Do the Detroit Lions have a realistic shot at the NFC North in 2022?

The Detroit Lions scored a stunning win Sunday over the Washington captains, and now hope is forever arose.

Crime is rolling in, having scored 35 points in three consecutive games (back to last year) – the first time this organization has achieved this since the 1952-53 season. And while the defense isn’t statistically likeable, they did present a chance in the first half against the leaders in one of the most impressive defensive displays we’ve seen in Detroit in some time. It was a glimpse into what this defense is could Be – something we didn’t get close to seeing last season.

Across the rest of the NFC North, things seemed to fizzle out after a wild week of 1. The Chicago Bears were back in action after the Green Bay Packers—who had predictably bounced back after a terrible week-1—dominated their opponent the NFC North.

One of the most impressive teams in the season’s opening week, the Minnesota Vikings earned a modest pie from the Philadelphia Eagles—the team that just happened to beat the Lions in week one.

Put it all together and we have a quad link in NFC North. Everyone 1-1.

So today’s question is:

Do the Lions have a realistic shot at this year’s NFC North?

my answer: I’m not quite ready to go that far. Although Sunday’s game was promising, it is still a very young team that will go through some trials the rest of the way. Sunday’s game against the Vikings – the team’s first road trip of the year – will be an excellent test for Detroit. This team has really struggled with games within the division, and for the Lions to consistently score wins against other NFC North teams, it’s hard to give them a realistic chance of competing for the first NFC North title…ever.

However, it’s easy to see the great progress this team and its people have made. Their attack has two legitimate stars in Amon-Ra St. Brown and D’Andre Swift, plus a solid offensive line to go with them. The defense has two very promising starters Aidan Hutchinson and Malcolm Rodriguez, while also getting impressive early returns from players like Jeff Okudah and Tracy Walker.

And every NFC North team showed its flaws early in the season. In fact, the Lions are the only team that hasn’t exploded in a match so far. This is not a great split. Heck, it’s not a great conference. Chances of winning are there.

But the sample size is too small for me to make any significant changes to my pre-season predictions. Perhaps the Eagles’ and leaders’ defenses turned out to be a flop (although Philly’s defense was impressive on Monday), and Detroit’s hot start up front isn’t as impressive as it sounds. Perhaps the progress we saw in defense in the second week was more an anomaly than the actual improvement.

And, as always, Team Lions should forever remain an evolving team. The Lions have seen plenty of attacking success so far, but there is now a bar on them. Teams will try to exploit some of the weaknesses that emerged at the start of the season, and the Lions will have to adapt. Are the Lions coaches up to the challenge? Can they deliver their own counter punches? These are all questions we don’t have answers to with this young team.

The truth is that Packers still have to be considered a staunch favourite. Their defensive roster is pretty impressive, and although attacking was sluggish at the start of the season, Aaron Rodgers is the ultimate equalizer. Simply put, Green Bay has won the championship eight times since 2011. They are strong favorites until proven otherwise.

Will the Lions compete every week and steal some matches within the division? likely. Is it possible that Detroit will move away from the division in its second year under Dan Campbell? surely. Do I think this is a realistic outcome this year? no not yet.

Your turn.


Do the Lions have a realistic shot at this year’s NFC North?

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