Guillermo del Toro reveals which directors he wants to hire for Season 2 of ‘Cabinet of Curiosities’: I have a roster

After 30 years of success, the “Shape of Water” director is turning his attention to helping up-and-coming filmmakers.

Guillermo del Toro is having a great month, getting great reviews for “Pinocchio” while “Guillermo del Toro Cabinet of Curiosities” is streaming on Netflix.

The anthology series has generated a lot of controversy among horror fans, but it has also received a lot of praise for the creative freedom it has given both established and emerging directors. In an upcoming interview with Eric Kohn of IndieWire, del Toro talks about the importance of mentoring new horror filmmakers, and how the Netflix anthology series gives him the perfect platform to do so.

“All my career, even in the early stages, was about supporting the community,” del Toro said. “The more agency you have, the more you can support. So I can support Jorge Gutierrez with ‘Book of Life’ or Andy Muscetti with ‘Mammal’ or Juan Antonio Bayona in ‘Orphanage.’ But with anthologies you can support eight filmmakers in a blow. One We created an arena where we basically said, Look, you have complete control. Even if you don’t agree with me, you can disagree with me, but I will give you every possible support so that you can build in one hour in perfect conditions. I enjoy this role because some of my makers Movies they had less than perfect experiences Others were rather obscure filmmakers Listen, I’m 58 and I have 30 in the business. It’s a miracle you can last three decades as a storyteller. If I could do something to get into a different genre. It’s kind of like, I love it. It was absolutely crazy to make this series.”

After the success of the show’s first season, del Toro is already thinking about the future of the directors he wants to include for the second season if the series is renewed.

He said, “I have a list.” “For example, we tried to get Jayro Bustamente before and he couldn’t because of COVID. When you think of Mexican filmmakers, there’s Issa Lopez. She was going to take out an episode when she got True Detective and she couldn’t do it,” wrote Potts Riley and Cannes. He’ll take out one episode and get his green-lit series. I could go and spoil the whole second season for you, but I won’t.”

He continued, “Larry Fessenden is one hundred percent at the top of my list for a second list. Larry is one of those names who fought back in the days of the Spirit Awards for his nomination for the Habit Award, which I think is exceptional. I’ve been in touch with him ever since. We were very close to replaying The making of The Orphanage.”

Although del Toro hasn’t directed any “Cabinet of Curiosities” yet, fans will still be able to see his writing talents used in Season 2. The Oscar winner made it clear that he still wanted a creative role on the series, even as he ceded more control to different filmmakers.

“I would like to write my opening and closing stories for next season and leave the middle to others,” he said. “What I do is curate stories that are not done and that could appeal to the director. For example, ‘The Autopsy’ was a story that was revered among horror readers but was not well known and considered unadaptable. So I said let’s adapt to it. “.

Prepared by Eric Kohn. Stay tuned for the full interview with Guillermo del Toro, which is coming soon.

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