Jets acquire James Robinson’s Jaguar by trade after Bryce Hall suffered a ruptured ACL

Bryce Hall is out for the season after he ruptured his ACL in the Jets’ Week 7 win over the Broncos. A day later, New York found a notable replacement for their star back, taking James Robinson from Jaguar in exchange for a future sixth-round draft pick, According to NFL Media CBS Sports insider Josina Anderson confirmed it. Robinson quickly returned from a serious injury to open the 2022 in Jacksonville’s backyard, but Travis Etienne Jr. has emerged as Jaguar’s main ball bearer in recent weeks.

Jaguar’s sixth-round pick could become a fifth-rounder depending on Robinson’s performance as the presumptive RB1 in New York. Michael Carter was previously set to take over as the Jets’ quarterback after Hall lost a win on Sunday and was quickly disqualified. Now, he will have 24-year-old Jang Green Robinson not only for the remainder of 2022 but possibly beyond. as such CBS Sports contributor Joel Corrie He notes, the Jets could eventually extend the veteran’s restricted free agent tender through 2023.

Robinson was removed for two years from a 1,000-yard dash campaign as a Rookie. The former non-facing lead had a similarly productive start in 2021 before suffering a ruptured Achilles tendon in week 16. This year, splitting touches with Etienne, he hasn’t been nearly as efficient, averaging just under four yards per carry in three Various games, before winning the zero-sheets in the sixth week, meanwhile, Etienne appeared in the first round of 2021 by Jacksonville, as one of the best offensive playmakers in the club recently.

In New York, Hall quickly made a name for himself as one of the top rookies of the year, running the Jets’ ground game with 463 yards in seven games. Given that he faces a potentially long road to recovery after rupturing his ACL, it is also possible that Robinson could serve as the team’s ball carrier, or at least separate holders, for the 2023 open as well.

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How does James Robinson’s trade affect Michael Carter

From CBS Sports Fantasy Analyst Dave Richard: When you think about the past year plus Carter — his inability to cement a major role in the Jets offense as a Rookie, watching his team draft a new Rookie in April and then trade for a good veteran powerhouse once again to replace the stud Rookie—it’s hard to see him develop into an asset fairy avenue. That would change if he could start driving goals on a week to week basis, but the Jets attack doesn’t call for a lot of throws to run back, and quarterback Zach Wilson tends to look down the field, not a short throw.

Carter also got off to a great start. His dash averages 3.5, his dribble attempts in every mini-game at 9.4, and his receiving numbers are off completely since Wilson took charge at the quarterback. His highlight was scoring two goals in a big win over Miami in Week 5.

Carter clearly deserves to score on the lists, but he’s not likely to be better than No. 3 at running backwards however long Robinson’s influences. It should stay on the hook for at least 10 touches a week and about 40% of the shots with the jets, but it’s not likely to be used regularly in high-value situations like near the goal line.

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