Tim Benz: Since the Steelers are looking for their “identity”, he may not like what he finds

I’m going to have to disagree with the Pittsburgh Steelers Mason Cole Center.

Not with the meaning of what he said. Oh, it’s 100% accurate there. I’m going to shuffle with his turn in the ferry.

While speaking to the media on Monday after his team’s 17-14 loss to the New England Patriots, Cole provided the following assessment of the attack.

“I don’t know exactly what we are now,” Cole said. “We need to find it as a group, whatever that is. I think it’s huge for us to try and find identity, and we have to make it. We have to find our identity. It’s not on the coach. Not on anyone else. It’s on us. And then we fight as a group.” out of this.”

I think I know what the identity of the Steelers offense is. It’s Clark Kent.

He is courteous, chemistry teacher Walter White in Breaking Bad. It’s a fickle word of mouth in the “usual suspects”.

It’s a plain, fluffy, weak, anonymous, vanilla, sloppy, milk-toast representation of an NFL crime.

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The problem is that I don’t see the possibility of turning into Superman in the phone booth. She wouldn’t wear a black hat and turn into a Heisenberg. She won’t stop limping and shuffling her foot and become Keyser Soze.

Not with that quarterback Bruce Banner. Not with this offensive coordinator Peter Parker. Not with a group of innocent Gremlins who haven’t been fed past midnight for an offensive line.

Defense may have that potential. At least when TJ Watt comes back from injury. He could suddenly make them heroic, powerful, mean and supernatural again. Like they were against Cincinnati.

Would Kenny Beckett do that if he was inducted to replace Mitch Trubesky at the quarterback? Well, that didn’t happen a short week before Thursday night’s game in Cleveland with a full day of training. Forget that.

But will he become the Super Hulk and save the day for the rest of the crime himself in Week 4 against the New York Jets?

Can. But what happens next against the Buffalo Bills and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers? If Beckett had faced that kind of competition, would she go straight back to Trubisky again?

Is offensive coordinator Matt Canada somehow going to be more conservative with a novice in command than he is now with Trubisky under center? Is this possible?

I suppose to answer Cole’s challenge directly I will use this word to identify the Steelers’ crime: shy.

The coordinator is apprehensive about putting the quarterback in a position to make mistakes, and the quarterback is afraid to death for making them. Perhaps because the coordinator knows his job can be taken away – as proven by the firings of Bruce Arians, Todd Haley and Randy Fichtner.

Trubisky is very conservative because he knows if he starts making too many mistakes, the first-round, light-haired golden boy from the neighboring college, whose name is already cheered by fans in the stands, will take on the whole job closest.

Trubisky knows that this job is a hire job. That became apparent the moment Beckett was named number one overall. He’s playing to rehab his resume from the end of his days in Chicago for another contract with next year’s deal or at a free agency in 2024.

However, the best deal will not come from the sidelines. He actually did what was expected when the Steelers signed him after he had been a Buffalo reserve for a year. There’s no way Trubisky gets out and starts moving the ball around and starts taking chances that could bring him back to the bench before 2022 ends halfway.

But he has to take at least a few more shots in every match. And Canada needs to call in more plays where the stakes are. The kinetic wide receiver George Pickens should be targeted often, preferably in the field. After an exciting pre-season training camp, Pickens had one catch and three goals in his first two regular season games.

Consider these numbers from former Scout and current Steelers Network Radio host Matt Williamson.


Then there is the issue of Trubisky mobility. Since he was acquired in free agency, we’ve heard that Trubisky’s transfer (which is clearly legit) would be a perfect match for Canada’s offensive philosophy. But for all the subtractions and quarterback movement we’ve seen, it doesn’t seem like it was of much purpose. Trubisky only ran four times for 16 yards.

Again, Trubisky is probably paranoid because if he flexes and runs and gets hurt, he’ll never get his job back once Pickett gets there. At the moment, though, he appears to be moving a lot more than Ben Roethlisberger used to, only to throw in the same short passes that Roethlisberger was throwing in his last two years with the team.

During his press conference on Monday, coach Mike Tomlin said the team could benefit more from Trubesky’s mobility, but that he “won’t come and prove the three-way option.”

you know what? Based on what I’ve seen so far from the Steelers’ offense, if I thought for a minute that Nagy Harris was 100% healthy and the streak could block well enough to make this work, I’d totally support the idea. Could it be worse than what we’ve seen so far?

“We haven’t scored enough points here in the last two weeks,” Tomlin said. “But this is the collective situation, not just the center-back and not just the players. Each of us is responsible for ringing the scoreboard.”

No one requires any Steelers offensive player to wear a robe on behalf of their 10 other teammates on a weekly basis. It would be nice if someone showed the ability to allow this kind of identity to emerge from time to time.

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