The Kickstarter campaign was launched for the life simulation game in the open world

Polish developer Enjoy Studio “href =” “> Enjoy Studio launched a kickstarter campaign for open-world [124 articles]”href =” “> Life Simulation in the Open World [174 articles]”href =” “> simulation game Verne Island Western “href =” “> Verne Island Witch. It seeks to obtain funding worth 15,000 euros.

Verne Island Witch Early access for a personal computer has been planned [16,238 articles]”HRF =”> computer via Steam in the first quarter of 2023, followed by a full version via controllers and computers in the first quarter of 2024.

“We want people to play Verne Island Witch To enjoy the progress of the slow and satisfactory style, “Enjoy Studio Patryk Pietraszkeewicz is in a press release.” Our game can be classified as a “comfortable game”, but we wanted to become something more. Fern Island magic world is clear in both playing and story levels. It allows us to present the stories of people from a more profound personal perspective. “

Below is a game overview, via Enjoy Studio:


Verne Island Witch It is a new game from the Polish developer Enjoy Studio. Players will take the role of a young girl named ABRILL, who wants to become an accredited witch. The story revolves around Vernian Pottery – an alternative world affected by three different cultures inhabited by a magic aura with great animals and plants. The player’s mission is to pass academic training to complete the Witches test. April will live on the island, and will provide assistance and support to the local community. It is up to the player to determine the fate and people of this land. Players will be free to explore a vast open world on foot, installed, or a broom stick!

Verne Island Witch It highlights the importance of culture in human life. Learn about the population and their problems from ABRill perspective will allow you to think about searching for happiness and goal in life. Learning the personal stories of characters that simple kindness gestures can change people’s lives and stimulate a divided society. However, all this depends on the path that the player will follow, as the ABRill behavior will be evaluated, as part of the training.

Verne Island Witch It combines toys elements of multiple categories: protection mode, open world with RPG elements, adventure, and exploration. The game has no end, daily and evaluation systems allow players to feel over time – they can notice changes in society, general seasons and participate in many holidays and festivals. There will always be interesting activities on Verne Island! Fishing, photography, archeology, insect hunting, searching for local plants and animals, or participating in festivals and games! All this and more will allow you to experience an overwhelming adventure as a real witch!

Feature guides

  • Magic [62 articles]”href =” “> magic The progress of the characters skills includes learning new spells and rituals and exploring magic knowledge. The player’s operations center is Brash Group. We give the player a building that can be customized and furnished according to his personal preferences. Here, the player can make new magic doses, store the elements obtained, rest, and sell the elements created for the island’s residents, and much more! A place that is no less important is the farm, where the player can grow plants, vegetables and herbs, while experimenting with its magic varieties. The player must also take care of the wonderful animals that can be raised on the farm.
  • exploration Verne Island is a colorful, vital and varied world that hides many secrets. As the game advances, the players will open new corridors that allow them to reach uncomfortable places. By discovering individual parts of the island, players can find new ingredients and characters that they can interact with. This will expand the scope of available options for the player and provide access to information that enables the solution of old puzzles. It should be noted that a replica of the world – “ASTRA”, which the players will be able to reach through the hidden gates on the island. It is an alternative world, which can only be entered by magic capabilities – such as ABROL.
  • town There is a town on the island, where the players will find residents living their lives. They have different dreams, problems and characteristics – each one is different and unique. During the day, they work, or spend their spare time in their own way, sleep at night and during holidays – and enjoy jointly organized parties. They share a joint association and their relationships are not always friendly. The residents suffer from various problems that the player can help solve and thus affect their fate. The town is a place where players can find stores, restaurants, bars and local culture places.

Watch the official advertising clip below. View the first screen shots at the exhibition.

Official Announcement

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