Ghoul Tactics: Switch impressions again, and it looks really good

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Square Enix crowned its return to the strategy RPG genre this year with a remastered version of one of its best – Tactics Ogre: Reborn. Several outlets and YouTubers got some hands-on time with the game ahead of its November 11 launch. And they look good – especially on the Switch (thanks Gematsu!).

While the game has gone cross-platform for this editor – an improved port of the new 2010 PSP version of Super Famicom – do you have a chance to replicate that PSP feel with hand-to-hand gameplay? This is what we all strive for, right? Early impressions look very positive from the start across all platforms, and it would be interesting to see the price today after it’s been one of the genre’s biggest titles for years.

Gaming Boulevard shows us what the game looks and sounds like on Switch OLED — even if it’s from an over-the-shoulder genre perspective. And you can see how good the colors are here.

Genesis VII goes through one of the game’s early battles, featuring the game’s multiple menus and new features, including game options. For what it’s worth, from these videos, we think it works great on the Switch, both in menus and in combat.

Warren’s Report (an in-game encyclopedia), store listing, save list, and world map all get a comprehensive view, as does the setting for battle. This also gives us a good look at the game’s new sprite action, which is improved from the PSP re-release rather than the move to HD-2D.

A helpful timestamp for all sections has been specified here, so be sure to watch!

Finally, while not specific to Switch, Boomstick Gaming has broken down all the huge differences between Tactics Ogre: Reborn and previous versions. It’s not just a simple graphic rework – many of the game’s mechanics, including the skill and spell system, have been reworked. Some skills will now be available earlier, making those challenging early battles a little easier for those who might struggle with the SRPG type.

The Elemental system is also back from the original Super Famicom version – when you create a Denam, your main character, its main element will be determined by choosing a specific deity. Now, you’ll also be able to assign each and every element of your unit while you’re recruiting them as well. If you match a character’s item with magic or skills with the same attribute, you’ll be able to boost the power of that move.

And with the before-and-after comparisons, we can see the upgrades Square Enix has made to all of the game’s menus, and they all look more succinct and colorful – still have plenty of text and numbers, of course, but it all feels more digestible.

It wasn’t long before Tactics Ogre: Reborn was heading to Switch amidst a slew of recent Square Enix releases. The game will end on November 11th, just in time for some tactical RPG-type drama.

There are plenty of details about the game already, including a recent interview with producer Hiroaki Kato, as well as a summary of the many new customization features that will appear in this re-release.

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