Rian Johnson, Daniel Craig and ‘Glass Onion’ expanders cast talk Angela Lansbury and move to Netflix: ‘I’m really thankful that Netflix has gone up’ – London Film Festival

Giant actors to sequel the Rian Johnson murder mystery, The glass onion: a mystery expelled from the mystery They avoided spoilers and jumped over plot lines as they presented their film on Sunday morning at a press conference at the London Film Festival.

Opening to the press, Johnson spoke about the one plot line that snuck up after the film premiered at the Toronto Film Festival last month: performances after the deaths of Angela Lansbury and Stephen Sondheim.

“They were so kind and so generous. We thought, ‘Oh my God, would either of them do it?’ We didn’t think they would. They were both so amazing,” Johnson said.

Johnson added that he traveled to Lansbury’s house to shoot her scenes for the movie, and she didn’t understand much of the script but asked him to coach her.

“For both of them, besides just being honored to be in the film, just being able to spend 10 minutes with each other telling them what their work means to me was something really special,” Johnson added.

Johnson was joined by cast members Edward Norton, Kate Hudson, Dave Bautista, Katherine Hahn, Leslie Odom Jr., Madeline Klein, Jessica Henwick, producer Ram Bergman and Daniel Craig, who also paid tribute to Blanesberry. He told reporters that Bedknobs and Broomsticks, Lansbury’s classic 1971 fantasy was his favorite movie.

He said, “The fact that she’s in our movie, we were so lucky, and what an incredible life,” he said.

glass onion is the first Take out the knives A movie from Johnson to be released by Netflix after the streaming device paid about $450 million in March 2021 for sequel rights to the original mystery murder series. It is still among the biggest streaming movie deals of all time.

Johnson told reporters that moving into the streaming world didn’t have any creative impact on the sequel, but he was “thrilled” that Netflix had struck a deal to distribute the film in cinemas ahead of its streaming release. The film will be shown in Vue and Cineworld cinemas in the UK and around 600 cinemas – including AMC, Regal and Cinemark locations – across the US from November 23-29, the first time all three major US theater chains have agreed to Netflix movie show.

“Personally, I’m thrilled that Netflix sealed this deal for the theater in November,” Johnson said. “I love people watching it at home. Although if people want to watch it in the theater, I want them to have the opportunity – and to watch it with a crowd.

He added, “I’m really grateful for Netflix’s progress, and we’re doing a copy of that.”

Elsewhere while lobbying, cast members spoke about their experiences working with Johnson and among a large group, with Janelle Monae calling the director a “true collaborator.”

Hudson, who plays the alien Birdie Gay in the film, praised Johnson for bringing “new life” to the murder mystery franchise and crafting such an expanded cast from the cast.

“Being able to have such great actors in one movie and have us all act together…we got a great writing experience, great actors and then on top of that a new voice in murder mysteries,” Hudson said.

Bautista, who plays Hudson’s partner in crime Duke Cody, highlighted the thematic scope of the film, adding, “Anytime you watch a movie, walk away, and you can have a conversation, it’s a good movie.”

glass onion The London Film Festival concludes this evening. The film will be released globally on Netflix on December 23.

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