Elon Musk’s hottest Twitter move this weekend: $8 blue check mark delay, Jack Dorsey discussion, layoffs and more

Elon Musk and Jack Dorsey went back and forth about moderating content and misinformation on Twitter Sunday night, in the wake of the Tesla CEO’s acquisition of one of the world’s most used social media platforms.

Dorsey, who created Twitter in 2006, responded to Musk’s tweet about the need for Twitter to become “the most accurate source of information around the world.”

“Exact to whom?” Dorsey asked.

“As judged by the folks at Twitter via Community Notes (formerly Birdwatch), Musk replied.”

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Jack Dorsey (left) and Elon Musk (right) discussed the Twitter community feedback feature and its commitment to accuracy on Sunday. (Reuters Photo)

Dorsey replied, “I still think…bird-watching is a much better name and ‘more informative’ a much better target,” leading both men to debate about the purpose of the feature and what it should be called.

“Not everything needs the word ‘bird’ in the name! Lots of bird groups fight each other internally on Twitter. Angry Birds,” Musk joked. Community Feedback, which adds stickers and context to potentially misleading tweets, was introduced in the name of Birdwatch in 2021.

The feature started as a “community approach to disinformation” after the 2020 presidential election. A tweet infamously posted by the White House last week blaming rival Biden on increasing Social Security payments was reported.

Dorsey’s exchange with Musk comes a day after the former CEO posted an introspective reflection on how he runs Twitter.

“People past and present are strong and resilient,” Dorsey wrote on Twitter on Saturday. “They will always find a way, no matter how difficult the moment.”

“I realize that a lot of people are angry with me,” he added. “I take responsibility for why everyone is in this situation: the company has grown so quickly. I apologize for that.”

Musk cut about half of the company’s 7,500 employees on Friday.

Musk wrote on Twitter that the Twitter layoffs were necessary because the company was losing more than $4 million a day.

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On Sunday, it was reported that the social media platform was trying to bring back some of these workers. Dozens of workers are being asked to return, some of them accidentally laid off and others with experience building features the new Twitter owner wants, according to Bloomberg.

Another major move by Musk includes the new $7.99 subscription service that allows regular users to get blue checkmarks. The feature will reportedly be delayed until after Tuesday’s midterm elections. The Twitter director told the New York Times that the launch of the subscription service is planned for Wednesday.

An Apple iOS update over the weekend said that users who signed up for the service could receive a blue check mark next to their name.

Elon Musk has Twitter logos all around him

The new $7.99 subscription service that allows regular users to get blue checkmarks will be delayed until after the midterms, according to a Twitter manager. (Fox News)

“Your account will get a blue check mark, just like the celebrities, companies and politicians you already follow,” the ad reads.

Musk announces new policy on Twitter regarding instigators

Musk referenced the subscription service while mocking comedian Kathy Griffin for being banned on his platform. Griffin changed her profile name to impersonating Musk, which violated the company’s policy against impersonation and parody accounts.

Kathy Griffin has been suspended from the social media site after changing the name to Elon Musk

Kathy Griffin’s account has disappeared from Twitter after changing her profile name to impersonate Elon Musk. (Getty Images)

In fact, she was suspended for impersonating a comedian. SpaceX founder joked.

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“But if she really wants to get her account back, she can get it,” he added. “For $8”

As Musk announced Other sweeping changes to the platform, including the ability to attach long text to tweets, monetization for content creators, changes to Twitter’s search feature, and a pay-to-verification plan.

Musk also doubled down on his plan to promote freedom of expression on the platform.

“My commitment to freedom of expression extends even to not banning the account that tracks my plane, even though it represents an immediate personal safety risk,” Musk wrote in a tweet.

Fox News’ Paul Best contributed to this report.

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