The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers November 28 – December 2

Come to the wedding, and enjoy the freebies for all! In’s latest spoilers for Bold and beautiful From Monday, November 28 through Friday, December 2, Ridge and Taylor’s wedding turns into a shocking spectacle that none of those present will be able to forget (even if they try…and trust us, they will!). By the time the dust starts to settle, the epic showdown will be over, and another one will be just around the corner. And if you keep reading, you can buy the toaster I bought for the almost happy couple and get all the details on the train wreck of the year.

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Bold and beautiful Spoilers for the week of November 28

Bold and beautiful Spoilers for Monday, November 28:

As the Logan family continues to reunite, you can review their complicated history – and remember some of the branches that were snapped from the tree – with our gallery revealing who he was. Or, you can view photos from their last encounter via this collection of photos.

Here’s the bride…and also that iconic single teardrop! As Taylor’s wedding to Ridge begins, Brooke hits a “rewind” and “repeat” on the tape marked “Painful for Ridge” in her heart.

Keep in mind that Brooke might want to keep a handkerchief on hand, because since the episode also includes a sordid truth being revealed in an unexpected way, it seems likely that Thomas’ frame job will pop up. And if that happens, you can bet the hoopla is going to explode!

Bold and beautiful Spoilers for Tuesday, November 29:

called this. Since the act of betrayal causes irreparable damage to a once strong relationship, we’ll assume that Ridge and Taylor’s wedding becomes more of an “I don’t think you did that, Thomas!” Some kind of simple “I do” event happened.

Somehow leaving the guest list – along with all of the Ridge siblings – Sheila wields Deacon’s affections like weapons while they’re away for the day bickering about Taylor and “the one who got away”, Brock.

Bold and beautiful Spoilers for Wednesday, November 30:

This promises to be a first class must have TV. As the revelation of the shocking truth leads to ramifications of epic proportions, we might suggest that Taylor hold on tight to this “Tridge” wedding album. This may be the sweetest thing you can take away from the day you were to become Mrs. Ridge-Forrester again.

Bold and beautiful Spoilers for Thursday, December 1:

The fur will continue to fly as Stevie and Thomas argue about the chaos that has broken out in their family. We’d like to think Thomas would have the sense not to play the blame game with his sister, but…that’s the Thomas we’re talking about here!

Talk about a role reversal! Realizing he may have the upper hand with Bill, Deacon savors the moment by antagonizing his opponent over Brock’s feelings.

Speaking of the coveted blonde, Brooke makes an important decision about her future… one that we would hardly dare send into the arms of not Deacon or Bill or Ridge or Nick, but one of those handsome men.

Bold and beautiful Spoilers for Friday, December 2:

Get ready to redefine the word “awkward.” For the first time since Hurricane Thomas devastated “Tridge’s” wedding, the on-again/off-again Ridge wives come face to face.

Now this can be fun! Historically, Stevie and Thomas are as thick as thieves. But now she vows that her brother will suffer some serious consequences for his manipulation.

Thanksgiving may have come and gone, but we’re not quite done looking at the twists and turns of being real “turkeys.” Check out our gallery of vacation photos here.

There’s no reason to wait until the last minute to get your holiday shopping done, not when has put together a photo gallery of 30 perfect gifts for fans. Bold and beautiful and more. Pull off your list and take a peek at ours below!

– Candice Young / Charlie Mason

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