Jewish teacher resigns from Donda Academy amid Kanye West’s anti-Semitic comments

The educational advisor to the non-accredited K-8 private Christian school Kanye “Ye West”, who holds a senior position in two Jewish educational institutions, has resigned. The Hollywood Reporter Learn.

Tamar Andrews, who has worked with Dunda Academy since July and officially resigned earlier this month, is director of early childhood education at both Temple Isaiah and American Jewish University, according to the websites of both institutions. Tell Allison Samke, head of the Temple of Isaiah in Los Angeles THR In a statement: “Dr. Andrews immediately resigned from Dunda Academy after Yee West’s tweet. Her last day was October 11, 2022 as she felt she could no longer support the organization.”

West has been widely condemned in recent days for his frequent anti-Semitic comments. Andrews has not yet responded to THR’Multiple requests for comment, and AJU declined to share a statement.

Rapper quietly opened Donda Academy, located in the Simi Valley, in November 2021. Tuition is $15,000 a year, and to attend, students (who currently total less than 100) are required to sign a non-disclosure agreement, often seen wearing Adidas Yeezy RNR foam shoes as part of the uniform. The head of the school is Pepperdine University graduate student Brianne Campbell (who serves as choir director for Ye’s Sunday Service group).

West’s anti-Semitic statements – on social media and in interviews – have caused the CAA agency, Balenciaga, to Vogue magazine and JP Morgan Chase to say they will no longer work with the star. Adidas, the company West has worked with since 2013 to manufacture and distribute items from the Yeezy clothing and footwear line, has yet to release a statement about the future of its relationship with the musician and designer other than to say the work is “under review.” (Said Morningstar analyst David Schwartz Washington Post This West Line generates nearly $2 billion for the German company each year).

However, several prominent Hollywood figures (including Endeavor CEO Ari Emanuel and UTA President Jeremy Zimmer) have chosen to speak out against the artist, especially after hanging an anti-Semitic banner. He shrugs off hate speech with phrases like “I was right about the Jews” on Los Angeles Highway 405 this past weekend. On Monday, October 24, West’s ex-wife Kim Kardashian issued a statement condemning anti-Semitism and hate speech.

We condemn the anti-Semitic events of this weekend. A Jewish Angelino should always feel safe,” Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garste Posted on Twitter response to the incident.

This is an outrageous effort to fan the flames of anti-Semitism sweeping the nation. This group, known for its anti-Semitism and white supremacist ideology, is now taking advantage of Yi’s anti-Semitism and is proof that hate breeds more hate.” chirp Jeffrey Abrams, ADL Regional Director for Los Angeles.

In an interview with rolling rockAndrews endorsed the academy’s decision to have each student’s parents sign “informal agreements”.

“Honestly, we don’t care if people know anything about the school,” she said. “People who want to come to school are looking for a good Christian school in that area and they know we are there… There is also a bad reputation that comes from affiliation with Donda. So, I don’t know we have to advertise, that is a blessing and a curse.”

The academy, which has 16 full-time teachers, is currently accepting applications for the 2023-2024 academic year.

According to the Donda Academy website: “Donda students grow in their faith and community through worship and celebration in all schools daily on the Sunday Service,” which is the spiritual home of the West Gospel Choir. He continues: “Our experienced teachers have an relentless passion for creating lifelong learners and Christ followers.”

Update: October 24, 6:36 PM Update with news of Dr. Andrews’ resignation.

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