Inside Adele’s First Residency in Las Vegas: The Tensions, Apologies, and Shouts for ‘The Walking Dead’

Tears, apologies, screaming fans, screaming Celine Dion and 30 minutes of banter peppered the highly anticipated two-hour premiere of “Weekend With Adele” at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace.

Even before she hit the Colosseum stage at 8:15 p.m. Friday night, it was a huge week for Adele, who has received seven Grammy Award nominations. But she revealed on stage that her biggest event will come on Sunday because it is the finale of her favorite show, the walking Dead.

“I have so much to tell you. It’s been a huge bloody week for me. It’s walking dead Sunday finale – can you believe it? Do we have any walking dead fans here? I was obsessed the walking Dead For over a decade and on a Sunday, it’s all coming to an end…Obviously, it’s Opening Night, the Grammys, and the World Cup.”

This note was a lighter moment among the heavier ones in the singer’s 20-song collection. The evening was filled with apologies for last January’s abrupt cancellation of hours before “Weekends With Adele” premiered because it “wasn’t ready,” she told fans in a video message earlier this year. Almost 10 months to the next, none of the attendees really cared about it anymore. Over five months, ticket prices have risen into the five-figure range with fans happily pushing record numbers.

A-frame style stage early in the concert

When the crowd of over 4,000 entered the Colosseum, they saw a single white piano on stage inside a lighted A-frame. With a strict policy of no one being seated while she sings, Adele stepped out just in time with pianist Eric, in a black gown with turret-like design details, in her custom-made Schiaparelli look.

She looked visibly nervous when the “Hello” music started. Her first words to the audience were, “I’m kidding.” When the thunderous chorus hit, the screens turned 180 degrees from floor to ceiling and the room became surrounded by four huge projected portraits of Adele, giving the audience a close-up look at the singer.

I have to give you a standing ovation, thank you so much for coming back to me. You look great, and it looks just like I imagined it would look. Excellent. Thank you. I can’t get off stage for like 50 minutes, So I’m going to get a sloppy face of flowing makeup for the entire first part of the show.”

“Easy On Me,” the second on the set list for tonight, is aptly positioned as Adele saying to herself and everyone else, “I hope my nerves just go away with time.”

They did quickly. Soon, the singer seemed as excited to be there as anyone. Honoring the goddess who “built” the Colosseum, she exclaimed, “I’m not going to lie, I feel like Celine Dion…was the only reason I wanted to sing here.” [It] It was because of her.”

With all that out of the way, I made my game plan for the night. “This show, this one we’re all in now, this show is growing and I wanted to start it small. I want it to be all about me and that’s why I came and did ‘Hello’ just me and him. I want to make you feel like you’re in the studio to me. What What I do when I start writing a song is I go and sit at a piano and have sex until I feel good. After that I just start making noise and eventually I start a lot of songs I hope you’ve heard of. It might be a bit wobbly tonight because My nerves are out of control.”

She worked out the tension by getting close to the audience, walking through the crowd several times and sitting on a bench at the front of the stage, built especially for her. At one point, she was bragging about not wearing shoes, just some gym socks, she said, “Do you like my fancy socks?” The crowd seemed to devour these relevant moments. She grabbed a T-shirt gun and fired it into the crowd, gifting the fans with items including some new gear, a handwritten note, and “$50 get a drink.”

Adele - Las Vegas Residency - The Colosseum at Caesars Palace

Adele performs with 24 instrumentalists behind her

After “Turning Tables”, a song that “really makes me angry”, she again apologized for the delay in staging the show, telling an audience member, “It took me nine months to get here, I’m so sorry.”

For “I Drink Wine,” the intimate setting for the singer and her pianist was transformed into a chandelier of hundreds of dripping glasses and the A-frame widened to introduce the band and backup singers.

Taking sips from a cup between songs, Adele explained, “It looks like I’m drinking, but I’m drinking hot honey. I don’t drink while I’m at work, but I’m definitely going to need a chance afterwards.”

In Water Under the Bridge, which ran about 30 minutes, Adele relaxed, revealing last week that she was “sick as a dog” and secluded herself on the top row of the stage. She said she knew that if she didn’t do her first gig in Vegas, it would be game over and that “I would fall off the face of the earth.”

Adele continued, “So I was able to come to production rehearsals, and I had that upstairs balcony up there.” In a gesture of goodwill, I pulled some fans from that very area—the “two worst seats in the house”—to the front row.

Her set list also included “Rumour Has It” and “Skyfall”, with 24 instrumentalists performing and arranging behind her Hollywood Squares– Mode with eight players in three rows.

Meant to take a break to polish that makeup off, Adele was offstage during a pre-recorded rendition of her song “Cry Your Heart Out” that featured steamy-like video images of her singing.

The show also wowed with more stage effects. While Adele sang “Set Fire to the Rain”, the stage seemed to fill with cascading drops even as the piano and stage were partially lit up, while during “Hold On”, the venue looked like a lantern festival as synchronously programmed orbs danced above the audience.

Walking through the crowd, she asks everyone to name their favorite childhood memories before going to “When We Were Young”.

After singing “Hold On”, she finally spoke her mind about the rumors that had swirled in the months since the postponement.

“There’s been a lot of crap written about me since then and I tell you it’s all done, there were rumors I moved hotels and I was moving theaters and all that and it never happened.” [Caesars] Ask any questions. They were great, so thank you for having me,” she said ruefully. “It was the worst feeling I’ve ever had, but it was the best decision I’ve ever made.”

Then the lights went up and the cameras rolled, projecting the audience onto the screens during “Someone Like You” and “Rolling in the Deep,” turning the venue into a song-and-dance party. In the final song, the piano was temporarily raised and seemed to come apart, while a heavy storm of confetti rained down, reducing the view of the stage. And another confetti shower came down at the end, “Love is a Game,” with images of hearts on screens displaying inspirational messages.

The last message on the screen as Adele exits the building? “the start.”

As thousands of people streamed from the stage, they shouted to get to the “Weekends With Adele” store. With a line running through the casino, guests waited to snap up items like Adele’s $250 Varsity jacket with her album titles on. 19And the 21And the 25 And the 30 On the sleeve or $45 Adele Saturn T-shirt—plus necklaces that read “Married,” “Divorced,” or “Hello.” Gowns she previously appeared in were also shown, including Schiaparelli from 2021 Adele Just one night Private TV plus plenty of “I Drink Wine” themed merchandise and a Dear Adele postcard station complete with a red mailbox to drop a line.

If Lady Gaga raised the bar in Las Vegas residencies with her epic “Jazz + Piano” rendition, Adele took it a little further with “Weekends With Adele.” And judging by the atmosphere in the audience, it was worth the 10-month wait.

Click on the following song titles to see a clip of each song they perform: “Hello”, “Setting Fire to the Rain”, and “Rolling in the Deep”.

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