College Football Chasing: The Ranking Track of the Seven Surviving Teams

Who is still alive in the chase to make it to the 2023-2023 College Football Playoffs? Ahead of Week 13, here are the seven teams that are still alive and what they need to do to get in.

Tennessee is now out of the College Football Playoff lineup after being rocked by South Carolina, saying goodbye to whatever dream North Carolina might have had after a shocking loss to Georgia Tech.

So now we’re down to seven teams realistically chasing the college football game. What do they need to do to get in, and who has the easiest and most difficult path?

This isn’t a ranking of the top seven teams – this is our ranking of all 131 teams – it’s about a mix of talent, clearest path, and overall standings.

College football chase track rankings for the seven teams that are still alive

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7. LSU Tigers (9-2)

remaining table: in the Texas A&M, SEC Championship game against Georgia

What does LSU need to do to make the College Football Playoff: We should look the part over the next two weeks.

A 41-10 win over UAB was what a team in the College Football Playoff is supposed to do, and the wins over Alabama and Arkansas were great, but those were tight, close battles. Now she has to take down a mediocre Texas A&M team on the road and she needs to beat Georgia for the SEC Championship.

That, and he needs two of the three champions — assuming Ohio State-Michigan won the Big Ten title — from the ACC, Big 12, and Pac-12 to face at least two losses.

Will LSU make the College Football Playoff? 1) It could run into trouble on the road against the Texas A&M team who will see this season’s World Cup final. 2) Texas will probably beat A&M, but it probably won’t beat Georgia. 3) If you beat Georgia, you probably won’t be above Georgia – unless it’s a blowout – and you’re unlikely to get help from three of the other four Power Five conference tournaments.

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6 – Clemson Tigers (10-1)

remaining table: South Carolina, ACC Championship vs. North Carolina

What Clemson needs to do to make the college football game: Win and get help.

He’s already had a great break that South Carolina is coming from with the victory over Tennessee. Now, beating the Gamecocks would be a massive boost in the College Football Playoff chase with the stellar performance against the still-fresh Notre Dame.

Sticking with the idea of ​​entering a 12-1 Power Five conference champion if there aren’t any other viable options, Clemson needs USC to lose again – that’s the main, more realistic possibility – and looking for the part against South Carolina and North Carolina would be nice.

Will Clemson make the College Football Playoff? Follow-up call all year long… yeah. The appeal is that Clemson is winning its last two games and that TCU somehow has a problem either against Iowa State – unlikely – or in the Big 12 Championship.

The committee would almost certainly take a 12-1 ACC champion over a non-championship 12-1 Big 12 team. If that happens and if Georgia pushes LSU away – and/or if USC loses again – Clemson is in.

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5. USC Trojans (10-1)

remaining table: Notre Dame, Pac-12 Championship

What USC must do to make the college football matchup: Go 2-0.

The only reason USC isn’t in the top four is because it is likely to lose one of its last two games. However, if there are three options for the commission It was To take – SEC champ Georgia, Big Ten champ, and 13-0 Big 12 champ TCU – 12-1 USC will definitely get a 99% nod over 12-1 Clemson.

And why? Next up for USC is a Notre Dame team that beat Clemson 35-14.

Will USC make the college football playoff? Yes – let’s go with it. It’s going to be a battle, but after beating UCLA, if USC wins 2-0 against Notre Dame and either Oregon, Utah, or Washington in the Pac-12 Championship, it’s done. It won’t be easy, but the team rose to the challenge against the Bruins.

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