Mike White and the ‘White Lotus’ stars break down this amazing twist: I want to ‘make heterosexual gay sex again’

Brake alert: This interview includes spoilers until episode five of “The White Lotus,” which airs Sundays on HBO and streams on HBO Max.

Season 1 of “The White Lotus” left jaws wide open when, at the end of episode four, Murray Bartlett’s Armond is caught deep in his employee Dillon’s (Lukas Gage) asscheeks. But with the latest episode of Season 2, Mike White’s HBO series may have topped it (pun intended).

“The White Lotus” introduced new characters and conflict last week when English millionaire Quentin (Tom Hollander) recruits Tanya (Jennifer Coolidge) and her assistant Portia (Haley Lu Richardson) to join him, his flamboyant friends and his gorgeous nephew Jack (Leo Woodall) at parties. at the beach club. Portia’s budding fling with Albie (Adam DiMarco) begins to flash when Jack takes an interest in her, leading to an awkward and jealous confrontation at the bar between Portia, Jack, Albie, and Lucia (Simona Tabasco). However, the most shocking revelation comes when Tanya wanders around Quentin’s mansion late at night and walks in on Jack having sex with his uncle?

talk with diverse Prior to the premiere of the fifth episode, White said the scene was an “echo” of Bartlet and Gage’s moment in the first season. Both feature a character walking on gay sex behind closed doors, and both take place in two episodes before the finale.

“As a gay man, I’m happy to make gay sex work again,” White said. “It’s filthy…men having sex and you have this ‘psycho’ music underneath. It just amuses me.”

White continued, “I just think that cross-sex is sexier. I think I’m old school. There’s this goth look to walking into a haunted hotel or a haunted house and people having sex behind closed doors.”

As for whether or not Jack and Jack are actually related, Wyatt quipped, “Well, you’ll have to see.”

while Hollander said diverse That he was aware of Quentin and Jack’s intimate moment when embarking on the role, Woodall said he didn’t send a script until two weeks after landing the role.

“When I learned of the scene, I was speechless for a while,” said Woodall. “I am a huge fan of Tom, and when I heard he was going to be playing my uncle, I thought, ‘This is unreal.’ And then when I found out I was going to be rocking him too — it was kind of surreal. Anything Mike White does with this show is kind of perfect, so There were no reservations about it. It just felt like an incredibly ‘wow’ moment.”

In terms of filming the scene, Woodall said it was a closed set, and they worked with the “amazing” Intimacy coordinator, Miriam Lucia. After figuring out the logistics of the scene, they shot it from two different angles.

“It’s more technical than anything when you actually do it,” Hollander said. “You know, ‘Is this the right angle?'” Does this sound right? But there was also an energy of mutual respect between us. And on the set, the production was very tender in those moments. It sure was about that person. We just wanted to do it right.”

Hollander added that the actors were “sprayed with some stuff to make us look like we’re sweating” — “oily stuff,” Woodall interjected.

“There’s a fantasy, and you’re going through the mind of, ‘I hope I look good.'” But when they do say they do, in a way, and you actually find yourself thinking, “I want this to be an actual representation of an intimate moment between two people.” “You just want to do it right,” Hollander said.

When asked if they had warned friends or family about what was going to happen, Woodall said he told his dad not to let his 6-year-old brother watch the episode, but otherwise didn’t “tell a single soul about it, because I want to see their faces — or at least get their reactions without any prompting.”

On the nerves leading up to Sunday night, Hollander said, “I think I’m excited. There’s a small amount of anxiety — I’m not quite sure what to do with it — but for the most part I’m excited.”

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