Kudos & Wet Willies Giants-Texans review: Lots of heroes for 7-2 Giants

The New York Giants did enough to defeat the Houston Texans on Sunday, setting their record 7-2. There have been many impressive performances by Giants players. Let’s review the game in our traditional “Kudos & Wet Willies” style to discuss it.

Glory to…

I’ll be Barclay – Sunday I wasn’t going to be glamorous. This was like a worker, got the job done I’d be. I’m not sure Barkley would have a game like this in 2018 when it was a home run or fail. Remember that criticism that Barkley didn’t run north and south often enough and that he didn’t really know how to play the sprint? He made that look ridiculous all season, no more than he did against the Texans.

It’s fun watching Barkley break big kicks and make defenders only deal with the air. Personally, though, I have more appreciation for what he did on Sunday, shouldering the burden with a career high of 35 carrying 152 yards.

Darius Slayton – The 54-yard touchdown by Slayton, taking advantage of missed intervention and then using speed and determination to get to the finish zone, was a play that finally gave the Giants much-needed breathing space. He finished with three grabs for 95 yards.

Slayton now has 19 receptions to lead the team 327 yards, although he didn’t achieve his first until week four.

Isaiah Hodgins – Two passes were thrown in the direction of the newest player for the Giants on Sunday. He made big plays in both, earning his first touchdown and gaining 41 yards total.

Dexter Lawrence – Kyvonne Typodox mentioned Aaron Donald when he talked about Lawrence. This is kind of an exaggeration from the novice, but still noticeable. Julian Love described Lawrence as a “big guy in the league” and said Lawrence “has not been talked about enough over the past few years”.

Lawrence had a sack, five tackles (one for a loss), five quarterback hits, and an incredible 8 pressings according to Pro Football Focus.

Lawrence said he wanted to destroy the games. It’s hard to imagine him doing more to destroy an opponent than he did on Sunday.

Lawrence Cager – It won’t be a Lawrence Cager team practice for long. Cager got 9 yards from the touchdown, drove the Giants tight ends with 43 shots, and reclaimed a kick to the side.

Leonard Williams Big Cat was easy to overlook with Lawrence’s dominant performance, but it was outstanding in its own right. He had nine tackles (five solo), hit a quarterback, and forced a confusion in the fourth quarter that ended Houston’s lead on the 10-yard streak for the Giants.

Daniel Jones – You can’t put up huge pass numbers, or fast numbers, if you’re not asked. Jones was not asked to do so on Sunday. The thing is, what he was asked to do he did a very good job. Jones went on to 13 of 17 (76.4 percent completion) for 197 yards and 2 touchdowns. He ran for 24 yards. He finished the match with a rating of 153.3 pass. It was scored by Pro Football Focus with an average completion percentage of 88.7.

Jones continued to play quarterback the way Brian Dabol and Mike Kafka needed it, and he went on to help the Giants win.

Jason Pinnock – After playing only one defensive tackle all season, the Giants called on Pinnock to play 23 shots on Sunday with Xavier McKinney out. He ended up showing off some quick chops, with 1.5 bags and a pair of quarterback hits. Also “kudos” to defensive coordinator Wink Martindale. Pinnock’s performance is just another example of the Giants coaching staff taking whatever player they have available, figuring out what skills they bring to the table, and freeing them up to do what they do best.

Dane Belton – Rookie Salama played 64 shots as a base replacement for McKinney. He made a massive interception for Davis Mills in the end zone, eliminating a potential relegation that would have dragged Houston within four points with 9:55 to play.

It came after Bilton, in midfield, was late to hit a 19-yard pass to Brandin Cooks for the touchdown, a game that was called off due to a pending call on Kenyon Green of Houston.

one criticism. Someone should teach the fourth round of Iowa’s selection how to celebrate. Earlier this year, after recovering from a stumble in his first NFL game, Pelton made a rookie foul and failed to hold the ball. Sunday, after being intercepted in the end zone, he ran all the way to else The end zone to celebrate, rather than turn around and rob the cameras where he was.

“We went up on him because he ran 100 yards the other way to get in front of the cameras, instead of turning around and running 10 yards and there are cameras,” said teammate Julian Love. “So I didn’t chase after him. I was like, yeah, he can get it.”


Wet Willis to…

Kenny Goladay – There’s not much more to say. Golladay had a great opportunity to contribute on Sunday, and he just couldn’t get it done. His dropped pass was supposed to be an easy catch for big wins. The play made him sit on the bench.

There’s no telling if, or when, Golladay will get another real shot. Guldai is frustrated – no one wants to play badly – and thinks he can still be a productive player. However, he may have run out of opportunity to prove it.

Jamie Gillan – NFL punters don’t just blast the ball out on the field without a plan for where it should drop. They should be able to hit different types of kicks, putting the ball where you need it based on the situation and the call. Gillan struggled to do so on Sunday.

In the second quarter, Gillan hit two weak kicks. The first was 40 yards that went in for a touchdown and it wasn’t even close to giving the Giants a chance to bring it down. The second, again from the Houston 40-yard streak, only went 14 yards. Gillan’s kicks returned for 13 and 10 yards and finished with a net average of just 34.2 yards per kick.

The scotch hammer can pound the ball. The problem may be that you can’t be sure where the ball is going, or whether Gillan can execute when touchdown is needed. Those issues surfaced on Sunday.

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