Stellar promotion leads Phillies to a tense win over Braves in the Opening Series

The Phillies scored a decisive victory in their quest to break a 10-year drought in the post-season Thursday night, and may also find a huge weapon for the closing days of the regular season and beyond.

Zach Evelyn came out of the Bulls center at the top of the seventh inning and scored five bigs in a Ranger Suarez relief to help secure an important 1-0 win over the Atlanta Braves in front of a crowd of 21,276 at cool Citizens Bank Park.

Jose Alvarado, usually the setup guy, got all four ends, two by knockout, and made the save.

Four days after being swept by the Braves in a three-game series in Atlanta, the Phillies opened this four-game series with a victory, thanks mostly to their style of play.

“Tough match, big pressure and our share has already come,” said coach Rob Thompson. “Ranger gave us some length, which we really needed, and both Evelyn and Alvarado were great.

“Winning this match is huge. They are a really good football club. The crowd was great. I’m not sure how many people were here but they were loud. There was a lot of enthusiasm and excitement, so it was good. It was a great, beautiful night, so it was like a playoff game.” “.

One night after hitting five hits against Toronto, including the match-winner in the bottom 10th inning, Matt Ferling led the only game inning with a sacrifice against Max Fried in the second half.

The win was the Phillies’ 82nd win for the season, ensuring a second winning season in a row, but this team wants more. And with payrolls of more than $230 million, she needs more.

The Phillies stayed two-and-a-half games over Milwaukee in third and final place in the National League with 13 games. San Diego is second, but Phils is trailing half the game.

The magic number for Phils to grab a post-season berth is 10.

Suarez, who played six runs on one ball in a losing bid against the Braves last week in Atlanta, went six rounds again. This time, he was not allowed to run.

No one at Velez felt better after the win from Evelyn.

A rookie throughout his seven seasons with Phillies, he missed nearly three months due to pain and inflammation in his surgically repaired right knee. With the season running out of time, he wasn’t able to rebuild as a rookie, so he set his sights on returning as a savior. He played a low-pressure role last week in Miami and another this week at home before Thompson called him up for a big spot in that spot.

Evelyn responded brilliantly. He only needed six pitches to get past the seventh. He returned for the eighth game and hit two goals before being handed over to Alvarado.

“It was amazing,” Evelyn said. “For the past three months when I’ve been down, I’ve been dreaming of getting back out there and being competitive. That’s all I want is to be competitive.”

Thompson plans to continue using Evelyn in pressure situations. His new arm could be a huge boost at a time when he’s working on so many fumes.

Rest promotion requires a different mindset than the beginning. Evelyn is ready and wants to use it.

“It’s a lot different,” he said. “Normally, in the first half of the start, your heart beats faster and you have butterflies, but nothing beats getting into the seventh inning of one game against the Braves.”

Thompson said he doesn’t have the closest limiter, he can use a number of sedatives on the role. Brad Hand, Ceranthonie Dominguez, and David Robertson have used it. Everyone has struggled lately as workloads have increased. Add Alvarado to the list of painkillers they can get you to work closer to moving forward. Fire up, it’s not out of the question that Evelyn could get some cast in the role as well. Whoever can get the pressure will be the man.

Velez did not tear off the cover for the ball Thursday night. They only had six hits, but two of them came in the second half before Vierling flew. JT Realmuto set up the sacrifice fly by going first to third on a base that was hit right by Jean Segura.

“That was the way to play,” Thompson said of Realmuto.

Bryce Harper’s struggles continued into September. It was 0 for 4 with a pair of offensive hits. In 17 games this month, he was a 10-for-65 (.154) with 24 strokes.

“It just happened every now and then,” Thompson said. “He will take it back.”

Friday night would be a good time for Harper to get her back. Phils faces Jake Odorizzi’s right hand. Aaron Nola will start for Phillies.

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