From ‘Terrifier 2’ to ‘Watcher’, here are the scariest horror movies you can watch right now.

Art hits the clown again in terrifying 2. (Photo: Bloody Disgusting/Courtesy Everett Collection)

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… If you’re a horror fan, this is it!

Horror dominates the box office in a big way this frightening season. Zack Krieger barbaric He was a cheap sleeper who hit and no one saw him coming. Parker Finn smilingThe original horror property that was once planned for a streaming debut at Paramount+ – is on track to bank $200 million worldwide. Meanwhile, the thirteenth Halloween movie at 44 years old, The end of HalloweenIt topped the box office in its first weekend of release, with an impressive $41 million.

However, the most interesting story at the box office is not only the current Halloween season, but should be the performance of the whole year terrifying 2a crowdfunded $250,000 movie, a sequel to the cheaper movie I recommended to Yahoo readers in 2019. Written and directed by Damien Lyon, terrifying 2 It was heralded as the most corrupt movie ever shown on screen, and I can confirm that the hype isn’t gratuitous.

Three years ago, I warned everyone that the original horrifying It was the most annoying and annoying on-screen killing I’ve ever seen. Although I still think this is true, the 140-minute sequel ups the ante in every way in an effort to disgust and repel the audience. Each kill is a feast of unsavory practical aftermath, as well as the most bloodshed I’ve ever seen, lasting so long that it transcends horror and veers into comedy. Well, black comedy – a very dark and bloody comedy.

It is said that people vomit and pass out in theatre, but that did not stop the audience from appearing terrifying 2 in a group. In fact, all this shocking hype resulted in the film reaching $2.5 million in less than two weeks, despite limited release dates and absolutely no real marketing. I can guarantee you’ll never see a more disgusting and violent movie in mainstream cinemas again…or, at least, even Terrifying 3.

terrifying 2 It’s not the only scary movie right now. As a Yahoo-based horror expert and co-host of New horror movies Podcasts, I’ve scoured some of the best movies out in theaters or on streaming services right now to find the best and scariest titles to watch before Halloween.

1. the course of death

the course of death It’s an old-fashioned horror movie thriller that’s as funny as loudly as it is legitimately scary. And all the laughs come from the fears – of which there are plenty, and they’re actually scary to boot! it’s a Evil died For the internet age its a way back to basics of haunted house in one location. You will not find more sure recommendations in this list: it is a delightful game for everyone.

the course of death Currently streaming on Shudder.

2. significant other

I don’t want to over-promot what is a very small and low stakes movie in the end, but it’s ridiculous, fun, and not at all what I expected. significant other She engages in many classics of the genres – if I say any, I’ll ruin all the fun – while still doing her own thing. Modern scream queen Micah Monroe and boyfriend Jake Lacy shine as a married couple on a hiking trip when things get weird. It’s no different than that barbaric In it there is a huge genre shift, and things are not the same for the characters after that. mysterious enough for you? Enjoy!

significant other Currently streaming on Paramount+.

3. terrifying 2

I’ve already flowed around verbose terrifying 2, so I will use this space to warn you more that this movie is hardcore and not for the average horror fan. It’s for people who watch a horrific R-rated horror movie and say, “I hope they don’t shy away from blood!” Leon’s movie is in totally bad taste, and it’s also the most fun you’ll have in the theater this year…if you’re a fan of that kind of thing. Remember: I watched the first one at home and felt like I had to take 15 showers and throw my Blu-ray into the deepest ocean depths afterwards.

terrifying 2 It’s currently showing in theaters and coming to Screambox later this year.

4. dark house

dark house It is the second film this year that can be described as a hidden Dracula movie. It is also the second Neil LaBute movie to be released in 2022 after that Without warning, suddenly, suddenlyIt was the second Justin Long horror movie to be released in 2022 after that barbaric Which distinguishes him as a scumbag #MeToo worthy. Real-life couple Long and Kate Bosworth lead a story that begins as a one night stand and derails from there. The movie highlights what he does in horror fashion right from the start, but if you’re familiar with Labot’s work, you know what to expect from him. It delivers by cleverly exploring gender dynamics between men and women via a story about a vampire. The ending might not be hard to see, but it satisfies them all, and it made me yearn for more Neil-type things.

dark house Currently available to rent or buy on most VOD services, including Prime Video.

5. Devil’s Workshop

Devil’s Workshop It is unpredictable from the jump and remains that way throughout its entire run, and that alone is commendable. It’s a horror film and a movie satire, making fun of the lengths actors will go to to secure a role. A killer scary performance from Radha Mitchell (do you remember her?!) that makes everything sing, and Emile Hirsch is so good at playing a douchebag actor, it really makes you wonder about some uncomfortable things! This is another place where the less you know about going, the better. But it is also impossible to spoil because the journey is more important than the destination.

Devil’s Workshop Currently available for rental purchases on most VOD services, including Prime Video.

6. The Orphan: The First Murder

It’s a crime against the horror genre and a community cinema experience that 99% of viewers haven’t gotten to experience The Orphan: The First Murder In a crowded compound on opening night with an audience full of Esther’s heads losing their minds. Twenty-five-year-old Isabelle Furman returns to the role she originally played at the age of twelve, and if you know anything about her alter ego, you’ll know why this sexy acting is actually genius. Julia Stiles stars as Vera Farmiga and is delightfully incomprehensible. But the real surprise is that the movie manages to make a shocking twist that completely flips the plot, sabotages your expectations and keeps you on the edge of your seat. So rarely comes a sequel that lives up to Gonzo’s previous heights, but The Orphan: The First Murder Fits perfectly on the bill.

The Orphan: The First Murder Currently streaming on Paramount+.

7. Drops

Drops It is literally just a movie in which two women are trying to climb to the top of a tall, pointed skyscraper. That’s it – and boy is it effective! It will make your palms sweaty because the situation is inherently terrifying and looks quite convincing; I cried out loud several times. Warning: If you’re a bit afraid of heights, this will really spoil your night for a few hours.

Drops Currently available to rent or buy on most VOD services, including Prime Video.

8. Resurrection

Resurrection It’s more psychological terror than traditional horror movie terror, but it’s more likely to leave you feeling unwell in its aftermath. The film is about a successful career woman (Rebecca Hall) who desperately craves control of every aspect of her life, and what happens when a man returns from her past and threatens to shatter the stability she’s built. Hall anchors the movie with a solid performance opposite Tim Roth, who has never been more creepy and creepy than he is here. It all builds on “Holy***!” Finishing takes the film to another layer of the stratosphere.

Resurrection Currently available to rent or buy on most VOD services, including Prime Video.

9. torn hearts

Several years later, and like a hundred movies or so, Blumhouse’s direct arm is finally good rather than a hastily written mess. Katey Sagal plays a reclusive former country music sensation forced to deal with a rookie country duo (Alexxis Lemire and Abby Quinn) who shows up at her door hoping for a big break. Things don’t go as planned. The movie wouldn’t have worked without its three central performances, and the clever screenplay by Rachel Collercroft. They could have called this, Amitinashville.

torn hearts Currently streaming on Prime Video.

10. innocent

innocent Not an ordinary “scary kids” horror movie, although that would also be an accurate description. imagine X-Menbut as a horror movie, or Chronicle If it’s about very young children, but the execution is darker than you might expect. She’s not afraid of getting ugly and uncomfortable, which is equal parts heartbreaking and full of tension and suspense. It’s definitely an art house horror movie that’s slower and more thoughtful than the typical genre fare, but if you’re interested in that, it delivers big.

innocent Currently streaming on Shudder.

11. observer

I’ll admit I was disappointed the first time I saw it observer, but it’s the only kind of movie from this year’s Sundance Film Festival that’s really stuck on the crawl, so much so that I rushed to see it theatrically as soon as it was released, and have since watched it for the third time on the goosebumps. There’s something impressive about this that keeps bringing me back: the low-key premise and foreign settings, the incredibly assured steering and great performances by Maika Monroe and Burn Gorman. It’s a remarkably straightforward paranoid thriller, and the small details add a tangible sense of unease that permeates the entire movie.

observer Currently streaming on Shudder.

12. Double

Double It is the best independent science fiction movie that Red has starred in since then FateWhich, if you haven’t seen it before, stars SuccessionSarah Snook as a time traveler for a transgender man, and you should look for him right away. Seriously: It’s my life’s work to get more people to watch this crazy movie. But Double This is a funny, out-of-the-ordinary genre flick set in the future about a sick woman (Karen Gillan) who chooses cloning to ease the burden of her death on her family and friends. But she does not die after that, and is forced to live alongside the clone who was supposed to take care of her. dark and funny, Double It may not be pure horror but it is next door type and under the radar enough to be noteworthy.

Double Currently streaming on AMC+.

13. Sisi

Here’s a movie that confirms that behind every positive affirmation of self-help online is some deep, unresolved childhood trauma. Sisi He really goes above and beyond with practical inequity and that’s one of the reasons he totally rules. He’s also not afraid to be downright funny while also being super dark. Think of it as a terrifying answer to something like Aubrey Plaza Ingrid goes westwith excellent leadership performance from the bold type Actress Aisha D. And it boasts a perfect ending!

Sisi Currently streaming on Shudder.

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