Jaguar came back from 17 points down to defeat the Raiders 27-20

The Jacksonville Jaguars hosted the Las Vegas Raiders in a contest on Sunday afternoon, coming back from a 17-point deficit to score 27-20. The win also ended a five-game losing streak for Jacksonville.

The Jaguars improved to 3-6 in the 2022 season, while the Raiders dropped to 2-6.

The raiders took the ball to start the game and quickly went with three goals. Jacksonville defensive lineman Dhawan Smoot sacked Las Vegas quarterback Derek Carr in third to force a penalty kick.

In their first Jacksonville possession, Jaguar’s raced deep into Las Vegas grounds at the 26-yard line, but disaster would strike. Midfielder Trevor Lawrence tried to hit the ball back to JaMycal Hasty but Hasty was unable to secure the ball. The loose ball was recovered by Max Crosby’s defensive end, returning possession to the Raiders.

Las Vegas will benefit from the sales volume, leading 71 yards in 10 plays. It was a heavy Carr dose to Davante Adams’ wide receiver, with the pair connecting six times, including a 25-yard drop. The Raiders led 7-0 early in the first quarter.

The Jaguars proceeded to go three and out on the next possession and chased football away. The Raiders took control of their 45-yard line and drove into Jacksonville territory.

However, driving eventually stopped and Las Vegas settled on a 38-yard field goal from kicking Daniel Carlson. The Raiders advanced 10-0 early in the second quarter.

The Jaguars responded again by going with a hat-trick and taking the ball out again to the raiders. Las Vegas did a quick job on its next drive, walking 69 yards in just three plays.

Carr Adams found it again, this time for a 38-yard touchdown hit. Jaguar’s safety slipped Andre Sisko in the play, leaving Adams wide open in the finish zone. The Raiders advanced 17-0 with 10:51 remaining in the second quarter.

But the jaguars refused to go too far. Jacksonville answered with 10 plays, 75 yards. Travis Etienne Jr. ran back capping possession with a one-yard drop.

Jacksonville managed to break into the lead of Las Vegas, achieving the score 17-7, with 4:50 remaining before the end of the first half.

The Raiders went on to add another 38 yards from a field goal from Carlson on the following possession. Las Vegas consolidated its lead to 20-7 with just 45 seconds left in the first half.

That would be enough time for Lawrence to lead his team on the field and add to the Jacksonville score. Lawrence had a 24 yard dash on possession.

Kicker Riley Patterson knocked through a 44-yard field goal for the Jaguars as time ended in the first half, and the Raiders topped 20-10 in the first half.

Jacksonville received the ball to start the second half and Jamal Agnew took a 52-yard kickoff to the 45-yard Las Vegas line.

The Jaguars team took advantage of the fantastic field location. Jacksonville drove 45 yards in nine plays before finding the finish zone. Lawrence threw a seven-yard touchdown pass to wide receiver Christian Kirk. Suddenly, the Raiders were only three points ahead at 20-17.

Later in the game, after Las Vegas is forced to bet, the Jaguars will find dirty money again.

Etienne put the exclamation point on 12 games, 82 yards (which took 7:06 off the clock) with his second touchdown in the game. Jacksonville took the game’s first lead at 24-20 with 14:56 remaining in the fourth quarter.

After that, the teams traded quite a few kicks before things got a little dicey for Jaguar. Jacksonville grabbed the ball with 6:19 remaining and marched into the Raiders area, but that didn’t end how the Jaguars wanted.

After taking 3:16 off the clock, the Jaguars sent Patterson for a 41-yard field goal attempt in fourth and 1. Patterson missed the kick, giving the Raiders the ball — and some life — with 3:03 still playing.

However, the Jaguars came very defensive. Jacksonville forced Duran to touch down in four straight plays and reclaimed the ball at the 39-yard line in Las Vegas with 2:25 on the clock.

Las Vegas held up defensively, forcing Patterson to attempt another field goal. But this time, Patterson’s kick was good from 48 yards. The Jaguars took a 27-20 lead with only 1:03 left to play.

The raiders had a chance to hook the game, but couldn’t get anywhere close to making it to the end zone. Jaguar won 27-20.

Jacksonville outperformed Las Vegas on yardage 403-321. Lawrence completed 25 of 31 (80.6 percent) of his passes for 235 yards and touchdowns, adding 53 yards. Etienne became the first 100-yard rusher allowed by the Raiders this year, carrying the ball 28 times for 109 yards (3.9 yards per carry) and two touchdowns. Kirk recorded eight catches for 76 yards and a touchdown. Smoot Kissin scored.

In injury news, Jacksonville safety Rayshon Jenkins left the game and was evaluated for a concussion. Jacksonville’s tight end, Evan Ingram also left the match with a back injury.

The Jaguars travel to Kansas City next week to face the Chiefs (5-2 before Sunday night’s Kansas City game with the Tennessee Titans). The match is scheduled to kick off at 1 p.m. ET and will be broadcast on CBS in local markets.

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