Pokemon Scarlett and Bullitt Unveil New Gimmighoul Ghost “Coin Box”

Modernization [Sat 5th Nov, 2022 15:15 GMT]: This new Pokemon is now appearing in Pokémon GO. You’ll likely see him walking around in the player’s circle if you’re logged in, but you can’t catch up with him at the moment. Bucky stops are also gold in color and you will receive coins.

In addition, a mysterious chest has also been published on the official Pokemon website. If you visit the site, you can view the chest containing the coins from multiple angles:

original article [Sat 5th Nov, 2022 00:00 GMT]: Dataminers are said to have revealed a brand new Pokemon in the popular Niantic mobile title Pokemon GO. What’s interesting about this discovery is that fans think they may have actually seen this “mysterious” creature in a trailer for Pokemon Scarlett and Violet last month.

As highlighted Twitter account @poke_minersSupposedly, a new Pokemon has been added to the mobile game with the file name “pmMystery”. As detailed in the same tweet, the file is referred to as “pm1080”. So far, there are only 3D assets for this pocket monster.

Fans have also done some digging and have linked the same Pokémon with one that appeared in the 14-minute overview of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, which was released last month on October 6.

You can also kind of You see, there is definitely something similar hiding behind the text in the video above. Pokémon Scalet and Violet launches later this month on November 18, so we probably won’t have to wait long to see what this new creature is if it’s the real deal.

You can see all the officially announced Pokemon for the new generation in our guide below:

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