Fictional wire pickups to concede football: Week 7 priority adds a tough quartet of farewells

We’re entering one of the season’s most agonizing farewell weeks for fiction, with the Bills, Rams, Vikings, and Eagles all out. In all likelihood, no one in your league will be particularly satisfied with your starting receptors in week seven. Six of the top 20 Fantasia WRs of the season so far will be resting. We’re also staring at some of the ugliest names of waiver wires in recent memory to be completely honest, so this isn’t an easy week. Below you’ll find a selection of approved pickups, all of which are available on at least 50 percent of Yahoo’s tournaments.

Wide receivers on the wire

youths. Come on. What are we waiting for?

We keep writing about Pierce here, but oddly enough, he still qualifies for the feature, sitting there unrelated in more than 60 percent of Yahoo’s tournaments. The rookie has delivered 271 yards over his last four games, hitting 18 balls on 27 goals. It’s pretty clear he’s got Matt Ryan’s trust. Pierce is a serious down-field threat with his size (6ft-3), speed (4.41) and jumping ability (40 inches plus vertical), and he’s definitely used by the Colts. He scored his first NFL touchdown on Sunday, a deep shot that scooped the game:

It’s time to add this guy. He at least deserves a place on the bench in any 12-team league. Let’s please not have this discussion again next week.

Recommended waiver offer, assuming $100 jam: $14

Robinson may have only played 15 shots on Sunday, but it was definitely productive. The rookie picked up three balls for 37 yards on four targets, with a short touchdown reception that includes:

Robinson was an absolute horror in Kentucky last year, collecting 104 passes while getting 1,445 yards from the scrimmage. Stunningly fast and competitive, he’s a dynamic weapon for creative coaches like Brian Dabol and Mike Kafka. We don’t have to convince you that goals and touches are there to seize the crime of the giants; It won’t be long before Robinson sees a significant increase in use. The upcoming New York schedule is very friendly, starting with the confrontations against the Jaguars and Seahawks before the ninth week of goodbye.

Offer: $11

Reynolds ranks among the NFL leaders in red zone goals (8) as well as chances within the 10-yard line (6), so he sees high-value opportunities in the Detroit offensive. He has scored 19 balls in 28 goals in his past three matches. Reynolds has the contested pickup ability, his wingspan, and the full confidence of a veteran quarterback. We’re past a goodbye week in Detroit, so this is less of a concern associated with Reynolds and various other lions. It’s a fancy option worthy of the WR3 until further notice.

Offer: $7

Anderson was literally kicked off the sideline by his team’s coaching staff in Week 6, so his fantasy value wasn’t quite trending. Carolina is an absolute fantasy land at the moment; Anderson had no influence on our game while he remained on the Panthers roster.

On Monday afternoon, Anderson flipped to Arizona for a pair of late picks (round 6 and 7 ahead), so it’s now possible to at least imagine the veteran wide making noise in the second half. Marquis Brown He sustained a major foot injury on Sunday, which created a need for Anderson’s services. It seems unlikely that the new arrival in Week 7 will help because the cards face the Saints on Thursday night, but it may enter the fluid conversation in the coming weeks.

Offer: $6

Robbie Anderson won’t help the fantasy directors much in week seven, but a fresh start in Arizona is reason to consider adding it. (AP Photo/Jacob Kupferman)

Other receivers to add: Tyquan Thornton (The rookie made it to the end zone as a receiver and accelerator on Sunday, playing 40 shots; he’s also a burner with a 10.6 in 100m pace in high school), Claypool chase (It’s a carnival ride for the player, but he gave a 7-96-1 performance and saw 16 goals in his last two games), Rondell Mor (He’s had 13 balls for 117 yards in the last two games in Arizona and an injury to Brown creates a path to continuing value.)

Tight ends worth the list: Robert Tonian (Green Bay has an urgent need to receive competent threats, especially then Randall Cope was injured on Sunday; Tonian just hit 10 balls for 90 yards in a jets loss), Greg Dolcic (It rose Monday night, and at this point, any tight end showing signs of life is an addition), Mike Jesecki (He just gave a two-kind performance, although he’s still late Trek Hill And the Jaylen Waddell in the receiving hierarchy of the team), Daniel Bellinger (The rookie picked up all five of his goals on Sunday, including a short reception for TD), Evan Ingram (He’s had 11 catches for 109 yards in the past two weeks, which is pretty stellar by the very low standards of his position this season.)

Quarterback for the goal

Mariota made the most of his 14 passing attempts in Sunday’s win over the Niners, completing 13 for 129 yards and two stars. He also rushed for 50 yards and got a short hit in eight rounds, giving him 206 fast yards and three touchdowns on the season. The Atlanta schedule is about to take a very friendly turn — Cin, Car, LAC, Car, Chi, Was, Pit — which should make Mariota a viable streaming option in December. Add as needed if you need a placeholder for a goodbye week.

Offer: $8

Also on the QB approved list: Matt Ryan (*Admiral Ackbar “It’s a trap!” gif *), Daniel Jones (The passing numbers were mostly gross, but he has some rushing juice and his receiving teams are recovering), Billy Zappy (If you desperately need a super-fast assist, he just gave a 300-yard performance and the Bears aboard.)

Running their backs to prioritize

On the one hand, this might be a terrible idea, doomed to fail. We cannot rule it out. But we can’t simply ignore the fact that A) Drake rushed for 119 yards and long record on Sunday against the Giants and B) he actually outdid him. JK Dobbins In each of the last two games. Dobbins actually Deal with knee discomfort in the sixth week, which is clearly worrisome for a player coming out of ACL surgery. We have to assume that Drake will be a big part of the team’s game plan next week against Cleveland, one of the NFL’s most generous running defenses. In a week full of chaos, this obviously puts him on the radar of fiction.

Offer: $9

It was the unforgettable photo from Monday night’s unforgettable match Melvin Gordon Standing on Denver’s offensive line, miserable and deserted, just watching other people run the ball for a Bronco offense still seemed ineffective. Gordon finished the night with only three carts for eight yards while newcomer Murray dominated the second-half touches, eventually rushing 15 times for 66 yards. There are clearly no great answers here; Denver’s offense ranks last in the league with scoring (15.2 PPG) and 22nd in yardage (329.3 YPG). Murray is a nine-year NFL vet who has traveled well and isn’t quite a lock-down to dominate the back team for the rest of the season, but he seems to hold the top job for now. Desperate managers could dissuade him against Gates this week, but we won’t make long-term promises.

Offer: $11

Dion Jackson, Indianapolis Colts (43%)

Jackson was phenomenal on Sunday, hitting 121 yards in 22 touches, shooting all 10 of his goals and scoring a short-range touchdown. It was a bright spot in Week 5 as well, accounting for 91 total yards in the team’s odd, unobservable win over the Broncos. Jackson was knocked out on Sunday with a quadruple injury He declared himself in good health after winning. He has some dribbling in his game and is perfectly willing to beat the defender when necessary:

The obvious problem for Jackson is of course the expected return of Jonathan Taylor And the Nihem Heinz. While he may have established himself as a bankable alternative, he is clearly no threat to a healthy Taylor. This is not a budget hit situation.

Offer: $4

Additional counties to consider: Caleb Huntley (Cutted on Sunday by tyler lime33 to 20, but they actually led the Hawks, and finished with 16 lunge attempts for 59 yards), Rachel White (He’s seen the field a fair amount over the past three weeks, handling 23 touches, and as we’ve mentioned once or twice, he’s just one hit away from a must-have.)

If you are broadcasting D/STs

New York Jets (5%)

The New York defense just shook the Packers at Lambeau, firing Aaron Rodgers four times and holding Green Bay to just 10 points. The Jets are currently fifth in the league in total takeaways (10), so we’re talking about a quick defense here. They travel to Denver next week to face a superficial crime that comes a short week later. This d is worth a long look.

Offer: $2

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