An eyewitness says that veterans of the Frontier voyage dealt with the suspect by cutting the box

Veterans’ instincts aboard a Frontier Airlines flight from Cincinnati to Tampa are put to the test on Veterans Day. TSA officials say a disturbance involving an eccentric passenger with a gun on board forced the flight to divert to Atlanta on Friday night.

Passenger Larry Cumberbatch recalls: “The lady came in and told us that the person to the right of her seat had a gun and showed it to them and said he was going to cut several people on board.”

Cumberbatch, a US Navy veteran, told FOX 5 that crew members assaulted him and another former member of the military on board to help subdue the suspect if anything escalated. Therefore, they came up with a plan in order to switch seats with the woman who had informed cabin crew members of the threats.

“He has a gun and I don’t know what kind of weapon it is……He got crazy, and he said ‘Oh no!’ … Then he got up and went to the back of the plane,” Cumberbatch explained.

He told FOX 5 that when the plane landed in Atlanta and passengers began disembarking, the suspect refused to get off the plane and then walked toward the flight attendants with his hands in his pockets. That’s when he was dealt with by another man, who has a background in law enforcement.

“He was worried that his movements would make for them and hurt them… He just grabbed him, the bear hugged him, and they fell,” Cumberbatch said.

Atlanta police arrested the suspect. A mobile phone video obtained by FOX 5 showed police holding the man. Cumberbatch and the other men who provided assistance won praise from fellow passengers on board for their bravery. He said she was troubled and they were more than equipped to deal with it.

“Serving in the army, that’s what you do,” he said.

Authorities have not identified the suspect or shared any other details at this time. A statement from the TSA that reads in part:

“TSA takes its role in transportation security very seriously. The situation with Flight Frontier is under investigation with the US Attorney’s Office, as it is the lead federal agency on this matter. TSA has initiated an internal review of the incident by watching CCTV, airport security checkpoint operations/ops and will continue to Provide updates as they become available. The TSA can confirm that ciphers are prohibited in the cabin, but allowed in checked baggage.”

You can find information about allowed items here.

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