film received a nomination for the 2022 Gotham Award for Best Screenplay.

Expansion – if, how, how much, and how fast – is the biggest puzzle facing the distribution of specialization at the moment. There was definitely a box office spark for independent films. The big challenge, as weekend numbers often show, is fueling it when theaters are added.

Chinoni Choco until From UAR it moved 2,136 times in its fourth week for a total of $1.87 million over the weekend, down 32%, for PSA of $878 and $6.58 million. He still had strong exit sores and positive words in the mouth.

Todd Field storehouse Of Focus Features 1,090 theaters operated in the fifth week for a weekend of $670,000 (-35%) and a PSA of $664. cume stands at $3.7 million. It’s 92% newly certified to RT.

Roadside attractions Call Jane With Sigourney Weaver and Elizabeth Banks, it grossed $60,000 in the second week on 437 screens for $138 and $471,324. It opened directly to more than 1000 screens.

note: SS Rajamouli’s $$$$ He grossed $10,920 on a single weekend IMAX show at AMC Lincoln Square in New York City, the highest grossing theater income for the day to date. Director Mary Heron led the Q&A after the show. The reissue enters its sixth month with a cume so far $245,186. After that, shows are shown at the AMC Metreon IMAX in SF, the Music Box Theater in Chicago, and the Aero Theater in Los Angeles.

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